ReMix:Ice Climber "Snow Cone Heaven" 3:46

By Mazedude

Arranging the music of 2 songs...

"BGM", "Bonus Stage"

Primary Game: Ice Climber (Nintendo , 1985, NES), music by Akito Nakatsuka

Posted 2004-05-23, evaluated by djpretzel

Hello and welcome to OverClocked ReMix's new design! To celebrate the occassion, you'll be seeing quite a few ReMixes in the next few hours, from some familiar faces. I'll save my explanation of the redesign, comments on the process, etc. for the last mix posted, so let's get right into the description; this is some true Honky-Tonk goodness from Mazedude, from the previously un-ReMixed classic Ice Climber, and in addition to representing a new genre for OCR, it's quite happenin' - reminds me a bit of the track Bill Murray's playing at the end of Groundhog Day; has that same sort of moving bassline, pomp, and rapid-fire two-fisted piano goodness. Goodness, gracious, great balls of... ice. In classic Mazedude style, this one takes a lot of unsuspected turns and changes things up quite a bit. Things fade in with an upright bass on a walking line, with vibes quickly coming and jamming on top. Things go piano after that, and there's brass hits and some boppin' percussion that drive everything forward. This again isn't an easy genre to pull off synthetically; though it goes by very quickly, Honky-Tonk still relies on the natural variations in real instruments to achieve a certain sound, and while MD's samples are decent, it's his arranging that makes things work. There's a break, pickup into an entirely different section with an accelerando, and much more fun ahead. Not mellow - you definitely HAVE to be in the mood to listen to upbeat, swingin' music on this one, or it might be a little irritating. But if you ARE, then I think you'll appreciate the thorough and impressive tonk this honky's made out of the source material, which is only 18 seconds long. More good stuff and more importantly very fresh style from Mr. MD.



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on 2015-12-05 17:18:44

Ha, this is cool! It's like boogie woogie/rock'n roll mixed with electronic music.

The piano sequencing is maybe a bit unrealistic, but the writing is great. It sounds so simple, but when you listen closely, you can here that there is actually some creative and detailed writing going on.

Fun ReMix with a lot of charm.

on 2015-12-04 01:18:45

Man, Mazedude never stops surprising! I expected to hear anything but such sick jazz mix. The piano vibraphone just shine in this mix, they're extremely awesome. And the rest of instrumentation create a very nice backing. So it turns out this mix is a standout piece of music. But did you really expected anything else from Chris?

on 2011-11-05 23:35:31

Wow, this is one sexy remix. Amazing piano work, I loved everything about it.:nicework:

on 2009-12-19 20:00:57

This is so completely different from everything I've heard from Mazedude, I wouldn't have guessed it was his music in a million years!

I dunno what's supposedly wrong with the source tune, I never had any problems with it and I actually enjoyed the Smash Bros. rendition of the tune immensely. However, this is on a whole another level. The complexity of the piano as well as all the other extra instruments involved really create something that blows your hair back as you listen to it.

Definitely not what I expected from Mazedude but it's a perfect fit for the Ice Climber music!

on 2009-12-13 05:57:10

Hahaha, awesome. :grin:

This mix is so upbeat and fun, it's impossible for me to not crack a smile and do the djp. I could go on and say that the some of the samples are a little rough, but they're so well put together, that I can't complain at all.

Get it, and you won't regret it at all.

on 2008-12-15 22:07:39

Awesome mix. I love that boogie-woogie piano in the background, very nice. This is just a plain and simple fun mix.

Very cool and an absolute must download.

on 2007-12-12 11:54:34

I have to admit when I saw the game was Ice Climber, I was expecting this to kindof suck. Mazedude's name added to it gave me some confidence that it'd be a creative version of a bad song, but actually hearing it, I am super impressed and charmed by it. Shame on me for my game-bias. ;_;

I completely disagree with the guy who called this one dulled down (and would even go so far as to call him a n00b), as this one is not only full of interesting flourishes and solos, breakdowns and additional sections, that if this is "Mazedude on autopilot", the rest of us should just give up on music forever.

Some of the samples could be better, but they are all used very well, and tastefully, as well as to their strengths. I wish the marimba solo didn't sound as mechanical as it did, but minor issues in an otherwise stellar mix.

Super recommended; don't be like me and dismiss it just because it's Ice Climber.

on 2005-11-04 07:00:20

This remix was so freaking AWESOME! It´s clearly funny, got alot of speed, and the spirit of the more older but not useless musicstyles. To not make a fool of myself, I will not try to guess from with age, but as I said: this mix is awesome, a definite proof why Mazedude is an excellent remixer. The marimba handled the melody with ease, the dark piano gave it some style to it, accompanied with an extra band with trumpets and other stuff making this an remix that is worth your attention and downloading abilities.

I haven´t myself played the game as much, but this sure convinces me.


on 2005-01-12 14:11:31

Wow! Old rock melody! I liked.:) But this music is very old. That depressive thing... I heard this music millions of times. ARRIVES!!! :x

on 2004-06-23 09:25:34

Whoa, not enough replies for how awesome this song is. Mazedude, you rock. This mix is right up there with the Plok Title Jam. If in the mood (and I usually am) I'll put the song on loop and start tapping away. Someone earlier said something about the samples, but I'd say they fit perfectly. Love everything about this mix. :)

RimFrost the Tourianist
on 2004-06-15 22:02:23

Lovely lovely and lovely again ! It makes me wanna pick up the game and collect all the veggies again before jumping on the condor's claws mmmm.

80's nostalgia.

Elex Synn
on 2004-05-27 05:39:08

La-la-la da-da-da la-la-la da-da-da

Makes me wanna go to a sock hop. ^_^

Granted that was more my grandma generation. :)

on 2004-05-24 21:50:59

Kinda got that "Walking down the street" feel.

ella guro
on 2004-05-24 16:26:49

I was a little dissapointed by this - not really for any reasons arrangementwise or really anything technical. Mazedude has essentially perfected his sound and does it very well. I was mainly dissapointed that most of Mazedude's other mixes that feature pretty complex soundscapes, and in comparison, this seems dulled down. It's not a bad mix by any means - it's a fun mix, like a lot of the stuff Mazedude does, and it's pulled off pretty well. I just feel like he went on autopilot on here instead of putting his usual attention to detail into this.

In the end, it still results in a pretty enjoyable piece of music - but it's not nearly as fulfilling as even some of his earlier "fun" mixes.

The Instrument of GAWD
on 2004-05-24 02:04:54

Lovely. I'm digging this tune. Sorta reminds me of BGM for a bar (MJQ, I think it was) in Shenmue. Also, it might be my imagination but there's a Saxophone part in there that sounds like it's saying "baby got back". Like I said, I dig it.

Sources Arranged (2 Songs)

Primary Game:
Ice Climber (Nintendo , 1985, NES)
Music by Akito Nakatsuka
"Bonus Stage"

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