ReMix:Star Control II "Property of the Crimson Corporation" 4:45

By Mark Vera

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Star Control II (Accolade , 1992, DOS), music by Aaron J. Grier, Dan Nicholson, Erol Otus, Kevin Palivec, Marc Brown, Riku Nuottajärvi, Tommy V. Dunbar

Posted 2004-03-09, evaluated by the judges panel

Mark Vera sends us this industrial/ambient Star Control 2 ReMix, part of the Ur-Quan Masters project's mixes by the Precursors Team - for those not in the know, this is really a cool project that involved the Star Control 2 source code being opened to the public and picked up by a group of talented programmers and composers/arrangers to update the game for multiple platforms. So that game itself has been "ReMixed" too, in a sense - definitely check it and some of the other great tracks out, great work from all involved, and the Precursors Team includes one of the original SC2 composers as well. This mix is a bit more style over substance, and does rely pretty heavily on sample quality and sonic aspects than the arrangement itself, but has some kickass choir work, amazing drums, and very atmospheric screaming and general torture sounds. For some reason, most of the judges didn't like the guitar here, but I think it works fine; user experience may vary. There's loads of effects, samples, and processing being thrown about here, but it's all kept under firm control and has the feel of a dark, authoritarian regime taking power and being evil and what not (insert comment about U.S. politics here) - at any rate, not music you'd play at a daycare center or old folks home... although that'd be quite fun to watch. Some of the mechanical percussion breakdowns here are worth the download in and of themselves - very slick and packing mucho gusto. This could have been a bit more explorative on the arrangement side of the equation, but the level of effort and attention spent elsewhere can't be overlooked. Great mix title, too. Good stuff.



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on 2017-03-10 19:52:43

I can't explain what draws me to this piece. Its melody and rhythm are very well done: it repeats its strongest melody at 1:00-1:30 and 3:00-3:30. In between that? I can't follow what's happening. Overall it's got a nice dark groove! ^_^

on 2012-01-17 11:08:17

Strangely, I actually liked this ReMix quite a lot. The dark, creepy atmosphere was pretty evident in this and I can see what he was aiming for at least. I have to agree that the synth guitar should have either been tweeked a bit or taken out completely, but I thought the screams worked here. In a dark torturous ReMix like this, screams just sounded right to me here, though I could easily understand why it's not for everyone. The percussion work is obviously the best part of the ReMix, and while it overall does show it's age, I enjoyed it. Without the guitar, or with a better sounding guitar, I think this would have been amazing.

On a side note, the video preview glitches up a little after the 3:40 mark. Just sayin'.

on 2011-12-29 20:04:36

Strange ambient source, but given Mark Vera's approach to Metroid in the past (being one of the first works I heard from him), I can understand the motives to adapt Star Control.

It does indeed manage to capture more of an original melody on top of the rather disjointed sounding source material; not saying that's a bad thing but it takes guts to show some expansion on it for something short of 5 minutes here.

The synth guitar, while not the best sound I've heard, could've easily benefitted with some modulation and envelope filtering to better realise itself; it's not too bad on its own though with the sustain and pitch bending in, so it's not too bad looking at it at a larger level./

I also have to mention that with the amount of intense double-bass kicks in there, some better kick drum realisation could've helped, most notably in the field of velocities, given the acoustic nature that the kit carries. That was easily transferred to the cymbals though, so it would've been good to hear it being carried over somewhere else.

If I had more of an attachment for the game, or if the source was a more memorable one to me, I might've been more at home with something like this, but as it is it's definitely one of Mark Vera's more different works witnessed. Sadly I'm not going to keep this due to its age really sticking out with the production concerns and lack of attachment to the arrangement, but I do indeed see some good potential for the sheer amount of Star Control love given towards the site. It can be seen as inspirational if one is seen as a one-man army for covering a game like this :)

on 2009-12-01 22:23:27

Nope, screams and guitar aren't doing it for me. I will agree with most everyone else that the drums sound quite good though. This one's more ambient/stylistic than melody driven, and I can't really bring myself to like it over the screams in particular. Too bad, percussion was quite good.

on 2009-08-22 14:54:10

I love how the drums at the end mimic machine gun fire and explosions to complement the screaming. Pretty creative, and a nicely executed track all together.

on 2007-04-04 10:26:32

Holy drums, I have to agree the samples on this are excellent. I'm digging the machine gun bass near the middle. Very unique for an otherwise ambient mix and I think it works pretty well.

The screaming and guitar really have to go, IMO. I can see how the screams would enhande the mix for some, but they just grate on me.

PS. love the drums

Dark Vagabond
on 2005-12-13 17:07:40

Awesom stuff and it fits so well when your actually talking to the nasty lil terds ingame.

Gotta love the UQM project at soureforge (free game) especially with the added music (this included)

on 2004-09-19 05:22:47

Never played the game. Big fan of Industrial, and this fits the bill nicely. Very good stuff. I really, really enjoy this one.

Nobbynob Littlun
on 2004-03-12 18:10:24

I've probably spent more hours of my life playing Star Control 2 than any other game. I think I can say it with authority, that this fits the Druuge better than any old-school remix. You'd have to play the game to see ;) The screams don't really detract from the song when you're actually playing.

Fritz the Cat
on 2004-03-11 17:42:39
I'm really liking it, but I think those screams got really annoying.

If the screams weren't there though, it'd be much better. But it is good enough already. :D (Especially considering it's virtually impossible to get a remix posted on the site anymore. :lol:)

The Druuge deal in people, both as slaves and as fuel. When they need a boost, they just toss an expendable into the ship's reactor. This serves two purposes: it gives the ship a boost and the screams of the slave being taken apart on the molecular level tend to raise the efficiency level of the other slaves...

on 2004-03-11 02:00:40

I love Starcontrol 2, its one of my favorite old games. But most of these songs sound nothing like the original ones =(

on 2004-03-10 01:29:27

I'm really liking it, but I think those screams got really annoying.

If the screams weren't there though, it'd be much better. But it is good enough already. :D (Especially considering it's virtually impossible to get a remix posted on the site anymore. :lol:)

Al Capwn
on 2004-03-09 22:46:14

Not feeling the guitar..but i like the rest a whole lot.

I never played the game, hell i never heard of it but it's good work...just need to change the guitar sample :)

on 2004-03-09 22:06:40

I believe that the guitar fits in well with the whole neo-scary mood of the song.

Neo-scary being a word I made up.

on 2004-03-08 23:45:39

Wow, lots of drum work. This seems like a mix I can like sometimes, but hate some others based on the percussion alone. However, this does have an excellent ambient feel, and that makes it worth it to me (the guitar sample needs to be changed though).

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Primary Game:
Star Control II (Accolade , 1992, DOS)
Music by Aaron J. Grier,Dan Nicholson,Erol Otus,Kevin Palivec,Marc Brown,Riku Nuottajärvi,Tommy V. Dunbar

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