ReMix:Gaiares "Credits Theme (ZZ Badnusty Mix)" 3:34

By Rayza

Arranging the music of one song...

"Ending 2 ~ Team Gaiares"

Primary Game: Gaiares (Renovation Products , 1990, GEN), music by Shinobu Ogawa

Posted 2003-09-20, evaluated by djpretzel

Rayza might not be the most daring ReMixer in terms of style - though always high-quality, danceable electronica is certainly his modus operandi - but the variety of games he covers, which are often more obscure, overlooked titles, is refreshing. Plus, it's not easy to keep up level of quality as consistently as he has, regardless of whether you're a genre-shifter or not. Rayza's latest is a counterpart to his previous ReMix of Gaiares' first stage music, and I'd say I like it better overall. It's tight, danceable techno, with some lovely gating effects, but the analog emulations seem higher quality this time, the mix a bit fuller. Love the melody here, too - Gaiares was pretty hard as I recall, and I know that I never personally beat it, so I wasn't familiar with the credits theme, but it's a good solid tune that's great for electronica ear-candy "guilty pleasure" arrangement of this style. As a general observation, I find that a lot of music in shoot 'em ups (SHMUPS if you prefer) reminds me of tunage from racing games, and vice versa. Well, not the racing games of today that use pre-existing alternative rock as their "soundtrack" (bleh) - more those older racers that had good, catchy melodic OSTs. At any rate, this is great, driving driving music, perfect for some late night speed-racing or what not. Kudos to Rayza for shining the spotlight on a good original that many are probably unfamiliar with while also putting together a dance techno track that's every bit as solid as previous efforts, with perhaps a bit brighter sheen on some of the synths and processing. Good stuff.



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Level 99
on 2009-12-23 14:23:21

Very well made, and quite danceable. This makes me want to go grab my glow sticks and hit up club technochocolate.

*lightswitch raves*

All around, a solid piece of work!

on 2009-11-08 06:25:39

I'm not familiar with the original, but this sounds like a nice song. As per my usual complaints with older songs, this song just seems too short to me. Otherwise though, I like the approach this mix takes.

on 2008-12-07 21:52:56

I immediately thought that the volume was a little low overall. Bringing nearly everything up would bring a nice kick into the mix.

Catchy melody, though I don't know the source, so I don't know what's been done to it. It fits well with the background. Nice work on that.

My favorite part is when the background drops out and the melody is still going about 2/3 through the mix. Nice effect there.

on 2007-02-28 14:17:39

Pretty sweet remix, theres is a lot of energy and the sounds are varied and constantly changing. Very subtle and skillful work here, I really am digging this mix.

Recommended. :)

on 2005-11-15 10:05:00

At first I didn't like it, but by the time the song finished I thought it was a fairly good remix. Nice to see some underdog games getting remixes.

Desert Fox
on 2004-02-25 09:08:48

This has to be Rayza's best remix, and maybe the beast remix on OCR! :mrgreen: Though all his remix's are great! I'd have to say Rayza'a second best remix would be Guile R.A.H. remix. I like the way he uses more then one instrument to fill out the song instead of just a single instrument and drums like some other remix's I've heard.

Rayza's remix's are defiantly top notch!

on 2003-12-16 11:33:32

another great track to add to the resume. good work.

on 2003-09-22 05:03:30

I love the remixes from Rayza and this is also simply beautiful like others.Very simple and happy :D

The Eva Monkey
on 2003-09-21 16:06:13

I've been listening to Rayza's mixes quite a bit lately, so when I saw he had a new remix out, I knew it would be gold. And it is, great work Rayza.

Wish I could elaborate, but I lack musical vocabulary, lets just say I think its very ravealicious. :D

on 2003-09-21 13:30:24

Very nicely done. I love the opening, and the lead is handled nicely throughout the entire song. Easily one of my favorite songs on OCR! Keep up the wonderful work, Rayza.

on 2003-09-20 19:14:43

Not your best mix, but this is solid and very enjoyable. It is also good to see this game get more coverage. My favorite part of the mix is how you handled the melody. Very nice job. ^_^

on 2003-09-20 05:46:16

clap seems a tad weak... IMO.

Otherwise catchy. I could also see the melody become some sugar-pop... but we wouldn't necessarily want that here.

And the kick is a tad quiet. Needs to be a slight more punchier throughout the mix... IMO (again)

on 2003-09-20 00:20:07

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Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Gaiares (Renovation Products , 1990, GEN)
Music by Shinobu Ogawa
"Ending 2 ~ Team Gaiares"

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