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OCR01035 - *YES* Final Fantasy Tactics 'In Mem'ry of Sir Anthony'


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I talked with the author and he gave me a far more updated version, so rate this instead. Dave - can you update the judge folder file with this file? thx. -Prot

Okay... getting on OCR: take 2. I'll save your guys

some trouble and make this straight to the point.

ReMixer: Disciple of the Mix

Title: In Mem'ry of Sir Anthony (A March Through the


Game: Final Fantasy Tactics

Length: 5 minutes, 27 seconds

Size: 5,984kb

Bitrate: 112-192kbps VBR. That was the smallest

encode I could do and not lose quality on the snare.

I caught hell trying to get it right. Lots of trial

and error.

Original song: "Run Past through the Plain". Can be

first found in the game in the "Sweegy Woods" stage.

Composers: Masaharu Iwata & Hitoshi Sakim

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This is pretty damn cool, but rather repetitive. The progression builds however. It doesn't stay at one section and repeats. It continues to build..

I really like that aspect of the song.

Overall, the song lacks any real percussion, but the instruments take over that element of the song with their momentum.

Theres a few off note sections like at 3:05. It seems very stylistic though.

I'm pretty borderline,

This one gets a

YES based on it's sheer momentum.

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Those are some nice sounding pizz strings there, sir.

I wish a few of the places where it built up there was a stronger

foundation to land on after it breaks... just something a bit thicker than

what's there... maybe just some marcatto strings under it all on the tonic,

or something. The break at 3:24ish is sort of like what I'm saying... I

don't dig the singlesample sound of the snare and it's stereo placement.

It's really killing this mix for me now, i was enjoying the hell out of it until

then. That's one thing that always bugs me... really shitty samples

along side really good ones in a track... it makes me think you either

didn't care (which makes me frown) or you just didn't think it was

important (which also makes me frown).

I thought the ending was kinda neat too. Reminds me of a symphonic

arrangement of "Watchmen, Tell us of the Night" that I once heard.

*still listening to it a few times*

I'm horribly torn over this one. Parts are just perfectly transporting, and

that snare is like reality sneaking up behind you and going


Being that I'm borderline on this, and I'm usually horribly objective, I'll

side on YES since if if I enjoyed it mostly, then I think most people will

enjoy it morely.... or somethign.

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Umm...this doesn't seem to know what it's trying to be. You've got this subdued instrumentation, and then this pounding snare drum line comes in.

I mean, what's going on at 3:25- driving snare line or a quiet solo piano? It's like the piece is caught between wanting to be a meditative work and wanting to have a big climax- and as a result it's caught somewhere in the middle and just meanders around.

I'm borderline- at times it seems like an empty arrangement without any real focus or direction. And at other times it can be fairly enjoyable.

Strikes me as a rather flawed composition with a few nice qualities. I'll let the listeners decide for themselves.


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