ReMix:Sonic the Hedgehog "sonik special" 4:00

By analoq

Arranging the music of one song...

"Special Stage"

Primary Game: Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega , 1991, GEN), music by Masato Nakamura

Posted 2003-07-09, evaluated by djpretzel

It's all about that funky bassline, jeeves. analoq gives us our first ReMix of Sonic's bonus music - light, trippy fare to begin with - and mixes it up with true electro-funk style. You've got excellent, funky, articulated acoustic drummage, a noticeable and noticeably good bassline that bends the genre more towards funk than any other element, some wonderful pads, and - becoming something of an analoq signature, and I've got no complaints whatsoever - a great variety of processed guitars. Oh yeah, and some rippin' and rupturin' analog synth grooving's thrown in there for good measure, too. What shines to me on analoq's work is that no one element has been neglected, or is serving a purely auxiliary role - each bit gets attention, is worth noting, and could serve as "that little bit of something extra" that would set an average mix apart from the crowd. Here, every instrument/track fits that description. Good arrangement too, taking a pleasant, albeit repetitive theme that almost sounded like elevator music originally and making it much livelier, expanding on the melody with the solo guitar, etc. Having high-quality equipment - and knowing how to use it - combined with an ear for arranging and genre adaptations are two deadly ingredients for ReMixing, and analoq uses them both here to great effect. Recommended.



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on 2016-03-24 14:23:16

Solid from start to finish. Nice work!

It's great to hear a remix with zero filler - everything here seems like it's here for a reason and presents itself in the right way, at the right time. :-)

on 2015-05-16 02:17:56

I was hoping for some burrito-related lyrics, but I got this. :(

The drums feel oddly wide, like a loop (because it is a loop... get it?). Cool groove though. I like those analog FM synths (Hah, analoq using analog); highlight of the track for me. DAT TRIPLET TREMOLO. Wouldn't actually listen to this intently, but it's good as background music. Nice!

EDIT: didn't even read what OA said. Hah, great minds think alike.

on 2010-04-22 12:23:29

It develops a decent groove, but from there is on autopilot. This would make fantastic background music, but as is, I'm not really drawn to it. Decent but not amazing for me.

on 2009-12-04 16:24:46

Word, yo.

This reminds me of like an urban street walking music. I could see this blaring out of some boombox of some hipster walking down the street somewhere.

Completely groovy and funky. Slightly hazy, trippy, and airheaded. Perfect for any happy-go-lucky mood.

on 2007-01-29 03:32:16

The music is pretty cool, no doubt about that. Good base, percussion... But it does not do this melody justice. Actually, this is not my most FAVORITE Sonic 1 piece, but I kinda liked it... More could have been done with this melody besides just sitting it on one chord for most of the song. And then when it goes into the bridge, WHY does it go down to the 5th instead of the flat VII chord? Kills the original melody. Sorry, but this piece makes the original melody sound boring and uninteresting. What's going on sounds really awesome, but more could have been done in terms of creative re-interpretation on the part of the chords, and maybe even the melody.

on 2006-07-14 11:07:47

How many funky Sonic remixes are we going to have exactly? This is like the 8th time I'm once again forced to use the words groovy, funky and swell, since there are no other words to describe it.

To transform the original track into this funky arrangement sure was a tough challenge, but from what I can remember, the Special Zone didn't really have a super-happy melody to begin with, at least compared with other games.

But as djpretzel said about every instrument being special, I think his right about that point. Although you used a gigantic arsenal of different samples and thingamajings, all of them shines on their own in their way and gives this remix some extra credit. It's like a cardhouse, if you remove one the house will most probably end up in a pile.

Funky, groovy and swell stuff, that's all I can say. Good stuff. :D

on 2005-08-02 15:00:56

Yo Analoq i just wanted to say this is an awesome Remix :D I only heard the first 3 seconds and I knew I was gonna love it. I've heard alot of Sonic Remixes but this one, by far, is one of the best i've ever heard! I like the funky techno feel to it, I miss those kinda songs, but you have revived it. Keep up the great work!

Pip is uh.....
on 2005-03-11 14:08:30

This is the 2nd of Analoqs track's that I downloaded. The 1st being his spectacular Sonik Azure mix. When I first heard it I thought it was good but easy to pass by. I didn't listen to it much after that. Luckily one night after some hard "partyin" I came home blitzed and decided to listen to music before I went to bed. This track somehow found its way onto a cd I burned. After that I really loved the track. It's just oozing greatness. It has a real liquid feel to it. I think the mix really hits it's stride at 1:30 and after that its pure gold! Solid solid solid trippy stuff! Worth the download. Excellent job Analoq!

on 2005-01-03 04:18:54

funky monkey

im gonna be having trouble getting this song outa my head

all of analoq's songs are so... hip

w00t this is sweet *starts singing along*

on 2003-08-05 18:40:55

Is anyone else reminded of the Futopia ads when they listen to this?

Probably some of analoq's best stuff. I like it. It's nice and layed back type of stuff that I like to listen to. Good job.

nostalgic gen
on 2003-07-19 13:04:48
But next time I'd like to hear something that's a break from the mould: something to get excited about again :D

k, how about a FF trance remix? i'll get started on it right away...


Amidst all this posting mayhem I missed your reply.

I look forward to hearing the end result :)

on 2003-07-19 10:08:03

Hehe, she is very talented. Also, she simply adores trance. :P

nostalgic gen
on 2003-07-19 05:43:09

According to him he's a her. I guess he has issues 8O

on 2003-07-18 22:43:52
Nobody who's heard analoq's music can miss her abundance of talent.



on 2003-07-18 22:10:45
But next time I'd like to hear something that's a break from the mould: something to get excited about again :D

k, how about a FF trance remix? i'll get started on it right away...


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Primary Game:
Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega , 1991, GEN)
Music by Masato Nakamura
"Special Stage"

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