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Epic and deliberate would be the adjectives for this sweeping Morrowind ReMix from Freemind, which has some great ethnic wind instrument action going on in the form of bagpipes and shakuhachi (you know, for all the Irish-Japanese listeners out there...) and a full, rich sound. As he's collaborated with Freemind more than once and had good stuffs to say, I'll hand it over to GrayLightning:

"Wonderful. I love the instrumentation. Arrangement is at times conservative, but there are sprinkles of new material here and there to make it passable. Also the ending is the most arranged section. I love the shaku phrases and the uillean pipes/bagpipes. Good work. If I may make a personal note, it looks like Freemind will finally get his first mix on OC on his own and not as a collab with me. This will be a good thing as I think Freemind is one of the more underated mixers, hopefully he will get the spotlight to himself alone this time."

There ya go. It's certainly interesting and uncommon to see a ReMixer debut as a collaboration-only artist and then after a while release a piece solo, but it happens, and when the collaborations and solo pieces are as good as they've been in his case, that's a positive development. I have to agree with Malcos, who was the only judge that cited the drums as being a little problematic - not bad, but simply not as full and rich and deep as the rest of the instrumentation. With this exception, not only is the arrangement sound and enjoyable, but the production is pretty tight, too. Good stuff from Freemind, who more than proves he can fly solo and still produce an admirable and solid track.



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on 2011-07-29 02:31:58

So, even though I haven't listened to this mix in possibly 4-5 years, I'd still say it is my most listened to mix. I remember just looping this for hours and hours, doing various school assignments and editing projects. It's got that unobtrusive, building progression that is perfect for sustained listens.

Listening to it now, I hear a lot of small issues I couldn't hear back then. The brass sample at the beginning jars my memory quite a bit. It also veers quite close to Titanic-association with the fusion of the drum sample and pop sensibility with traditional Irish instruments.

Nevertheless, listening to it now, it's pretty clear why this has always been a firm favourite for me. I loved the source tune, and this accentuates it in every way I'd want. Most samples still sound incredible; the pipes are a great addition. I really love layered, delicately arranged pieces like this... and I'm sure I'll be playing this a lot more from now on.

on 2009-01-08 11:33:18

Nice sounding mix here, the whistle and pipes are great, and the piano and chimes give a nice texture to the string beds. The brass was a little weaker than the rest, which made it sound out of place, but it wasn't too jarring. It played a smaller role in the track anyways, so no worries.

Enjoyable and relaxing, nice work.

on 2007-10-01 15:56:09

Great! Really great. A lot of different sounds which gives it a fullness that is terrific. No really. I imagine myself standing on one of the mountains in Cyrodiil ( I know. it's a morrowind remix.), looking over the land as this greatness reaches me. About 1:00 minuts in the track you make a good break, where you get some drums on, and then slowly build it up again. About 1:51 minuts in the track you variate it a little by doing the guitar, which again, gives it some more volume.


on 2005-08-26 21:31:07

This song was ensnaring as well as electrifying. It even inspired me to compose a Morrowind remix on the piano- which I plan to record and hopefully I can put it on here somewhere (if I'm wrong, call me stupid.) Thanks for posting this amazing song.

sadpickle the exalted
on 2004-10-14 02:37:42
Just a quick note here:


(Although they originated in Peru)

There ARE Irish pipes.

I'm not sure what the bumping rule is in this forum, but... I really love this piece, expecially the instrumentation, which is dead-on. The drums give it a lot of energy the pieces from Morrowind generally lack (no offense to Soule intended).

on 2004-07-27 10:48:48

Just a quick note here:


(Although they originated in Peru)

on 2004-07-13 05:18:24

My soul is now content knowing that someone has made a remix using Uillean pipes. I'm highly impressed with this piece and I would suggest making MANY MANY MORE LIKE IT! Anyway, I appreciated that, aside from using the pipes, you used them extremely well. You evoked much of what the instrument has to offer. Please, by all means continue to incorporate them and explore some of the other aspects it has. Keep in mind that while it's timbre is better suited for long sustained tones than the Scottish bagpipes, it still has the capacity for complex and intricate runs and reels.

Well, now that I've pumped that up (no pun intended), I just want to reiterate how much I liked the piece. Great work.

{edit} - I suppose there's no need, but I just wanted to meantion that the Uillean pipes are my favorite instrument...

on 2004-07-09 12:30:49

It was a pretty awesome Mix. Not a whole lot of variety, but it's hard to do that when the song it's based on is pretty mellow to start with. Overall, pretty solid. Now we need a totally original Morrowind mix!

on 2004-07-05 09:03:22

this mix really has a great epic feel to it, the tune is wonderfully smooth, and as garde said the instruments just melt into place. The chords in the background are beautiful, and the main theme that is played by whatever it is...well, it really rules man! This may sound weird (well I know there are a lot of weird things on this site anyway), but it's the kind of thing that makes me want to, like warp myself right into the world of Morrowind when I hear it. It's that ambient. This is one hell of a piece, that's what I meant to say ^^

on 2004-07-04 19:22:13

Freemind, I'm glad that I came back to OCR to check out what was going on. The first thing I saw was a Morrowind song in the reviews section, and I thought to myself "Morrowind is an awesome game, I have to take a listen to this!" Then I discovered that it was a remix that you made, and I was even more eager to take a listen to this, since I'm a big fan of your style.

I think this remix shows a lot of growth as a musician for you. There are certain elements in this song that I don't recall in your Halo mix, Reflections of Ireland (before you and Gray collaborated on it). Your instrument changes are incredibly smooth, and your instrumentation itself is interesting, but it works very well. The synthy stuff near the end sort of threw me off at first, but as soon as it threw me off, it pulled me right back into the song. The distorted synth you use feels so right in this instance, it draws a lot of emotion into the piece, and it works with that flute (I think it's a flute).

Again, your instrument transitions are incredible. You make the transitions feel natural, in fact I didn't really notice that the instruments were changing on my first listen until the synth section. Talking about instruments, your brass, piano, that atmosphere/sparkle thing (accompanying the piano in the middle section), the bagpipes (I think), the bells, and that synth are all incredible. The feel you give this song is really powerful to me.

Congratulations on your first solo remix making it onto OCR! I'm really impressed by this, and although your Reflections of Ireland captivated me (I've been listening to it since you put a WIP up on OCR many months ago, before Gray started collaborating with you on it), I think I've found a new favorite mix from you :D. Wow... This song just gave me chills down my back 3 times in a row...

Keep up the excellent work Freemind, I'll be sure to bug Gray about letting me know when you put up OC ReMixes and WIPs more often ;). Can't wait to hear what you come out with next! :D

Dang it... Now I'm torn between wanting to play Morrowind (I've taken a two day break) or listening to this song (which makes me really want to play Morrowind again!). I think I'll just turn the music off on Morrowind and listen to this incredible piece :D. Well, I guess I'm off to be Daerius the assassin-thief, and the Neravarine!

Once again, thank you for sharing this song with all of us Freemind, be sure to PM me if you start any new WIPs or something, I'd love to take a listen to anything you come out with!

on 2004-07-04 14:53:04

It was a very kewl mix!

I love how everything flows very smoothly in it!!

on 2004-07-04 14:47:28

Love this mix...loved the game so why shouldn't I? The guitar is great and the piano is just beautiful. I do admit though I didn't like the bagpipes or whatever those were...nice work though!

on 2004-07-02 19:22:10

Thanx a lot of guys for your reviews...

I am very happy to see especially the remix of Morrowind at OC, because I had worked a lot on this theme..and I realy enjoyed..

To be honest ( all the judjes told it, and I agree with them ), I didn't do anything special..I have heard the original theme from midi, and I just followed the main melody!!It is epic by itself..The only thing that I have changed, was the tempo..the original theme is at 3/4, and I have changed to 4/4 to add the irish mood...

Also I agree that tha drums are weak , especially when the toms come..I will try to use Groove Agent VST to see the result..If it is better than this one, I will suggest to "replace" the remix...

Ah..2 weeks after I finished the remix, i had played the original game..I didn't like so much the game, but when I heard the music, I said "Oh shit..this is the same with the remix.. :roll: "..

Samurai Jin
on 2004-07-02 18:39:07

Head of House, Master of Fighters Guild, Brother to Imperial Cult, Knight of the Garland, and werewolf on fullmoons Hlaalu Lvl 45 Nord, I give this hands down great review solid, drums were weak though, more like in Skies of Arcadia Hoteka Stomp where the drums just tend to Sing throughout the song, good stuff though congrats on going Solo... breaking out of the boyband!

on 2004-07-02 16:48:34

An excellent mix of an already excellent piece of music. I actually bought this game just from hearing the original version of this song coming from an in-store X-Box display. Freemind adds a greater sense of personality that is missing from the original, while still maintaining its epic scale.

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