ReMix:Sonic the Hedgehog 3 "The Outer Space Machine" 3:46

By Rellik

Posted 2004-06-13, evaluated by the judges panel

Newcomer Rellik starts this ReMix out with some badass filtering effects so right away you know he means business. Kinda like striking that initial martial arts pose with the crazed look in your eyes and what not before doing the whole Karate Kid routine. Things are pretty frenetic up until about 1'26" where the chaos cuts out and there's a cool, stripped-down solo synth on melody and a simpler beat with very spacy, distant pads. There's a particular sound effect in the previous, more frantic section that's a little grating, so this break into more open space is all the cooler - sort of like emerging from a storm to a clear horizon. From there on out Rellik fills out the piece with a good deal of tradeoffs and builds, with acid 303, filtered synth patterns, and basically all the staple foods of a solid techno track, but mixed up and sauteed to a fine sizzle by the chef. Mr. Ansari writes:

"Very interesting mix. I didn't like that arpeggiator at the opening, but it disappeared soon enough. Lots of nice percussion stuff going on, and yeah, it's very off-the-wall. Some of the processing stuff reminds be of SirNuts' stuff, in a good way. Nice sounds, interesting arrangement."

There ya have it - this is something that transitions enough to not be what I'd call ideal surfing or driving music, but instead is just fun to listen to and focus on, for the processing, the turns, and a unique take on the source material. Good stuff.



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on 2015-01-18 07:34:29

Quite interesting take on the original. The glitchy "Come on" section and these tasty synths, which sound like mangled vocoder thing are my favorite details about this mix. The beat could have been more punchy, though. But all in all, this is a very good job!

on 2010-05-28 11:44:35

I like this one. Lots of energy!

on 2010-03-29 17:28:14

Some production choices I don't completely agree with, but the synths are very cool, and the percussion and arrangement ideas are both interesting and well done. This is a mix that really pays close attention to the details, and ends up a lot stronger because of it.

The "come on" section was pretty cool, and there was a lot of great variation in each of the parts.

Consider me a fan, this is a really fun track. :-)

on 2009-12-15 01:21:15

Nice start here with the filtered synths... that's the stronger part. The beat started out good as well. It felt like it was building the action with the synths, but when it hit :35 the energy level didn't reach where it needed to and it fell a bit flat. Some of the breakdown decisions are a bit weird, like cutting out the beat and energy at :50, 1:01, 1:25 right as it's starting to get started. I felt like I wanted things to really break loose full force for at least a little while, but everytime it got close, things would drop out again.

Anyway, enough griping, there's a lot of attention paid to synth modulation and filtering here, which is refreshing. Some good ideas throughout as well, which I think are just hampered with some of the arrangement direction decisions.

on 2009-12-02 00:24:19

I love all the super-meticulous automation going on in this mix. Not a huge fan of the woo-hops at 1:08, but otherwise this mix delivers. Unique synth design (as with all of Rellik's tracks), a driving arrangment and great attention to detail brings this mix to life. Not my personal favorite of Rellik's tracks, but certainly a winner nonetheless :nicework:

on 2008-12-02 20:32:33

Way back in the day, Rellik and I were buds. He'd always send me WIPs and whatnot (I was a huge fan from his entries in old remixing competitions), and I personally congratulated him on this, his first posted OC Remix. To me, this mix represents Adam's dedication to remixing and will to succeed. I probably heard 10 versions of this song, and all he kept saying to me was "You sure those 'Come on!'s aren't too cheesy?" He was very open to suggestions, and as y'all can see, it turned out quite well. ;) While he's been more focused on original work the past few years, my ears still perk up when I hear this and his Earthbound remix.

The grittiness of the high sounds combined with the energy of the melodies seal the deal on this one. It gives you a spacey feel, almost like you're blasting off on an adventure.

Props, man.

on 2005-07-19 00:16:26

I'm writing this one as i listen. It's got a great beginning, and the techno noises are awesome. This really converts the song into that genre well, although I'm not a big fan of repeated phrases that match the key of the song....especially "C'mon!". Great around 2:30, and I love the that techno noise, whatever you'd call it. It's starting to get repetitive so I'm just gonna stop writing :)

Black Behren
on 2005-07-16 00:47:49

I think that I have listened to it at least 50 times since I discovered it.(earlier today) I haven't listened to many mixes but so far this is my favorite. My favorite part is the "Come on"s. It makes me want to animate a fight too. One against that Doomsday Zone robot. I wish I had the equipment to do so.

on 2005-04-14 04:29:50

Very nice mix, I'd love to hear some more like this one.

on 2005-04-13 22:04:10

I enjoyed this mix from Relik. Although there's not a heap of stuff going on, some of the sample manipulation and synth tweaking is quite clever. Good take on the original.


on 2005-04-13 00:43:27

no matter if any person reviewed it good or bad, this remix is a sure download. GET IT NOW, all of Rellik's are great. Two thumbs up.

on 2005-03-30 17:16:14

I consider myself quite an expert on Genesis music and music itself. When I see good application of both I am always impressed. Rellik's 'The Outer Space Machine' was a treat to listen to. As far as remixes go this is a prime example. It is not simply a change of instrumentation but an actual reworking of the same music. The synthesizer and effects work show that Rellik has a good understanding of his tools and has a creative mind. I thouroughly enjoyed this remix.

***** (5/5)

Corporal Eschebone
on 2004-12-25 12:07:06

Grah, this is too catchy. I can't stop listening to it. I absolutely love the style that this is done in. Sounds very robotic, and the detail put into the beats [only small fractions of a second] provides unique acoustics. Weird, but good.

on 2004-10-04 08:05:31

This is a fantastic remix. Just something about it gets me up and dancing. The beat is good, the pacing and excellent, and it's a pleasure to listen to. I admit I didn't expect the 'Come on!' the first time I listened to it, but it's the good type of surprise. The theme has me imagining some very kickass scenes of Sonic in action.

Hey, would it be alright if I made an animation for this theme sometime in the near future? It's inspired me to make a sort of Sonic vs. Mecha Sonic action sequence, and I have quite a few scenes already in my head...

Twisted Nerve
on 2004-09-28 22:54:51

the source material is doomsday zone from Sonic 3, you can find the original in 's game music archive

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Primary Game:
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Sega , 1994, GEN)
Music by Bobby Brooks,Brad Buxer,C. Cirocco Jones,Darryl Ross,Doug Grigsby III,Geoff Grace,Jun Senoue,Michael Jackson,Tatsuyuki Maeda,Tomonori Sawada
"Final Boss"

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