ReMix:Rush'n Attack "Purple Heart" 5:22

By goat

Posted 2004-04-10, evaluated by djpretzel

Alright! Good to see some more balls-to-the-wall guitar-based action from goat! Perfectly appropriate siren effects lend atmosphere to the heavy intro this piece begins with, as a chopper starts us off but guitar soon takes over and a nice machine gun effect segues into the melody proper. Guitar goes wah a short bit after, with some mean+funky riffage, then there's mucho power melodies aplenty afterwards, with goat not holding back. Style works great for the source material which, in true Konami style (for that era at least) is chock full'o motifs and riffs that are ripe for the picking. At 3'08" you get some rapid-fire chugging, reminiscent of a machine-gun itself, and then a downright evil minor-key section that any hard-rocking hair band from the 80's would be proud of, and with good right. This is a veritable smorgasbord of electric guitar technique and pure adrenaline - you can tell goat had fun making it, and it reinvents the original NES track with exponentially increased, electric machismo and verve. If you don't like electric guitars, stay far, far away, as this is jam-packed and vacuum-sealed full of 'em, but for those who do, you're in for a treat. Good to see more from goat and great to see this Konami classic covered in this fashion, which just clicks with the whole gung-ho, military mystique. Recommended.



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on 2010-09-14 20:25:57

Awesome intro with the percolating low drums. This is stuff that Chris does really well. There is also a VERY noticeable shift here from a production standpoint. The guitars sound much more crisp and full bodied. The drums are also the same way; lots of meat. The performance in the guitar is spot on as it always seems to be with Mr. Gates! The solos are bitchin' and the power chord breakdown is nice and tasty. The brief rhythm change was a nice touch as well. Not much else to say here except that this is a great metal track and those who like the style will definitely enjoy it. Awesome work goat!

on 2009-12-08 10:59:26

One of the classic rocking tracks on OCR for me personally, once I heard a Goat song back in like 2004, I was hooked and downloaded all of his tracks.

This is one of the strongest he's done, IMO, and the blending of themes works really well to feel like a single track.

There is good playing, some nice effect use, and a solid flow. If you like rocking, this is your jam.

on 2009-07-20 16:23:32

can someone email me the mp3 i can't download it from the links you guys gave my email is, thanks, much apprieciated!!

on 2007-02-02 03:47:48

hahaha i don't even KNOW what this game is, the song just ROCKS, good job mate!!!

The Orichalcon
on 2006-12-05 01:03:49
I listen to this when I go running - at night (or in the early morning, whichever you consider it) because it just makes me run faster!

You must be pretending you're a superhero and this is your theme song when running to this.

Love this piece. It all comes together really well. Never heard the originals and not really interested in hearing them. Next to Rimco's Doom ReMix, and most of Mazedude's work, this is one of my favourite all-time OCReMixes.

on 2006-09-27 10:52:32

Another of my favourite remixes on the site right here! (More rock... gee imagine that! :P) With another high-energy, head-banging mix by that crazy, guitar-playing Goat! (Maybe a few too many adjectives)

The song itself starts out fairly subtle with the helicopter intro and the mysterious opening... and then... with a VERY old fashioned machine-gun sound... everything kicks into high gear presenting Goat doing what he does best!

I find this song has a very "final" feel to it... like it'd be perfect for some game's final battle theme or something like that. One of the things that give me this feel are those weird guitar riffs that are used throughout the song. They have that big, bad, evil feel that you'd expect from some kind of super villain out to destroy whatever.

Goat's lead guitar that he uses in every mix of his I've ever listened to never fails to be pleasing to my ears, and it fits well into this song just like all the others. This is one of those you just wouldn't listen to when doing something slow-paced... like studying for the Chemistry test you have the next day... .

I've never really played this old game, but all I know is... no NES music can compare with this kind of a remix. Excellent job Goat, and this mix is highly recommended by me to those fellow rock fans out there... and once again... severely not recommended for those that don't like heavy rock. :P

Jedi QuestMaster
on 2006-05-11 01:35:42

I listen to this when I go running - at night (or in the early morning, whichever you consider it) because it just makes me run faster!

What better way to get a rush than from a rush 'n kick arse game.

Great remix, Goat! Keep doing what you do.

on 2005-11-04 01:04:06

I loved this song when I first heard it, and that was before I even had a chance the play the game!

Oh, and the ending is especially great. Fits the game quite well.

Now if I can just avoid getting kicked in the face...

-Austin Spafford

on 2005-10-15 01:02:32


DUDE This is just simply awsome you should be up on stage man, you rock man keep up the good work and a request do metal gear next any one i would like to hear a good hard rock version of any metal gear song again you rock goat keep on rocken i hope to hear more remixes from you.

Link wolf

on 2005-09-28 17:50:57

Yeah, I've got this song on my mp3 player, and I think it's going to stay there for a very long time. What more could I ask for? This whole song is pretty much one of the most amazing solos I've ever heard, period. If I had half of the crazy skills you have, I wouldn't be sitting here typing up a review, I'd be out playing a gig somewhere. Why aren't you very famous yet? You belong up on stage, and sitting with about a thousand groupies after the show.

on 2005-02-21 02:18:24

GOOD GRAVEY!!! ive been playing guitar for ten years no and if i could play like that, i would never work a day job again. badass mix!!! 8O

on 2004-12-31 05:52:53

Well, after having listened to this, I have to say that my ass has indeed caved in after being kicked from here to Rush-ia by goat (who is me).

This mix is great.

on 2004-10-01 03:07:52

Easily one of my top-5 remixes of all time! I should definatly check out the game...

Nice work. 10/10 :)

on 2004-10-01 01:28:06
OH MY LORD. This has got to be one of the best mixes on this site. You take catchy themes from an underrated game (with great music) and turn them into a MASTERPIECE!!! I absolutely love that game and that theme, and you've made them infinitely better.

*bows ten thousand times to your greatness*

I couldn't agree more. I especially like the ambience he throws in. Helicopters, guns firing every so often. goat's still the man.

Corporal Eschebone
on 2004-09-05 11:18:08

This is concrete evidence that goat thuo.

Sources Arranged (4 Songs)

Primary Game:
Rush'n Attack (Konami , 1987, NES)
Music by Hevimeta Satoe,Iku Mizutani,Masanori Adachi,Shinya Sakamoto
"Airport ~ Forest and Airshed"
"Enemy Base"
"Enemy Base Boss"
"Iron Bridge and Missile Base ~ Harbor ~ Warehouse"

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