ReMix:Super Mario Bros. 3 "Lose-Your-Way Maze" 1:54

By Dj Orange

Arranging the music of one song...

"World 7 Map"

Primary Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (Nintendo , 1988, NES), music by Koji Kondo

Posted 2003-10-31, evaluated by the judges panel

This short funk/jazz arrangement from SMB3 is a bit tiny, but it deals with fairly basic source material and elaborates sufficiently to fill out two minutes with a greasy funk slap bass, sax ensemble, some nice but perhaps too soft drums, an interesting swaggering piano line, and some in-game sound effects. Judges were split right down the middle on this one; positive comments cited jazz/funk cross-genre mixage, competent sounds and mixing, and general overall funkiness. Criticisms centered around length/development, the ending or lack thereof, and structural placement of solos relative to genre. I think analoq articulated an opinion closest to my own views in concurring with the criticisms but offering that the mix has "replay value" and is very listenable and accessible. The bassline pretty much makes it, I'd say - it's clear how this could have developed. In particular, the articulations and dynamics on the instruments other than the bass could have been more human and funkier. Also, a bridge, break, key change, or something else added in for good measure would have enhanced the impact. But, I like the tasteful, musical usage of sound effects from the game, the attention to panning on the sax ensemble, and the overall idea behind the mix seems worthy. Brief, good, and definitely enjoyable first mix with room for improvement in the future.



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on 2016-03-05 15:36:40

Noo, it ends just when it was getting good. :c Jazzy good, even! Maybe adding another source would have helped DJ Orange extend the length.

on 2010-02-27 17:01:17


Thirded. This is such a sweet ReMix and the funky jazz just makes this whole song that much more enjoyable. But this really needs another minute or two to take it up several levels.

on 2009-01-17 23:07:13

Seconded. This is an awesome mix whose only fault is that it's too dang short.

This is also one of those few mixes that is, imho, what the source should have been.

on 2006-12-18 13:23:41

The amazing bassline in this song is balanced by bad synth horns in this mix, though on repeated listens, it's unfortunate that the horns seem to come out more each time.

The ending actually sounds like a breakdown with some tasteful piano, but then... nothing. It just stops.

Though the bass is great and the drums are decent, the length of the track and the horribly fake horns really turned me off to this mix. :(

on 2004-03-15 21:48:22

World 7 was probably the second hardest world, right below world 6. This is one cool remix. The sound effects are a nice touch. Just one itsy bitsy little question...


on 2003-11-05 05:15:00

Haven't I heard the same one, only it went to world 5 part-way through?

I might be mistaken, or hard of hearing.. *looks for the one I'm thinking of*

Nine Ten Doh
on 2003-11-04 06:55:51

Ok, pretty much everything in SMB3, heck, everything Koji Kondo touches, for that matter, is just plain classic. But SMB3 is just about the most classic of all of them, either by the massive quality of the game, the massive quality of the songs, or most likely both. In such fashion, though, you make something that has such high standards, that most remixers, even the most competent, steer clear most of the time. DJ Orange has none of that pride/fear to inhibit him, and I'm very glad it doesn't. While in my top five favorite songs on SMB3, the Pipe Land overworld tune isn't exactly one of the most varied/remix-rich type tunes out there, but that can be a good thing. The main melody, beat, and flow makes for a perfect wire-frame with which to hang the fairly competent texture maps that make up the whole of the experience.

DJ Orange: Please, tell me there's more where that came from.

T.Co's Rating: :):D:mrgreen:8) /5 smileys

Storm Eagle
on 2003-11-02 23:12:23

Very, VERY nice stuff. I'm actually listening to it as I write this.

The original tune from the game had a jazzy feel to it, so it didn't surprise me that a remix of it took this sound. Excellent bass work in here, makes for some nice easy listening. The drums are quiet, but I actually don't think that's a negative here. Maybe it's just me, but I think if the drums had been more pronounced, they may have competed against the organs. And usually, I don't like when sound effects from a game are used in a remix of it, but this song doesn't overdo it.... very tasteful and limited use of the pipe sound. The timing on it is perfect in the song too.

Like others, my one gripe is that it's too short, but I can live with it.

on 2003-11-02 22:22:09

Its like I'm in WORLD 7 right now.

on 2003-11-01 15:58:31

Excellent, excellent work. The bass is absolutely perfect :D

on 2003-11-01 11:01:25

Definitly a cool, funky jazz piece. It's kinda short, though. And as always, the in-game sound effects were a nice touch. Another great OCRemix to go on my playlist!

on 2003-11-01 00:26:25

DAMN! He beat me being the first (accepted) Mixer on OCR from E-town. Meh... he was here before me...

on 2003-10-31 23:26:22

The jazz arangement sounded good, but it was kind of a little too soft and short. Still, a nice song by a newcomer!

Kamikaze Noodle
on 2003-10-31 18:03:43

This is awesome! A very original vibe going here. I especially love the use of sound effects. The only part of this mix I found a bit lackluster was the drumming, the snare in particular. I think it's too low and distant a sound for a song already so low-end centric, and near the end begins to overplay. The bass drum (if there is one) should be louder, and those hi-hat hits just clutter things up. Those are pretty much nitpicks, I suppose, cuz otherwise this mix has groove to spare. The organ rocks my face, and that bassline is outright infectious. It might be a little short, but bands in the 50's and 60's could get away with songs even shorter than this one.

Nice Work! :nicework:

BTW: What song is this a remix of?

on 2003-10-31 17:59:03

This is such a fantastic piece in terms of arrangement - all patches rock, and it is fairly creative as a funk\jazz arrangement. I love it - the bassline really does rule!

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Primary Game:
Super Mario Bros. 3 (Nintendo , 1988, NES)
Music by Koji Kondo
"World 7 Map"

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