ReMix:Chrono Trigger "Tears for a Girl" 5:42

By Freemind, GrayLightning

Arranging the music of one song...

"Schala's Theme"

Primary Game: Chrono Trigger (Square , 1995, SNES), music by Nobuo Uematsu, Noriko Matsueda, Yasunori Mitsuda

Posted 2004-01-11, evaluated by the judges panel

Freemind and GrayLightning collaborated on this CT Schala mix that's got a mix of acoustic and synthetic elements and some unorthodox approaches to sequencing, mostly involving apparently intentional delays or un-quantized portions so as to achieve a humanized feel on the timing. Works in some instances, not so much in others. The intro is very strong as it sets the stage in an orchestral fashion that analoq likens to anime scoring, a comment I'd agree with:

"the trills in the beginning are a nice effect. flute sounds very full when it comes in around 1:30. the strings sound very full throughout the track, the voicings are muddy sometimes but not in a bothersome way. yeah, 3:45ish is where this mix really feels good. the distorted guitar abstraction sounds a bit conspicuous at times in this section. overall this track feels like anime underscoring, what with the slow melodrama and fake yet pleasing instruments."

In particular, some of the musical cues in the intro felt akin to some of Joe Hisaishi's work. Less so when the electric guitar (actually a Reason Maelstrom synth) enters, with a nice percussive groove that gets some respectable guitar strumming layered on top. The delay on the folk-style guitar pattern that follows the strumming for me is problem, as it sounds less like humanized timing and more like semi-stuttering, but the instrumentation is still very pleasant overall. Interesting piece for GL - more straight melodic arrangement with little emphasis on ambient soundscapes, usually ubiquitous in his work. This sits well with the other Schala mixes on the site, including GL's own solo rendition, as it's elaborate and has perhaps slightly a more Eastern feel to it. In some cases, quantizing probably could have helped individual instruments and gave it just a bit more polish, but in others the more organic feel is a help and not a hindrance. Good, developing, exploratory work from Freemind and GrayLightning, who shed some new light on Schala.



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on 2024-07-05 00:15:43

Nice genteel approach. Great candidate for sheet music and a live adaptation, IMO, particularly after the twist in style for the second half. We miss you, Gray; hope you resurface one day. :-)

on 2010-02-19 23:16:21

Schala is one of my two all-time favorite game songs. That said, I usually feel mixes don't do it justice (especially not my own, but then again, that was never the point).

This does, and it's beautiful.

on 2009-06-13 05:15:37

This is a very beautiful mix.

on 2009-04-02 13:04:09

Pretty extended intro right before the familiar schala riff. In some of the intro parts i didn't think the melody was supported enough by the backing, but things got very well balanced for the majority of the mix. THe dirty synth guitar was in need of a little bit of modulation, but otherwise the instruments really blended nicely.

I'm pretty over Schala's theme, but this is good stuff.

on 2007-03-21 16:24:22

I love the new age feel to it, very soothing, but the synths clash slightly. All in all, very well done, 4/5.

Daltonius Sigma
on 2006-10-27 20:01:27

Man, what a slow night - so i'm browsing around not much to do here at work and I figure, how 'bout some CT to pass the time. Now i'm looking for something that I haven't heard yet and I notice this title "Tears for a Girl" schala mix. So it gets me thinkin' - hey I loved the mix for schala on Chrono Symphonic - this needs a spin.

This tune is absolutely gorgeous! I love it. I want it. I need it. Too much? Bear with me - i'm using the internet mounted player (this is work) so I can't delve too deep in detail. Full points on the intro - nice and slow, builds, then you get a bit of suspense before breaking into the tune itself. I love how this sways back and forth between a deep powerful sound and a gentle myriad of tingles. Kinda like schala herself, right? Lotsa power - nice and gentle. This got full points - I think i've repeated it 4 times now - and I bore VERY easily.

Typically I'm far more into the beat blasting techno and so on as so forth. But we've all got our dramatic sides and mine is feasting on this tune. This is an easy plug to the game. There's a criticism here somewhere but i'm at work and too enamoured right now - i'll post back later if something rubs me the wrong way (not bloody likely).

Excellent work.

on 2005-10-03 23:06:51

Solid orchestral work, dude, and nice mastering. It's a bit predicatable and I don't like the electric guitar AT ALL. It starts out all sorrow and ends in schlock: no good. Even the acoustic guitar, which fits the theme better (though it should have been spanish imho), isn't really neccessary. I'd venture to say it even detracts from the overall mix.

on 2005-09-27 09:53:52

Great stuff, to both Gl and Freemind for their great work, but remember:

NEVER do a Schala remix again!

Maybe just one more? :twisted:

Thanks for the comments though.

on 2005-09-26 16:18:38

Schala is going for the rock´n roll.Whoooo!

I have lost all of the possibilities to count, keep track or remember all of the Schala remixes, there are just too many of them. Remix something new, PLEASE!

This time, I can make an exception, it´s gray after all.

Very cool and inspiring remix, at first it sounded more like a facelift for the original, but then a lovely and frenetic flutesolo tune came in in my head, followed by a mellower theme with those characteristic tiny bells. Sweet...And there I was, enjoying the song to the fullest, when a guitar suddenly came onto the scene and did it´s tune with cool echo and drums at the side of it. We have a new Schala here, and you aint messing with her.

Great stuff, to both Gl and Freemind for their great work, but remember:

NEVER do a Schala remix again!

on 2005-06-04 11:45:13

Ok...long time listener, first time caller.

ANYWAY... i saw nothing wrong with this mix at all, given what i am able to do with remixing and arranging, which is next to nothing, and having been listening to and appreciating music for years, i believe this mix has MANY good qualities, and the humanized timing doesn't detract from the overall quality...ill admit there are a few spots where the quality drops, but thats to be expected in almost ANY mix if you arent using uber-software/hardware.

great mix overall, you guys should do another sometime... preferably of a final fantasy game this time around.. and NOT 8!!!

on 2004-08-22 20:57:42

Amazing. The guitar really shows how good this is. It's hard to put something discordant like that in and have it sound that good. Hats off to you. The flute is absolutly beautiful, and as a flutist I can see firsthand how good it is.

Absolutely epic. One of my favorite mixes (if not my favorite) on the site.

on 2004-02-18 05:36:43

What i love about this song is the guitar work that comes in at 2'39, the way it changes my emotions, making me sad and happy at the same time. This part of the peice is most excellently arranged, it brings the whole thing together into something more than just a remix.

I listen to this on my portable mp3 player alot btw. :) And much thanks to Freemind and GreyLightning for their excellent collaboration(s).

on 2004-02-15 22:46:34

I loved it! Schala's theme is my favorite song in Chrono Trigger. The begging is so peaceful, then the song launches into its true beauty. The flute fits nicely with Schala, then the song launches into something much more beautiful.

on 2004-02-05 19:06:30

Ace song, fellas =) It's easy to get lost in.

on 2004-01-16 18:09:27

Freemind, excellent concept, this song is great and I hope to see more things from you soon! Gray, good job on mastering and touching it up, I can't wait for DS2 to come out! ;) And Freemind and Gray, good luck on your Battle of Olympus, I can't wait to hear the final version (I believe I only have a WIP of it)! :)

Gray did the most difficult job....He made a brand new remastered remix from an average old classical and boring remix...And..I have stopped making remixes..I like the idea of collaborations with Gray ( who is the best remixer of new age ), but I don't have much time to create remixes...

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Primary Game:
Chrono Trigger (Square , 1995, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu,Noriko Matsueda,Yasunori Mitsuda
"Schala's Theme"

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