ReMix:Final Doom "The Calling" 3:39

By Dj Redlight

Arranging the music of one song...

"Cold Subtleness"

Primary Game: Final Doom (GT Interactive , 1996, DOS), music by Jonathan El-Bizri, Josh Martel, L.A. Sieben, Tom Mustaine

Posted 2004-02-08, evaluated by the judges panel

Once we'd heard the original and could judge this arrangement from Final Doom newcomer Dj Redlight has created, we had a good solid appreciation for what he's done. Many are familiar with the Bobby Prince tunes from the first two Doom games, but Final Doom had different composers and a different overall style, and while its score might not be as well-known, it's quite good. The ReMixer has improved the original in almost every way imaginable, both fleshing out the composition with some extra pieces, adding lush production, a great palette of sounds with rock solid drums, lively and multi-textured synths, some good strings, and attentive programming throughout. Listening to this, you wouldn't necessarily think "Doom" as it's got more of a tactical espionage/slickness to it, and packs more suspense and tension than it does sheer power - which is fine by me. The drums can be repetitive but the little fills that come in here and there do a world of good in illustrating that the rhythm track's not on auto-pilot and is a living and breathing integral piece of the whole. Some nice distortion harmonics on a particular synth, and some great usage of underlying pads for atmopshere and dynamics. Good, subtle ending, too. This mix changes what you might think of as a Doom mix, takes a good original and makes it great, and shows aptitude for both the sonic and compositional sides of the ReMixing spectrum. Recommended.



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on 2011-12-26 16:50:35

Recalling the source material, I can see it working well for Dj Redlight's more chilled stylings which were made similarly evident with future submissions to the site (particularly with Descent II "Revelation"). And it managed to do so now, playing moreso with overlapping the core melodic compents over a more laid back sole-chord progression.

There's been some good manipulation work with the bass/rhythm/melodic synths that help keep it interesting for its genre too, and with the surprising amount of string expression - even if the strings themselves don't sound convincing as a standalone sample - it has shown that a lot of dynamic attention has been paid attention to.

I'd say that it wasn't quite as attention grabbing as some of his later subs, but it's still a very firm way of working with the source material, and a definite insight to the roots of how Dj Redlight had developed during his time. Hopefully we'd get to see him back here soon :)

on 2009-11-29 19:34:37

Not something I'm going to jam out to on my iPod, but it's a nice ambient piece that has a lot of nice textures. Good for doing homework to, or in my case, correcting homework to. Everything is subtle, but tastefully done. Nice work.

on 2006-12-18 13:06:19

A really chill remix, this focuses on atmosphere more than anything really, and the textures are great.

The drums, bass, and melody are all rather subdued, however, which makes the mix less engaging, but as background music it works great.

Not to detract from the mix, But I think a lot of the techniques used would be better used on a more interesting source.

on 2004-02-17 23:52:37

Hmm... I like it. The textures are nice, the melody and the general feel is pretty nice. The acid lines are awesome as the panning synth is pretty good. The strings are pretty nice and subdued. A feel thatI greatly enjoy.

on 2004-02-15 17:51:19

I honestly don't remember this song from the game. o.O; Luckily though, I love the remix and shall give the thumbs-up thusly. *thumbs-up*

on 2004-02-12 02:17:22


It's always nice to see more Doom remixes on this site! Keep it up Redlight!

on 2004-02-11 01:02:43

umm, this forum is for reviewing the ReMix, not the game...



on 2004-02-11 00:59:01

I also own Final DOOM. This is a great piece. FD had some of the best levels ever designed on the DOOM Engine. I was truly impressed with what they pulled off when I got it. Invisible bridges, see-through doors. Bulletproof windows. Okay, those are all the same trick, but it was amazing how they used a Bug in the engine to pull off some amazing stuff.

Plus the detail in the levels was levels higher than what was in the original two.

on 2004-02-10 04:50:49

damn fine, good sound to it

Drin Tragen
on 2004-02-09 01:00:31

I agree, this is very good. And a lot better than I probably could have done. I really like this one, I can't say very much, except for how great the sound is. after I heard the original i thought it was great already.

The Orichalcon
on 2004-02-08 22:59:59

I remember this piece.

It's a nice re-arrangement. I don't have much else to say. It's basically mellow-techno bordering on ambience, and I love that style, relaxing to listen to. This would go well in the game as a replacement for the original.

on 2004-02-08 22:43:33

I own Final Doom and I love it. There are actually 2 games in Final Doom. TNT: Evilution was my favorite of the two because it had better atmosphere, the other had a higher difficulty.

This is totally awesome and a treat to those of us who love Final Doom, which has very good music. I really dont know which is the original, but this made me install Final Doom again... Uh. That's it. It's good.

on 2004-02-08 22:05:10

This song is now one of my favorites. Everything was done very well, and the whole piece flows together nicely. There is also enough varity thoughout the song. Well worth listenting to.

on 2004-02-08 19:05:44

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Primary Game:
Final Doom (GT Interactive , 1996, DOS)
Music by Jonathan El-Bizri,Josh Martel,L.A. Sieben,Tom Mustaine
"Cold Subtleness"

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