ReMix:Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars "Seeking Heat" 4:14

By Sine

Arranging the music of one song...

"Barrel Volcano"

Primary Game: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (Nintendo , 1996, SNES), music by Yoko Shimomura

Posted 2003-08-22, evaluated by the judges panel

Sine applies a unique, minimalist electronica style to this arrangement of 'Barrel Volcano' from the Super Mario RPG soundtrack. This one's from a while back, as it was his second ReMix, but it's got a slick, perculating sound to it, and the monophonic glide lead does some very prog-rock, challenging intervals. Israfel seems to have heard the same juxtaposition: "prog meets techno...well, not really, but those synth solos at around 2:40 really reminded me of Emerson, Lake & Palmer or something. hehe, anyways, this is really incredible. Lots of really great stuff going on - love the piano, love the synth leads...I just love the mix." - in particular, a great ELP track is "From the Beginning" which has a nice synth solo that's a little similar. One judge took issue with the odd interval at around 2'40", but I'd have to say this was definitely stylistic and contextually made sense, given the rest of the mix. There's a great piano solo around 1'30" that puts the mix well over the borderline, regardless, and is well-performed. What I love about this mix is that dynamics are highly attenuated, and this lets the various subtleties going on really shine through. Not sure if Israfel's a fan, but I'm also into prog rock, so some of the intervals on the lead hit me the right way. Great driving music; this is a deceptive mix that I liked well enough the first time but which I've grown to appreciate more with repeated listening. It's well-realized, interpretive, innovative, and unique. Mebbe a bit challenging for those that don't like their techno crossing over into jazz or other more ornate voicings, but the subtlety and restraint in the style really work well with electronica. Or rather, have been made to work well by the ReMixer. Good stuff.



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on 2010-12-19 15:43:34

So this remix doesn't really pop out at me, but that doesn't mean it's weak. It has it's own unique life, and it is well done.

on 2009-09-17 13:32:49

While this Remix does have a bit of volume trouble, it's nothing that turning up the volume knob a little doesn't fix. This is a very well-done Remix and a wonderful addition for one of Mario's best games.

on 2008-04-09 11:37:53

Very intelligent and reserved sounding; There is a lot going on, but it all fits perfectly, and sounds very meticulous. There are some painful overtones in a few sections where it sounds like some sort of feedback loop. It just gets way , way, louder than anything else, and may be the reason why the rest of the track is so quiet.

There were a few strange notes used in the synth solo; It sounded like a wrong note was played, and then hit a few more times to try to force it into the harmonic structure. Nothing that makes me hate the track, but considering how carefully everything else fit together it seems strange to me.

Sadly, those overtones are too painful for me to listen to repeatedly, so I'm done with this track, but it's distinctly unique and pretty solid overall.

on 2007-10-05 15:33:03

Yeah, the volume should have been raised, but other than that, I was a big fan of this one back in the day. Prot thought it was weak, but you know, it's Prot. The usual faegyness at the time. Disregard.

A nice example of a subtle mix that still has a lot of substance behind it. Too bad we never heard from Will again.

Benjamin Briggs
on 2005-03-02 21:32:02

This is mastered really low... I had to crank my winamp just to hear it properly. Other than that, though, this is really awesome stuff. Definition-of-chill kind of thing. I personally loved the dissonace you implemented at 2:40. :nicework:


on 2004-12-05 19:37:52

One of my favorite mixes on the site. Great job.

on 2003-12-15 22:19:24

This is the kind of thing that makes a good remix for me, a good use of the original music. Real nice Sine.

on 2003-12-06 19:16:26

Geeze this is simply awesome. I love to crank up the bass a bit when playing this one.


Zaku II
on 2003-10-14 12:21:52

This ReMix is badass! I can't say anything relly negitive about this. Im gradeing tests right now and I havnt been on in a long while, and the first thing I see since i was gone was this. So i was like, "Its SMRPG, so it better be good, or heads will roll." It far ecedes my expectaitions.

Thank you for making my grading papers a less boring job.

-Zaku II

on 2003-08-24 00:50:49

Ahh, yes... I remember you from VGMix! I loved this song.. I'm glad to see you and K-wix among others have come along!

Corporal Eschebone
on 2003-08-23 18:38:33

The techno background nice, and you've kept pretty much everything from the original. A nice mix to listen to when you want something that'll get you a little awake, but don't want it to scream at you to listen to it.

Approval Rating: 87.5%

on 2003-08-23 07:37:21

:banghead: NO! ... :banghead: NO!....... :banghead: NOOOOOOO!!! :x I was going to do a remix of this one and be the first to get it up here, but NOOOOOO! Sine beat me to it! I have to get employed and then start remixing again!!!! GGRRRR! :banghead:

Whatever, the mix sounds great so you're forgiven. Why? The piano!!!! It's all bout the piano. I just love how the keys ring all over the place. Nice work! That synth's a little loud though, and the marimba was used in the original piece for that break. But it sounds good. The thing that keeps the beat in the original song is the bassline, but you've added a few things to really get fans of the song into it.

Nice work! :nicework:

on 2003-08-23 01:27:22

I give it a 10 haha I like it alot Definitly going on my Playlist :D

Kamikaze Noodle
on 2003-08-23 01:18:54

I really like arrangements like this. I am a huge fan of this mix, and I think it is much the same. Everything is very well balanced, and well processed. The mix takes small things and makes a great song out of them, with sort of an understated groove pushing it along. This mix takes some chances, and I think that's good. Predictablility is bad. And it's nice to hear something that isn't just four on the floor I-IV-V, and that soloing is about as far as you can acceptably go from it. What makes songs like this work is the subtleties, and this mix has them in spades. From the cray little synth in the back to the driving push of the bassline, there isn't anything I hear in this mix that screams "UNPOLISHED!!!" which is what you want when attempting a mix like this.

:nicework: for trying something different.

Zandar The Weeble
on 2003-08-22 16:36:21

I still love this mix. Barrel Volcano is one of my favorite themes from SMRPG and this one shows you can get a lot of a little.

I'm not too terribly fond of 40 seconds worth of fadeout at the end, especially of a classy understatement like this piece, but that's just a personal thing. However I was very impressed by the :56-1:07 transition to bring in the piano, shows some discipline. The 1:56-3:24 piano outro to the synth lead messing about is GREAT stuff, especially the bring back around the 3:00 mark, but then the long fadeout bugs me.

I still give it an 8/10 tho.

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Primary Game:
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (Nintendo , 1996, SNES)
Music by Yoko Shimomura
"Barrel Volcano"

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