ReMix:Castlevania "The Raven" 4:31

By goat

Arranging the music of one song...

"Wicked Child (Outdoors BGM)"

Primary Game: Castlevania (Konami , 1986, NES), music by Kinuyo Yamashita, Satoe Terashima

Posted 2004-05-17, evaluated by djpretzel

goat pulls out the heavy stuff for this Castlevania metal mix that was actually made before his most recently posted mix and has a slightly rawer sound. The ReMixer 'splains:

"It was made before purple heart and the mixing is *slightly* more harsh, yet this contributes to a "wall of sound" quality that some people think makes it sound angrier and better. As far as composition (and hanging together) goes, people like it more than my other songs."

goat's got a great track record, and the thing about his stuff is that it's always satisfying - there's always enough instant gratification going on with power chords and meaty choruses, but also enough variation and risk-taking that lends his works direction and life. This piece works a bit more with incorporating some sound effects halfway through, and later on a massive bass synth comes in that makes the ending climactic and again gives the work cohesiveness and sense of narrative development - I can see why some might say this is goat's most successfully structured work, if it doesn't contain the slickest production, but you'll hardly notice the latter. Awesome, and very, very evil.



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on 2010-09-14 20:31:02

Very dirty intro here and not in a bad way. I'm not a huge fan of the low fi guitars here. It would have been MORE than awesome to hear them transform into the full bodied sound that we heard on Chris' previous mix, but personal preference is what it is. The low end is a little crowded and I hear a bit of clipping/over compression. I like the break down in the middle. It's a really nice dynamic shift that is actually pretty rare for goat's style; the man likes finding his intensity level and hammers it hard all the way through! It's a good rock arrangement of a theme that needed to be rock in the beginning, but tech restraints couldn't let it be. The sweeping low synths was an interesting choice. Not my favorite track from Mr. Gates, but certainly not a bad track!

on 2010-06-15 07:57:05

This is fucking sick. I thrashed my head to this like I did when I first listened to The Kukeiha Klubs redux of Castlevania. Especially Bloody Tears. Just awesome Goat. I hope your still out there mixing man.

on 2009-12-03 00:59:16

This was one of - if not - the first Goat mixes I downloaded, and it still rocks today.

Drums felt a little boxed for me, but after listening to it over and over, it's another part of this awesome track. Chugs are dark and meaty, and they suit this track to a tee.

Keep on rocking Goat! :nicework:

on 2009-03-31 10:58:59

Great breakdown section, and a good rendition of the theme, and lots o f variation to keep it interesting. Fantastic ending. Levels were good, but the guitar sounded too far back. It certainly doesn't stop me from rocking out, but it could have a lot more energy if it was up close. Some nice tapping sections, and overall a lot of great ideas. Drums are a little too canned; I think some additional velocities would help, but overall this is very nice stuff.

I am most certainly rockin'.

on 2009-02-22 13:45:41

This mix is so layered with awesome, it's like a rock and roll casserole.

But seriously, the section from about 2:20 to 2:35 is my favorite. It sounds so alt-rock and grungy. 3:30 onwards is excellent also, but in an entirely different style.

goat does it again!

on 2009-01-10 22:47:12

I share these quite a bit with the ScoreHero/Guitar Hero community, but for whatever reason not usually this one. I think that's a bit silly. :)

Since I don't have remixing talent myself, this is the best I can do to say "thanks - this mix kicks ass."

on 2007-10-06 02:34:11

Man this guy is right up my alley of taste. You know i like a lot of things, but at my core im definitely metal. Goat i gotta know how you get such good recordings of metal guitar! That is single-handedly the most difficult thing for me when i make music.

Anyways about the track, i like the crunch of the guitars that gives it that sludgy effect which is executed nicely. Also, i dont know how else to describe it, but the solos are really nice and clean, almost like if eric clapton were to use real distortion :)

OH! and the use of sound effects from the game was simply awesome.

Let me just say thank you for representing metal on OCR. You got me inspired to do some kind of metal remix for the site and i cant wait to get started.

on 2006-04-24 22:51:36

goat always rocks. He's always got something raw and powerful to throw at you, and some people just can't seem to catch it right off, but i love it. I'm also glad that he treats the castlevania games with such a respect, and i do think it's time that someone ReMixed Riddle from CV3 or Don't Wait Until Night and Cross Your Heart from HC, but that's just hoping. Rock on.

on 2005-10-12 01:19:13
this is truly the best castlevania remix i've ever heard. i love the guitars, the drums, it all sounds so cool! Rock On!

I could not agree more the guitars remind me of metallica's and justice for all album, gerat remix keep up the good work and keep on rocken!

Link WOLF :D

on 2005-03-03 18:08:06

this is truly the best castlevania remix i've ever heard. i love the guitars, the drums, it all sounds so cool! Rock On!

on 2005-03-03 05:42:14

From about 2:17 is where this baby really gets an even darker tone to it, that also sounds vaguely cinematic. Y'know, it sounds like the leadup to something big. And it does leadup to something big. goat knows his shit. And I just wish he'd do more Castlevania stuff, because the soul of the original music seems to suit his style.

on 2004-12-11 08:24:50

Well... As we all know (or at least the lucky few to have seen the review board for "stained glass filth") Goat's the guy who showed me castlevania music kicks. In any case, this is no exception. Great rendition of "Wicked Child", though I think the screechy sound effects around 2:00 could have been done without. I mean, never before has a SOUND made me feel sick. No offense to Goat, of course. Also, a little more distortion on the less-distorted areas would be in order, but all in all... It's a damn good mix.

on 2004-06-27 15:38:10

What can I say? goat, I love you. This is, in my opinion, your best remix. The part beginning from 1:59 and continuing to 2:20 is my favourite with its cool computer sounds and somewhat evil beat.

on 2004-06-20 16:13:23

The meaner and louder it gets, the more i love this song.

on 2004-05-24 13:16:50

Not exactly the type of stuff that I listen to or like all that much, but I can listen to and appreciate pretty much any good piece of music (unless it's country, bleh..) which this is. Good stuff.

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Primary Game:
Castlevania (Konami , 1986, NES)
Music by Kinuyo Yamashita,Satoe Terashima
"Wicked Child (Outdoors BGM)"

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