ReMix:DuckTales "Moondust" 3:51

By texx sound

Arranging the music of one song...

"The Moon"

Primary Game: DuckTales (Capcom , 1990, NES), music by Hiroshige Tonomura

Posted 2003-12-31, evaluated by djpretzel

With apologies to texx sound, whose excellent, nostalgic Ducktales ReMix I talk about further down the page, it's time for the annual "State of the ReMix Address", where we do a little year-end reviewing of OCR's ups and downs, in this case for 2003. 2002 was a great year for OC ReMix - we debuted the database-driven site redesign and PHPBB2 forums, integrated reader reviews for the first time, and made several other improvements all of which involved a good deal of work on my part and a good deal of help from others. Looking back, compared to '02, I'd have to say that 2003 was not as key a year, and that the fault was primarily mine in not getting a lot of things done that should have been done. The good: the judges panel has been very productive - members have been rotated once in awhile as was needed, the process has gone a bit quicker, and the level of quality and consistency in application of standards has improved. Also, the rate and quality of submissions has continued to be great this year, with some really amazing pieces that I know I'll still be playing decades from now. Also, it's only been mentioned on the forums and not elsewhere on the site, but now's as good a time as any to mention that we have an Official BitTorrent Distribution that can and should be used if you intend to download large portions of the site's many ReMixes.

Now, the bad: I'd intended to unveil a redesign of the site sometime this year, to address what I feel are some issues regarding certain data being "hidden" or not as easily navigable and the general layout and HTML code of the site being rather antiquated. This redesign is unfortunately still not complete. The good news is, I've made more progress this Winter break than in the last four months. 2003's been a weird, hectic year for me personally, and I really regret not having made a single ReMix since August, as part of the reason I started the site was to keep music production as a regular part of my life. There've been a couple side projects that have also fallen by the wayside that I'm now much more optimistic about completing, so in a sense the "bad" for 2003 is going to be the good for '04 - I'm more upbeat about this next year for OverClocked ReMix really moving forward than any previous year, actually. I think 2003 can safely be considered a necessary year of "downtime" in terms of major developments, and that '04 will be... more interesting. I'll leave it at that.

Now, to the ReMix: texx sound gives us a very accessible, nostalgic Ducktales mix with a thick, 80's style synth bass, FM electric piano, acoustic drums, and a basic waveform synth lead for a retro, slightly sentimental feel. At 1'30" there's a nice greasy organ that comes in, leading up to - surprise - a solo violin, pizzicato and cello accompaniment section. texx makes you wait for it, but this addition is then integrated into the piece, fleshing it out and making it into a more satisfying whole, with the cello continuing after the synth's come back in, and the whole thing ending with a reprise of the violin solo. This manages to capture the feel of the original while also making some unique instrumentation decisions that are well-placed and deliberate. Nothing too fancy or elaborate, just a solid arrangement that does synth nostalgia and sugary-sweet string arrangement equally as well. Good stuff.

That's it for 2003. As mentioned above, while it's been a great year musically, expect 2004 to contain more significant changes and improvements to the site itself. But for now, don't worry about any of that, get some champagne or similarly celebratory alcoholic beverage, download the latest mixes, and enjoy your New Year's :)



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on 2012-04-27 11:57:19

Some things gel and some things sort of miss the mark, but it's the moon theme! It practically fills in any flaws for you.

The standout thing in this mix for me is the interesting, slight spin on the arrangement that almost reinvents the entire melody. It's a terrific little surprise every time.

I love the loungey, artificial nature of the whole affair but the strings, while a beautiful touch, overpower the mix with a tendency to get quite tinny. I also had some minor problems with the way certain tracks were sequenced together. More attention to transitions and harmonies would have quelled all my issues. But rest assured, they didn't get in the way of me really enjoying this one.

Nothing super here, but it goes down smooth nonetheless.

on 2012-04-02 08:23:38

A nice smoothing mix (maybe a little too soothing as I actually fell asleep to this once or twice.) to me the violin sounds a little out of place, but not bad enough to detract from the mello-ness of the whole thing.

on 2012-02-25 22:51:04

Good remix but because of the intro I was expecting something a bit more fast paced.

on 2011-10-04 11:25:09

If it had somehow got made into a point-n'-click adventure game by the likes of LucasArts instead, this tune would've fit right in, maybe played over the end credits. Nice and relaxing.

on 2009-12-02 03:14:49

Ahh, nice chilled EP to start off. This is an interesting mix of some laid-back jazz and basic synths. Nothing really stands out as spectacular, but it works effectively as a relaxing backing track. Some of the instruments were stronger than others - I particularly didn't care for the violin lead. It came off as thin and a bit fakey, but all in all not a huge deal. I think thing song especially benefits from a very strong source, so it's hard to go wrong in that regard.

on 2009-03-20 09:54:06

In this mix, the sound quality is lacking in some areas, but there are so many great surprises in it, with a ton of new chords- It gives the impression of a new song, and I think the new chord progressions work really well with the existing melody. The rhodes is great, and the solo violin is actually pretty good as well. Though it doesn't progress a ton, there is a lot of ground covered in this one, and if it would have had the production to back up the arrangement, this would have been a stand out classic.

As is, it's still more than worth your time to check out.

on 2007-01-24 02:40:27

For a moment, I thought the song was actually gonna kick ass.

The countermelody could have been in a better synth. Started liking the rhythm and the quietness of it all. However, I HATED the new chord progression. Puts the original progression to shame. Nothing wrong with trying out a new progression, but the new one just SUCKED. I really let down.

Nice usage of the tremolo organ in the middle. The original chords were kept then... guess makes up for it...

on 2005-09-30 08:37:30

Very nice and sweet synth for this one, but I liked the synth that came at 2:36 even more. A very trippy and calm mix, doesn´t happen very much but this song is of the moon, and not much happens there either. This could be the number 3 track to OCRemix Love collection, because it does sounds like a movie where a man and woman just stands and looks inside their eyes for the next hour under the moon. Boring, I know, but alot of feel.

Niiiice texxdude. 8)

on 2005-08-10 17:08:49

Big fan! When the orchestral bit runs in then the loungey sounds its incredible.

Haven't heard this song in years!

Very nostalgic moments! Nice job man!

on 2005-08-10 06:28:27

although this sounds good enough to be an outtake from links awakening it doesn't give the spacey feeling of the original that i was kind of hoping it would. so.. only one thumb up:P

on 2005-02-28 16:33:16

I liked this song. I'm using video game music from when I was little to study for my music theory. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome. The theme hear is from one of my fav songs of all time. You havn't heard "The Moon" until you played it yourself on guitar. Hhe. Maybe one day I'll do one of The Moon like how JAXX did for The Starlight Zone. Omg, LightningStar for Sonic 2 rocks. Anyways. This is overall a good least I think so.... (O_0)

on 2005-01-27 15:14:16

This is the slow version of the Moon theme. Certainly this material is something nostalgic. But I appreciate the violin and the pizzicato in 01:40. I think that this work would go to be better with the correct melody. This needs improvements in the arrangement. It would very go to be good substituting what it arrives in 00:32 for a piano. But good work.

on 2004-01-07 14:30:12

Yep, this mix is up to 70% post-1980's ;)

And you folks really made me think of a symphonical re-remix of it... i really should try THAT approach

on 2004-01-06 16:55:01

i'm going to be honest here... the beginning totally threw me off. i didn't like it. the organ seemed forced, the drums seem like they should be in the back ground and the synth should be in the fore. but at 145...jeez. those strings are amazing. i really wish that texx focused mor ont he strings than anything else. this would be a great song for him to remix in a classical feel. the string plucks and the violin make for a great feeling. it hits you and makes you stop and say "wow - this is different." then the organ comes back and makes you think "aw man - whered my strings go??"

what was said before was partly true - it does sound like muzak. but parts of it are simply beautiful. focus more on those strings, and less on the organs and synth drums. this sounds like it could be a great lullabye with a bit of work.

on 2004-01-05 15:10:59

K now see, that tune just isn't meant to be remade that way. Even if you would have made it exact the same but better qual or better drums or whatever, it's just not made to be like that. The arrangement is almost paradoxal. Anyways, good look with your next remix.

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Primary Game:
DuckTales (Capcom , 1990, NES)
Music by Hiroshige Tonomura
"The Moon"

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