ReMix:Final Fantasy VIII "Rain in Chicago" 4:04

By Ziwtra

Arranging the music of one song...

"Blue Fields"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy VIII (Square , 1999, PS1), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2003-10-28, evaluated by djpretzel

Youngjin writes: "This is my first try at jazz, and as usual I spent a lot of time on the drum & bass tracks. I think you will like the drums... I spent a whole day just taking drumloops and samples and cutting individual hits and snares and kicks out. It gives the whole thing a kind of "sampled" sound -- a la djshadow or amon tobin. Perhaps the greatest compliment I received on the WIP forums and from a couple other folks is that *they never liked the original* but they enjoy the remix. I hope I can continue to mix in the future, but who knows what will happen when college swallows me up." - this is a more experimental, free-form piece relative to Ziwtra's other mixes, but the same appeal is there. I'm a big fan of his work, so while it's cool that we've got another great piece of music to listen to, it unfortunately sounds like college might prevent future mixage, at least on a regular schedule :( I s'pose that's the way it goes, but we can hope that opportunities present themselves. This is a great arrangement of "Blue Fields" from FF8 - it's not what I would call jazz, but instead the type of hybrid jazz/electronica that the already-cited djshadow, krush, etc.have popularized to some extent. Youngjin pulls it off well - the drum track is elusive and organic, while still having a dirty, urban feel to it, and the mellow pads, moving bass, and heavily delayed, crystalline piano and synth melodies lend a very open, travelling feel. Love the muted trumpet - it's hard to use muted without it sounding artificially thin or too exposed, but it blends in perfectly here. This is an arrangement that shows how a ReMixer's style - in this case, an affinity for layered, ornate, labored-upon drums and a lush overall mix - can transcend genres. Though this is a different genre from previous mixes by Youngjin, you can still very much tell it's him - in a good way. Though we're several months into the semester already, best of luck to all of you who try to balance educational and occupational time constraints with music-related hobbies (composing or listening) - it can be a bitch, I know. Unique, compelling stuff from Ziwtra - hope time allows for more such mixes in the future. Recommended.



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on 2021-02-18 16:48:55

Love all the layers to this. Feels like what I might hear if FFVIII was reworked in the style of FFX.

on 2017-01-18 12:01:54

I thought I was familiar with all the early 'mixes, but somehow I missed this one. Liking the groove muchly.

on 2012-07-04 04:12:55

Nice rhythms here. I actually like the source track for this; I felt it captured the feel of "exploring the map" well. This is a really nice take on it. Downloaded.

on 2011-10-18 05:00:47

This is a joyful and pleasant track. I like the very beginning immediately - the synth playing the simple repeating figure sounds just great, and the percussive chirp in the other channel mimicking the rhythm is a terrific detail. The playful, jumpy drums and the solid but varied bass compliment each other very well. The sax/trumpet sample is the weak link, but forgivable - the melody itself, and rest of the lead instruments, sound good.

Above all, this mix has character - I think the amibent/chill feel is uniquely contrasted by the lively, kind of angular drums and bass. I was playing a random selection of ReMixes, and when this came up, I didn't know which piece it was but I did recognize it, especially it's mood. Good stuff!


on 2010-08-27 22:28:17

Ah, do I remember this from the game. It definitely takes me back! Ziwtra does waste anytime disclosing the source material in this mix. This has a wonderful jazz fusion to it that we haven't really heard from Youngjin so far, and I gotta say, he's nailing it. Not a fan of the sax sample, but the idea what a good one. The drums are what really do it for me here. The pattern and programming are really well done and create a dynamic in the track all its own. The bass line is also wonderful as is really anchors the track, much like his past mixes. Hahn really excels at placing different levels of intensity from different instruments in the same section together. The result is always one that feels well balanced and natural. Another great piece from Ziwtra!

on 2010-07-22 14:09:44

Love this song. I can imagine myself staring out at the Chicago skyline during a rainy day while listening to this song.

(Lyrics) Serotriptomine
on 2010-02-23 18:49:38

To tell you the truth, right when it starts to pick up at 00:20 I can see this being in a "sim city" type game where you build and manage your city. Weird I know, I agree this is nice background music. Then at 00:47 or so you recognize fully where this song originated from.

It takes you back to "those days" and keeps you there until it's over.


on 2009-12-04 11:15:35

Love this track! Completely captures the feel the title and the source. With the drum work I think the track can work as both BGM and active listening depending on your mood and tastes. Always hope to hear more from ziwtra. :)

on 2009-12-04 11:06:06

Great percussion and attention to detail, as well as the bass. I don't think the original melody was super compelling; it's good background music, but not something amazingly melodic, but the mix emphasizes the rhythmic qualities of the source and adds a lot of cool expansion rhythms.

It's still not really active listening to me, but it took a decent BG track and made it into a great one, and i'm totally fine with that. :-)

on 2009-08-11 08:55:20

I very much enjoyed this remix. I never realised how much hate the original got, I loved it so much, but just not as much as Terra from FFVI. Either way, I never compare any song I hear on this website to the original, I tend to think of it as just a different version, completely different to the original, and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Thank you.

on 2007-05-11 10:01:44

I thought the possibility of thinking the impossible was quite possi...wait...what?

Good work in general.

on 2007-05-09 19:30:59

I thought much was possible with the track I liked most in the game.

Good work in raising my interest.

on 2007-01-24 08:18:29

I didn't think much was possible with the track I hate most in the game.

Good work in raising my interest.

on 2007-01-11 23:14:14

Wow, what an awesome remix this is. Perfectly captures the feeling of not really caring about anything else except what is here and now. Kinda gives me that feeling that the world could be burning but everything will be ok.

on 2006-02-05 18:17:12

This remix sorta reminds me of the frozen tundra section of secret of mana.

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy VIII (Square , 1999, PS1)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Blue Fields"

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