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Happy Thanksgiving! And on this day of thanks we have new mixes from new mixers, the first of which is this guitar rock arrangement primarily of Wizards and Warriors 2 but also featuring some Double Dragon 3 thrown in for good measure, from Spinning Images aka Todd D. Goldfinger. Embarassing confession: I've been really getting into Need for Speed: Underground, even the music (which I would never listen to outside the game but which really works in its context), and this ReMix is perfect tunage to accompany driving one's massively tricked out Ford Focus (insert rice burner of your choice here) around town. This is some seriously rockin' stuff, somewhat reminiscent in terms of energy and production to Rize's stuff. The wingless writes:

"Very nice sounds all around. Makes me remember my old garage band days... such as they were. My only real opinion is that, MM mentioned this song has a dry texture to it. While I agree completely, I almost think this works to the song's advantage. It makes it feel a little more believable, like it is fully and completely live."
I particularly like the way the multiple themes are seamlessly woven together; you'd never guess this is a mix of tracks from two totally different games in listening to it. Plus, I'm with John that the lack of oodles of processing works here, giving things a raw electricity as opposed to a polished, L.A. sound. Plus, the mixing is there, with good imaging on the drums, guitars and bass to provide a pretty expansive stereo sound for the number of elements present. Just good, rock solid rock, with attitude and mojo aplenty. Good stuff.



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on 2019-08-28 11:36:59

Just listening to this again; I liked it quite a bit, and it benefits from being played pretty loud. I'm reminded a little bit of Slough Feg, which I hadn't listened to when this originally came out. I agree that some vocals might fit well with this, but it's fun to listen to as-is. Nice track!

on 2011-06-28 13:36:08

Excellent track. I wish the bass-drum had more punch. Being a fan of the Metallica and Megadeth styles of thrash I would have loved to hear it mastered/mixed by professionals, even though it is quite good as it is.

on 2010-12-19 15:35:36

While this remix didn't really strike me as excellent, it was a good remix that kept my attention throughout as a solid rock remix.

on 2008-04-16 15:07:22

For a rock mix it's lacking a lot of energy. It has a bit of a stumble to it. The drums are punchy but don't really drive the track.Things are mixed decently (though that snare is too prominent I think), but i'm just not really feeling this one. The arrangement is pretty creative and the transitions are good, and the bass playing is pretty nice.

Though nothing is technically amiss, it just doesn't sound very exciting to me.

Sorry. :-(

Corporal Eschebone
on 2005-02-12 09:55:06

^ What he said. Awesome guitars, awesome mix. The drums are a bit too much in the foreground, but that could just be my headphones.

Blaster Atoms
on 2005-01-15 03:39:19
on 2004-07-12 14:21:01

Hey guys, if you want to see and hear more from this artist check out There's a lot of new tracks on this site and some cool stuff Cheers SF

on 2003-12-12 07:03:46

Joseph, I can hear the iron sword influences. They are quite strong (even if the melodies themselves are relatively buried).

on 2003-12-09 18:12:19

i do have a... well i wouldnt say massivley tricked out, but outted tricked enough ford focus and it sounds really nice while im driving. Great Remix i hope to see more in the future

Joseph Collins
on 2003-12-04 09:37:54

I'm sorry to say that I was throughly disappointed in this ReMix. Far too much "mix," not enough "re".

Right from the start, I thought I knew what I should expect from this tune, hearing what sounded like a guitar riff from the title theme. Of course, I might be wrong, as I can't seem to find the specific melody anywhere in the title theme. . . Upon listening to the Double Dragon III NSF, though, I can semi-safely assume it's a riff from the Japan(level 3?) theme. But, whatever.

The transition around 0:24/0:25 is pretty nice, even though it just leads into another twenty-some seconds of a low-volume similar, until we hit around 0:46. Then we start getting into familar stuff. The title theme -- or rather, eight seconds of it. From around 0:28 to 0:36 of the title theme, in fact. Now, loop that with some heavy drums from about, oh. . .0:58.25, to 1:23.5.(That's a little under twenty-six seconds, for those with bad math skills.)

Now, gimme some bass, keeping the drums, for about twenty or twenty-one seconds more. . . Then go on a little bit of a tangent, piecing in various original bits, and a little bit of the title theme, again. . .

Now at 2:05, we start back in on the title theme, but around 2:18.5, we start getting original, again. Guitar riffs and whatnot, for a while, then more bassline/drum combos. Stuff like that. This leads back into what we saw at 1:48, earlier. Except, once we're finished with that, we go into the USA theme from Double Dragon III, repeating the trailing melodies for about twenty-two seconds. More guitar riffs and drums. . . More original stuff. . . Yawn.

Let's see. . . Around 4:15, we come back down to earth and start playing the IronSword: Wizards and Warriors II title theme for a while longer, but go off on a random other tangent from 4:27.7 until the end of the song. It sounds vaugely familiar to me, but I'm kind of leaning towards more "originality."

So, overall, there are a lot of original guitar riffs and whatnot in this song. Too many to really suit my tastes, as far as calling this a remix. It's more like. . .an original piece of music, with some IronSword: Wizards and Warriors II and Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones/Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone mixed in just for laughs. It's a very nice piece by itself, of course. But it's not much of a remix of the IronSword: Wizards and Warriors II title theme, as it doesn't really have very much of the piece in it.

End review.

on 2003-12-01 19:20:08

Good cover. The production quality may perhaps come from the fact that they are a real band -

And as it turns out, this cover is quite old. Just check out the tracklist on the 1996 album "Any Ol Way You Want". Who knows, maybe they have done more covers, someone should check that out. It's interesting that their band status isn't mentioned in djp's review or in the remixer details.

And I agree with SnappleMan, this is a little repetitive and dry but an enjoable listen all around.

on 2003-11-30 20:57:45

I think the production on this mix is considerably better than that shown in my work at OCR. The guitars are around the same I think. They definitely doesn't sound like a direct feed with bad amp simulation (Legendary Strings). The drums sound a good deal better as well (in terms of production) though I think the snare has way too much in the high ranges. And the overall equalization is much better than in Rude Awakening. My next mix will feature major changes in the way I produce though, so as to how accurate this comparison is, I don't intend for it to be accurate for very long!

In terms of the composition itself, I'm not enjoying this all that much. I just don't think I'm a very big fan of the Iron Sword melodies. There is a lot of originality and heavy interpretation on the original theme which is generally a cool thing, but there's nothing here that just grabs ahold of me.

on 2003-11-30 16:01:51
Great mix, my only complaint is that Ryan8Bit already made an equally awesome version of the same track. :)

Thank you, but this one is quite a different style, and equally enjoyable. Certainly better in the production area than mine was. And a bit longer because of the Double Dragon incorporation.

Anyways, aside from the good production, this song is good. I can agree with some of the statements of it being "garagey" because it sounds kind of like a band that I played in (although better). This song almost sounded like you could've plugged some words into it, too. It might've broken up some of the repetition of the drums. Also in the review was how it was similar to Rize, but I wasn't really feeling that. To me it seems like most of the guitarists have quite a different style around here.

And I'm not sure how you recorded, but something one can always benefit from is multiple takes, especially around 2:28 and 4:04. Otherwise the playing is great. I look forward to more from you later.

on 2003-11-29 21:50:18

Am I the only one who finds this empty and boring?

It sounds way too unenthusiastic, like elevator music. The composition could use alot of variation and some more things going on in the background. The playing could be better, timing issues mainly. The guitar tone needs more gain to it. The bass sounds off at times, the drums could be more creative... but, I shouldn't go on about what it COULD be, and take it as it is, a cool, but mediocre mix. I like it because I like the game, I don't know if I would otherwise.

Joe Redifer
on 2003-11-28 03:44:22

I really enjoy this one. All of the instruments are done well enough as to not distract from the enjoyment of the song in any way. Great driving tune! All in all quite good, except the start of the song seems a little quick. It's like it starts with a fast fade-in or something. But this tune should definitely be downloaded if you like guitars, and ones that are recorded very well at that!

Sources Arranged (2 Songs, 2 Games)

Primary Game:
IronSword: Wizards & Warriors II (Acclaim , 1989, NES)
Music by David Wise
"Title / Password"
Additional Game:
Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones (Acclaim , 1990, NES)
Music by Akira Inoue,Michiya Hirasawa,Takaro Nozaki,Yoshihiro Kameoka
"In America"

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