ReMix:Final Fantasy VII "Those Chosen by the Medly" 4:15

By Trace Dragon XVI K

Arranging the music of 4 songs from 4 games ( view all )...

"Kuja's Theme", "Liberi Fatali", "Terra", "Those Chosen by the Planet"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy VII (Sony , 1997, PS1), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2003-11-06, evaluated by the judges panel

Trace Kyshad's latest, after a pretty long hiatus, is an FF medley that blends orchestral and synthetic flavors fairly successfully, with organ, piano, choir, and strings playing out ominous melodies over a traditional break style drum pattern that has some good fills here and there, with appearances from filtered synth patterns and orchestral hits as well. Judges had some mixed reactions; no one felt the sounds used were particularly high quality, though some felt them actually prohibitive. For my money, the bells at 3'30" sound pretty damn cool, but yes, there are other sounds that aren't as clear, and there's a few clicks in the recording here and there. Some didn't like how the filtered synth arpeggio is used multiple times as a transition method, others felt it was perfectly fine. The more positive opinions cited the arrangement and dynamics, in general, whereas the more critical the sample quality and mastering, and I'd agree these are the piece's respective strengths and weaknesses. For what it's worth, I've listened to it on speakers and headphones, and it sounded much better at higher volume on the trusty headphones - some mixes are just born that way, I s'pose. I thought the double-time version of Terra at the very end was an interesting idea that worked well enough and certainly was an unorthodox way to conclude. Overall, this is a piece that works in spite of some shortcomings, and should certainly be accessible to and enjoyable by FF fans, while also taking some interesting musical ideas and putting them into form.



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on 2014-09-19 17:58:11

Nice. :D I like the ghostly howl at 2:45 and the xylophone(?) at 2:59.

It's a slow build-up, but great from 1:00 on.

on 2010-08-24 18:30:10

Hi, I'm new.

Anyway, I liked it. It sounds neat, it works, and I didn't hear any glitches that were terribly obvious. It sounds like the person put alot of work into it, but not only that, taht they put good work into it as well.

The start is a little dull though.

on 2010-03-18 06:52:15

The sparse, suspenseful moments in this mix color the atmosphere as cave-like or post-apocalyptic, especially in the layered intro and 2:28. Liberi Fatali and Those Chosen by the Planet take the initial spotlights thus: TCbtP's undercurrent bass drives the drama from 0:08, thus supporting LF, and after some role-building-and-swapping, TCbtP's choir mingles with LF's lead at 2:14 to consummate the sources' marriage. Kuja's theme secretly transfers the feel of the first of every three notes to 4/4 from 3/4, and the quick runs of Terra's theme seem kinda afterthought-ish but act like a fittingly "resigned" closure.

Overall, I admire both the source choices from FFs 6-9 and how they're arranged to melodically pass the baton. Smart stuff.

on 2010-02-22 07:24:43

Pretty dire sample wise, and it struggles to be inspiring for a good length of its runtime. The cameo of Terra's Theme is the peak of the mix, showcasing some nicely arranged blending of melodies, but it is so shortlived its almost insulting.

This is pretty standard Final Fantasy remixing. A bunch of moody organ/choir tunes mashed up. It's not fancy, and it sounds below average. But its not horrible for what it is. At the very least, you can hear the effort put into it. For all its faults, it at least isn't a rushjob.

And would someone with the proper authority change this from Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy 7. No matter what the official categorising rules are, this mix is mislabelled.

on 2009-12-08 10:51:40

The very beginning sounded just like the game, and it wasn't that great- seemed rigid and used weak samples, but it quickly brought the hifi in, and was much better. Nice panning gated and filtered synths really are the show-stealer for me. the beats are pretty cool but could have been a little punchier, and some of the synths and samples used were still pretty one-dimensional. The strength though is that there are a lot of cool themes going on, and the arrangement works, I just wish some of the sounds were as good.

on 2009-12-03 16:17:23
And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.

Oh, the beginning is so wonderfully Gothic. This mix reminds me most vividly of Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town; it has that latent sense of horror permeating through every ounce of it. This is definitely a theme for the hallowed ground and the time is nigh. The atmosphere is so wonderfully rich and thick here, it makes it a wonderful listen.

on 2006-12-25 20:55:39
Yeah, the ID3 tag says:

(FF7) - Those Chosen By The Planet

(FF8) - Liberi Fatali

(FF9) - Kuja's Theme

(FF6) - Terra's Theme

Then why is it in the remixes for FF1?

Medley pieces across several games in a series are listed under the first game of the series.

Good arrangement ideas, but this piece definitely shows its age. Nothing against Graham, but it didn't hold up well for me.

on 2006-06-24 01:25:01

Me and my friend enjoyed this mix of yours alot...I just wanted to post and tell you..good job with the tunes!

Oh yeah...

Its on my handphone as a ringtone now.. :lol:

Amayirot Akago
on 2006-06-16 01:32:01

Fantastic mix, even way before I ever played Final Fantasy VII.

on 2005-10-02 14:33:17
Yeah, the ID3 tag says:

(FF7) - Those Chosen By The Planet

(FF8) - Liberi Fatali

(FF9) - Kuja's Theme

(FF6) - Terra's Theme

Then why is it in the remixes for FF1?

To the song. GREAT! Had many of the best tracks from FF and made it to a mix that has great tempo, rhytm, piano and that weird feeling of Sephiroth´s prescence, heh. Those bells that played the theme of Kuja really fitted with that LB-piano, everything went so smooth and the remix so great that I´m gonna pass out... slam




OK, I´m back. Great song Kyshad!

on 2005-05-04 05:19:29

I think it was pretty good, but it could have been WAY better. For the whole song I was expecting a transition from Liberi Fatali to One Winged Angel and I just didn't get it :(. It was a great mix though, maybe it could get updated some day.

on 2004-12-13 23:09:47

I really liked it. I recognised two melodies, one from Final Fantasy VII's "Those Chose By The Planet" (obviously) and the other a bit from FFVIII's "Liberi Fatale".

I am sure there are a few others from other FF games but I don't recognise them (only really played from VI and up).

on 2004-08-09 17:36:05

I for one liked it and am not critical about the samples, or the percieved "glitches"

At 1:55, there's a slight glitch, as well as 1:58.

Sharp ear or not, this mix has its technical graces in the assembly of the beats. It shows wonderful planning and execution. This artist put some thought behind it beforehand as well.

Personally, it was the first and is still one of the better takes on "Those Chosen by the Planet" (FFVII). The Nebilheim scene when Sephiroth torches the town has always been my favourite section, so maybe I'm a bit biased in my like of the mix.

Keep up the wonderful work, and thank you for making this.

on 2004-08-09 15:49:56

I liked it,Sephiroth's theme as background was nice, and the shift to Terra's theme at 4'00" was very, very good. Nice, even though it didn't sound all that great coming from the speakers of a laptop

on 2004-07-14 00:21:10

I absolutely love this remix. Though djp and everyone hear says its better on headphones, it sure as hell sounded awesome in my church's sound system (2 2-foot high speakers on top of each other for both left and right and a big monitor system too) So it was pretty darn loud and still sounded awesome.

Sources Arranged (4 Songs, 4 Games)

Primary Game:
Final Fantasy VII (Sony , 1997, PS1)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Those Chosen by the Planet"
Additional Game:
Final Fantasy IX (Square , 2000, PS1)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Kuja's Theme"
Additional Game:
Final Fantasy VI (Square , 1994, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
Additional Game:
Final Fantasy VIII (Square , 1999, PS1)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Liberi Fatali"

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