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OCR01207 - *YES* Morrowind 'The Final Stage'


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have made a classical remix on Morrowind theme.I am not sure which theme is, but I think that is the main screen theme.

I have used a couple of real instruments as guitar ( electric ) and bass, and I hope the quality of the orchestra instruments to be above the average.

I have made a small adjustment to the original.The tempo signature was originally 3/4, but I wanted to make a more epic theme, so I turned to 4/4.That means that in some parts, the melody is little diffrent...

I hope the tags to be right, and the bands411 server to works right..

And sorry for my bad english..the link is





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I've never heard the original tune, so I can't comment on those terms.

I thought the mix sounded good until the drums came in - they sounded a bit weak compared to the rest of the instruments. There doesn't seem to be much melodic variation - this could be the theme just being played again.

I'll come back to this one later.

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It was risky mixing this as everyone who mixes morrowind, decides to do this one. I think Freemind did well in adding his own spin to it and making it sound different from the other mixes.

Wonderful. I love the instrumentation. Arrangement is at times conservative, but there are sprinkles of new material here and there to make it passable. Also the ending is the most arranged section. I love the shaku phrases and the uillean pipes/bagpipes. Good work.

If I may make a personal note, it looks like Freemind will finally get his first mix on OC on his own and not as a collab with me. This will be a good thing as I think Freemind is one of the more underated mixers, hopefully he will get the spotlight to himself alone this time.

Much better than freemind's mixes in the past and certainly deserving of a YES.

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