ReMix:Final Fantasy Adventure "Willed Assault" 3:25

By Ziwtra

Arranging the music of one song...

"Endless Battlefield"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy Adventure (Square , 1991, GB), music by Kenji Ito

Posted 2003-07-21, evaluated by djpretzel

Yes! Happy, effect-laden, synth techno-pop always brings a smile to my face, especially when it's done with the extra attention to detail that Ziwtra usually brings along for the ride, in the form of processing, effects, programming, and a layered, ornate sound. Final Fantasy Adventure, which is really the first Seiken Densetsu (known in the U.S. as "Secret of Mana"), has a really snappy soundtrack, one I wasn't too familiar with until this mix gave me cause to revisit it. This track in particular has a good, memorable melody that deserved the resuscitation, revisitation, and reinterpretation that Youngjin provides. The ReMixer writes: "The mix is certainly not as "artistic" or "meaningful" as some of my other works (not that any of them are all that profound anyway), but it's got a good beat that might be worth dancing to. It's not "techno" or "dance" or "trance" I suppose; one of my problems is that the music I listen to is so completely different from the music I write--I don't find my genre sensibility all that great. So don't be surprised when the strings share the stage with a shuffly tech beat, next to some whizzing synths. And when the part-slap, part-synth bass gets going while the arpeggiated sawwave gets filtered, and the synth strings are accompanied by blippy whirls around the melody, don't be distraught. Hopefully it just sounds good, even if we don't know what to call it." - I'll just call it good and enjoyable, as genre labels have never been my thing, either. While at times the amount of effects, particularly with the chopping/splicing, can get a little distracting, the piece is very accessible and easy to get into, while not being sonically mundane or simplistic. Love those happy-go-lucky rise+fall arpeggios, too. Recommended.



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on 2010-08-27 22:19:40

Love intro here. Totally sets up the mood for the kickin' opening section that's about to come in. THe lead synth is just as active as it is passive. Ziwtra gave a very slow melody line great rhythm by gating the crap out of it. Love it. The short breakdown right after the opening was great and recharged the batteries for the lovely breakbeat section right after it! The synth work in this is beyond description. The different layers that interact with each other is just phenomenal. The bass line is fantastic as well. For a track with a kick on the weak side, this track still drives really hard and well. The glitchy snare section was awesome as well, not to mention the section immediately following it. Seriously folks, the attention to pristine detail is what makes this amazing!

on 2009-04-08 06:40:22

Like this mix or not, everyone owes Ziwtra a lot of thanks for spreading the FFA love, with the cooperation of Big Giant Circles of course. Their personal vendetta to make sure that the game's soundtrack is no longer overlooked as it has been for years may not have been as successful as it should have been, but it was epically awesome for those who checked all their mixes out.

'Willed Assault' is the perfect example of the great Ito source remixed right. Glitchy, melodic synths and beats win me over everytime.

Loved the FFA soundtrack, and uber-love this mix. When you strip things down to the bare facts, this is an extremely effective, super creative contemporisation of a very solid Gameboy tune. Try to find a flaw in that formula.

on 2007-12-09 10:20:32
Pure brilliance. Bass and percussion are absolutely amazing. Definitely among my all-time favorites.


This songs owns. It tooks a few listens to get into it but after that I've been listening to it for months and months. Drum work and synth programming is pretty sick as usual with lots of variation and nothing feeling out of place.

Geoffrey Taucer
on 2007-12-09 09:20:37

Pure brilliance. Bass and percussion are absolutely amazing. Definitely among my all-time favorites.

on 2006-02-24 13:06:11

after listening to the 1000+ remixes on the site I have to say that this is far and away my favorite.

It's creativity and eye for detail builds a great remix on top of a solid foundation of the original.

on 2005-11-01 08:15:04

This track has some emotional meaning to me, this was the first track I heard when I realixed that "Wow, this game has some real good music." The original was in a bad version, but the melody just blew me away.

For Ziwtra´s remix here, it´s very good. There is alot going on in the beginning when all the sounds wants to squeeze themselves in my headphones to my ears, and everything comes at the same time. But yes, it´s techno alright, and I do recognize that track, has the same melody I like, good that you didn´t remix it into an unrecognizable form. Well done, has an overall funky feel to it, I liked the synths, the beats and drummy stuff was no problems to, I may just not be a fan of the more hectic or overstuffed beginning and end, but Ohyes, if it´s good or what.

on 2005-06-20 17:37:28

Maybe Zwitra's Zue song spoiled me, but this just seems bland in comparison. There is a definate beat going on, but I can't seem to find my own groove to match it. Definately not a bad song, it just isn't one of Zwitra's best.

on 2005-01-11 20:40:43

Yeah, the attention to detail and immaculate-ness here reminds me a lot of AE's work. Which is a good thing. A very good thing.

Some nice work this is, yes.

on 2004-11-01 21:56:39

I'd say Ziwtra rivals AE in the programming department. Good stuff here.

on 2004-04-01 17:47:29

I'd not played this game for about a year when I found this track on OCR (I have the game way back from when it was originally titled Mysic Quest) but as soon as I got past the opening bar, I instantly recognised the 'overworld' music - presented in a really inspiring way.

This piece is lively, friendly and most of all, fun to listen to - it immediately went right in as one of my favourite mixes!

As an aside - is it my imagination or did Compyfox also do a remix from this game's soundtrack, 'Mission of Mana'? I can't find it on here, even though I already have it on my computer... I loved that emotionally moving piece too!

on 2003-09-10 17:19:52

Again, I've had this one for some time, but wanted to see how much I could get out of it. It's still very addictive, especially the main parts of the song (~1:09 and 2:57) You can say what you want about it sounding disjointed, but it keeps growing on me and stays fresh. A song that had a ton of potential was done really well here.

Instruments A-

Creativity A-

Pacing A-

Original song quality A-

Remixing quality, soundness B+

Replay value A-

Overall 91% A-

on 2003-08-24 18:29:18

I'm surprised I haven't commented on "Willed Assault" yet, since I DLed it as soon as it was posted. Like djp was saying, there's a weird vibe about it, so the elements of this song were certainly not what I was used to hearing. This was one of those tracks for me that was somewhat borderline as a keeper on my first listen, but I always listen to the new stuff several times to really get familiar with it and appreciate the music, and Willed Assault certainly kicks my ass. The scraping/cutting effects that Young used are very tight, and this song's so upbeat that it kicks you in the face. This track along with Pr0t's "Savage Seduction" are both tracks that you really like more and more as you repeatedly listen to them and start picking up on more and more details and nuances within the music. This one's got a rich, full sound and heavy attention to detail. Hanging in the IRC chat, Ziwtra (frankly, I still don't know how to really pronounce that) let me check out an early WIP called "Wings" shortly before Willed Assault was posted, and it sounds awesome as well, so I'm certainly looking forward to it. Meanwhile, Willed Assault get some big approval and will certainly see some repeated play on my college/video game music radio show. :excellentwork:

on 2003-08-12 23:22:39

Very nice indeed. I love the choppy effect, it keeps the synth nice and fresh, and the variety in the background keeps the drum beat from getting dull. The pads offset the choppy synth nicely and leave a great contrast. Great take on an SD1 battle theme, and while I liked Matt Pollard's better, this still goes on my recent favorites list.

on 2003-08-06 00:35:58

The beats are very 8) Good shake up of the original, im really diggin it. U know square-enix is remaking adventure for GBA, (seikendensetsu 1 it is) And this is a good prelude to it. Great job Z

on 2003-08-05 22:05:46

I love the game and I love the remix. Very high energy, it makes me want to move and not be lazy. A very interesting remix, unique work and I can still pick out the original melody. I like it. :D

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy Adventure (Square , 1991, GB)
Music by Kenji Ito
"Endless Battlefield"

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