ReMix:Final Fantasy Tactics "In Mem'ry of Sir Anthony (A March Through the Plains)" 5:27

By Disciple of the Mix

Arranging the music of one song...

"Run Past Through the Plain"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy Tactics (Sony , 1998, PS1), music by Hitoshi Sakimoto, Masaharu Iwata, Yukiko Mitsui, Yuko Miura

Posted 2003-09-04, evaluated by the judges panel

Unique, lengthy, well-titled first submission from Disciple of the Mix, aka the-one-and-only Antonio Pizza (happy birthday and what not, good sir), who gives us a sort of schizophrenic orchestral take on Final Fantasy Tactics. Introing with a dark ambient wind and Pink Floydish heartbeat, a solo piano starts off with the minor, deliberate melodic motif. Pizzicato strings, harp, and a clarinet enter as well, forming a tense, pattern-based motif with lots of momentum. Both the clarinet and strings that eventually enter and take the center stage aren't the greatest in terms of sound quality, there's some pitch issues towards the very end that are unfortunately in the upper register as well (and thus more noticeable), and the percussion that does enter could have been more developed, but there's definitely a mood going on here. It's minimalist, but with a lot of inertia and progression. Judges almost unilaterally stated that certain portions felt too spartan or indecisive, but that other portions really worked quite well on a musical level, and that when everything balanced out this was a piece that takes some risks, certainly has a different style to it, and is worth checking out.



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on 2009-11-27 11:50:12

Some strangely sour notes in this one keep it back from it's full potential, as well as an overly sparse feel. Some cool ideas, and worth a listen, but it didn't really stick with me.

on 2009-07-29 16:15:23

Being an avid fan of this soundtrack, I was really hoping for something original to come from a remix. It wasn't bad quality, it wasn't bad arrangement, but it was just not original. It almost was identical to the original song in multiple sections, but less powerful and less instruments. The ending was empty, missing the true beauty and harmony of the game over theme (the only thing that comforts you when the lancer shoves his spear through the last of your party...)

Sorry, but this isn't doing anything for me as a remix.

~AD / Steve~

on 2008-09-05 15:07:51

I had to listen to this three times to make a decision whether or not this was good or not. The begining was excellent, absolute thrilling starting at 0:27 all the way to 0:56. However, at 0:57 hitting that light tap echo sounded very awkward for some reason hitting me off. 1:11 nice, but at 1: 23 again, another strange intrument coming in sounding awkard.

1:41 to 3:56 was brilliant specialy in piano sound change to make sure it doesn't sound repatative. Rest was horrid, but 4:04 to 5:07 was superb, but rest I didn't like it one bit.

I highly recomend or request if someone can remake this sound track again somehow (the mp3 tactics game and not this file from here) because it has potentional being remixed, but for crying out loud... no high pitch strange notes.

Dante L. Wolfe
on 2007-08-05 16:19:40

I really love this track. Soft mellow but with undertones and it just seems to tell a story.

on 2007-06-18 22:55:47

I really enjoy this remix. I listen to a lot of OC Remix stuff when I'm doing other things, and wouldn't you know In Mem'ry of Sir Anthony found itself very fitting for many games of NetHack. There is a whole lot of In Memory of going on in that game. =)

The dark, sometimes even quiet nature of the remix can fill you with quite a lot of emotion. I especially like the gunshot and scream (From FFT no less, it seems!) at the ending; it goes together perfectly with the closing parts of the 'mix and feels very natural rather then simply "there along with" or "added in" as sound effects can sometimes be. Nothing, nothing at all feels out of place- Even the constant "heartbeat" like sound enhances everything without drawing too much attention to itself, I say. One of my personal favorites.

Thin Crust
on 2006-12-09 19:37:27

Quite frankly I will say, and don't hate me for this, I didn't care for FFT too much. I got to the part where your party starts off poisoned and when I couldn't beat it, I put the game down as I picked up more modern games.

And now the review..

Whenever I click the download link for a song I always skip the intro and start roughly 1/3 of the way in. Then if I like that I will listen to the rest and then the whole again. If I don't like it, I will skip further ahead and then to random parts. I actually was going to turn off this song except for the fact that Antonio Pizza asked me to and I have enough respect for him as a person to listen all the way through. I am throughly glad that I did. One needs to listen to the whole thing to enjoy it. The ambiance created is simpilly incredible.

Royal Sovereign
on 2004-08-12 13:02:58

FFT is the game that is probably second closest to my heart. This song is absolutely, sublimely, nearly unbelievably perfect. I adore everything about it -- I dare say it is almost better than the original! VERY WELL DONE!!!

on 2004-06-17 16:38:31

I liked the ending the best...why does everyone hate endings that I like? I like how it isn't afraid to take time building up, adding random additions gradually. It's something I can't even imagine of doing, given from what I have attempted of mixing.

on 2004-01-23 10:46:59

This day marked my 132nd time beating Final Fantasy Tactics, so I decided to listen to the soundtrack, and this remix as celebration. Whatever is nagging the people who disliked the mix I don't know what it is, this mix for me is beautiful. The death sound at the end fit completely with the song in my opinion, giving it a unique ending. Its sorrowful, but also uplifting bringing in great memories from the game: which remixes for me are supposed to do. This is a great tribute to the soundtrack, and very well made - I only wish Disciple of the Remix would continue and mix some more from the game.

By the way Collaborator, I feel disgraced now knowing that you even played the game. Read the rules, don't be so offensive to the mixer. You didn't spend the time making it, so you don't deserve the time to bash it so thoroughly and incorrectly. You can say its bad, but to spit on it the way you did is unacceptable.


leena fighter
on 2004-01-10 11:29:38

An extremely good remix for a game that's definitely lacking a variety in remixes. The only problem I have with this song is the added "dying" sounds, which I think take away from the overall song a bit. Other than that, it's very good.

Cat Herder
on 2003-12-28 16:36:42

Overall, I think this is an a bit above average arrangement. It started off minimalistic- a good starting approach, leaves plenty of room to build up too. The theme sounds good, chords seem right. Nice use of percussion.

My complaints however, are that it stays minimalstic nearly the entire peice, which is quite frankly pretty boring. It never builds up to where it needs to go in my opinion. I think a good example of building up would be a loud as hell, huge, thick, chordal entrance with brass playing the melody at a decently fast tempo with a good catchy countermelody. Also, some of the samples, like the orchestra hit sound kind of fake.

But other then that, good job. It's overall a good peice.

I give it a 6.99/10 (ALMOUST a 7.)

Antonio Pizza
on 2003-11-26 10:37:28

"Holy fuck!" my involuntary verbal exclaimation upon reading that "Sir Anthony" had been playing for you for an hour. You called it, it was an clarinet and a soprano sax. Most of the little hidden stuff can be picked out in a pair of earphones, as I'm a big fan of panning.

I think this threw people off because I didn't include the intro speech made one of Sir Anthony's subordinates as I had originally anticipated on doing. That dialouge helps sets the tone for whats going on and why, but I still think it works okay without it. Maybe I'll upload it somewhere later on just so people can see what I'm talking about.

And thank YOU, chokster. I seriously didn't think my shameless plugs would render a review (especially a positive one at that). Thanks for brightening someone's day.



on 2003-11-26 06:52:56

This is definately a style I don't usually come across on this site - alot more orchestral, ambient, and somewhat marchy at times. It's not really that 'minimal' (like some people mentioned); when you think about it. I see quite a few instruments hiding in there during most of this peaceful song; they just blend in well enough together that they don't stick out (which is a good thing for this kind of song; in my opinion).

At first this song really surprised me, I didn't know if I liked it or not (was verging towards a Psycrow post, about how it didn't really pick up); but I do really like what's there in it's calmness... especially when the Oboe/Clarinet and Saxaphone instruments (i think?) join the mix. I'd say all the other instruments, like the piano, choir, drumrolls, strings, bass, twinkly stuff, bells, etc. all add it's overall effect; keeping it unique and interesting.

Everything blends in nicely enough here for my tastes. The song takes a few times to grow on you if you're used to what's regularily put out on OCR, but just keep giving it a try and you'll hopefully start to see and appreciate what Antonio Pizza is trying to do here (well, I did anyways - I've had it on repeat for about an hour now; lol). Nice work man! Peace. :)

on 2003-10-02 02:05:09

The intro heartbeats were a nice touch. I recognized the melody pretty quickly which is a big factor for me. Subtle, clever, with a lot of variety...great work!

on 2003-09-25 05:17:20

OK OK OK OK OK, REVIEWSSSSSSSSSS. Alrighty. Are ya ready? Here it goessss,

The song starts off with some nice piano,

And then another comes in like an echo,

Then the both got nots and the cymbal roll comes,

And then some pizzacato, but still no drums,

The orchestra hits are nice throughout,

And then comes in the brass, with a loud shout!

Things get alittle cool around 1:45,

The song seems to become a bit more alive,

The addition of oboe and a bell clank,

Followed by some string coming up on the flank,

The strings themselves sound like their from FFT,

And just so you know, that's perfectly fine with me,

Oboe, paino thing at 2:54,

The music is nice, but the volume needs some more,

The paino joins in, with some soft strings,

And then a steady drum beat to livin' up things,

When the drums come in, the song really shines,

The piano style fits the drums just fine,

The clicky click sound reminds me of something a tad spanish,

And then the song slows down and starts to finish,

It closes it self off, just like it began,

Except a bit slower, and with the screaming of a man,

And a flute to tell you you lost the game,

This song's a bit minimalistic, but good just the same,

Some of the samples could use alittle touch,

But that's a small problem, really nothing much,

Although I think this would be better with a bit more stuff going on,

I give this a 7.5 on the cool-ness scale, and I think this very is done, :D

Bottom line, very very very cool, ESPECIALLY because it's FFT, and although mininalistic, and has some off samples, I really think it suceeded in what it was made to do.

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy Tactics (Sony , 1998, PS1)
Music by Hitoshi Sakimoto,Masaharu Iwata,Yukiko Mitsui,Yuko Miura
"Run Past Through the Plain"

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