ReMix:Perfect Dark "Silent Ascent" 3:31

By Danny Baranowsky

Arranging the music of one song...

"Chicago: Stealth"

Primary Game: Perfect Dark (Rare , 2000, N64), music by David Clynick, Graeme Norgate, Grant Kirkhope

Posted 2003-12-31, evaluated by djpretzel

From Mr. Baranowsky comes a cinematic Perfect Dark arrangement that mixes drum'n'bass elements with orchestral quite successfully for a brisk, rich presentation that towards the end switches to straight orchestral for awhile in a nice breakaway section, then ends on sweeping, fat, filtered synth pads. This very adeptly conjures images of tactical espionage and Solid Snake-esque goings-on, with an air of tension and suspense ever-present throughout the slick mixing and full instrumentation. Some nice changeups and EQ going on with the synth textures (see 1'38") and great running harp lines that dance delicately leading up to the rolling snare-driven symphonic section at 2'13" that adds yet more variety to this three-and-a-half minute journey through the world of Joanna Dark. Some of the intervals and progressions here give it a frigid, chilled beauty and openness and vastness that are further emphasized with the heavier reverb on the orchestral instruments. Dramatic, bombastic, clearly narrative and full of fun twists and turns and mucho development, this is an exciting ReMix from Dan who's always willing to experiment a bit with his stuff and for whom such experimentation so often pays off. Good stuff, recommended.



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on 2009-12-04 22:05:29

I love the orchestral section right in the beginning. The slow chords really focus on the sound, which I'm really liking. Then we start with the percussion and synths and I'm really feeling the synths used in this as well as the percussion. Things really work nicely together and keep the 'espionage' feel. Nice work.

on 2007-07-25 20:03:22

The percussion does sound totally like a typewriter; and I completely love it! Orchestral elements were well done, though I kindof wish a few more were a bit closer in the soundfield; a few seemed to be a little too far back to get as much power as they should. The combination of orchestra, synths, piano, and typewriter create a cool soundscape for all kinds of secret-agent adventures.

Pretty good stuff.

on 2004-10-26 17:20:47

As far as I can tell, it's sort of a medley of various bits and pieces from different tracks, strung together in an original melody. The most obvious part is the opening from the Chicago theme at the very beginning, but I've also clearly recognized bits from the Crash Site and Crash Site X themes.

Personally, I really like this remix, even if it isn't clearly recognizable as a remix of a specific track. It still sounds like something you'd hear in the game.

on 2004-03-20 13:46:23

I don't really recognize any of the game music, but that's partially my fault cuz a, I'm not very far, and b, I just borrow the game from my friend. It's beautiful music, but it does seem a little short. Maybe because I like it so much. That's what the repeat button is for, right?

This piece is the best PD remix I've heard, and Mr. Baranowsky deserves five out of five on this

on 2004-02-13 10:18:21

I think it's got parts of that Chicago Mission music in it (at the beginning), or at least its very reminiscent of it. Also some parts of the Carrington Institute Defence mission...

leena fighter
on 2004-02-12 21:01:18

Mmm. Very good. Seems too short, though, but I think it's just because I enjoy it so much. I don't recognize the original song, but the overall piece sounds very ... Perfect Dark-ish, so I consider it to be roughly the same thing :)

Enigmatic Magus
on 2004-01-05 16:03:30

Woohoo! Just as Nifty as I remember it.

on 2004-01-03 13:29:18

Hmmm... It's good, but I dont recognise any of the original song in it.

Perhaps you should try to do a remix of the "Air Base 'X'", but orchestrated. If you could maintain the speed of that while having it orchestrated, it would be incredible.

Urban Xperience
on 2004-01-03 11:20:19
:x grrrr... 1 of da worse remixez iv eva herd. no offence 2 da baranowsky tho. i play Perfect Dark like nerly everyday nd i dnt recall ne of dat in possibly da best n64 shoot em up! dint convince me m8.. try again!
on 2004-01-02 05:34:55

I liiiiike it. It sounds all "Rainbow Six meets Joanna Dark" and it is really good for driving music (which, coincidentally, is what I use a majority of remixes for). Keep it up, Dan B.!

Kamikaze Noodle
on 2004-01-01 01:00:13

Cool. Some interesting twists in here that really set this piece aside from a lot of OCRemixes. I must say, you perfectly captured the mood of Perfect in one song. The harder orchestral parts being more the shooting and the earlier parts representing her stealh magic. The transitions are flawless, and the mixing is somewhat creative, with everything being sort of distant, yet with a tight electro drum groove laid over. (I actually thought of Radiohead when I first heard the drums) The harp is, I think, the best aspect of the mix. Coming in at just the right times and adding just the right flavors to the mix. Very nice work, Mr. Baranowsky. I greatly enjoy this piece. :nicework:

on 2003-12-31 16:44:00

This is sweet stuff. Interesting synths in here and orchestral skillz. I'm tempted to say that there's too much reverb on the cellos, but it sounds cool to me and reality is overrated in my opinion :). Good job,

on 2003-12-31 15:54:50

I don't know about that "drum and bass" beat you have in there. It sounds more like a typewriter.

The orchestral stuff is awesome though.

on 2003-12-31 15:36:24

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Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Perfect Dark (Rare , 2000, N64)
Music by David Clynick,Graeme Norgate,Grant Kirkhope
"Chicago: Stealth"

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