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Mr. Burnett, aka he of no wings, had a little preamble to this Zelda collaboration with Destiny that I think is worth sharing:

"This is a collaborative effort between myself (The Wingless) and Destiny. Destiny wrote and performed her own vocal arrangement, and I wrote everything else. Somebody once asked on the forums what made a good remixer. I think I spouted off about the virtues of being evolutionary with the material. The best aspect of what we do is the fact that we can take something so rudamentary (what I call the bleeps and its companion, the bloops) and transform it, evolve it into something truly transportative. At the very least, this is the trait I find most endearing. I'd like to think this particular piece is best show and tell I have to illustrate that point. Many, many, many thanks to Destiny for her generous and rather spontaneous help. She added worlds to this piece, making it one of my favorites."

Though it might not be my favorite Wingless piece (I'd have to do Pepsi/Coke taste-tests on each to really figure that out, and even then I might be indecisive), neverthless I can see why he considers it perhaps most indicative of that quality of ReMixes that takes a bare-bones, strong-but-simple original melody and, while remaining true to the spirit and not venturing outside the realm of identification, really PLAYS with the guts of the melody and progression. Introing with delicate piano and solo strings, harps gliss into the introduction of rising arpeggios and Destiny's vocal, along with the main melody's first appearance as a clarinet solo. At the first minute there's another glissando into the rest of the melodic phrase that's similarly extended and mutated into a more deliberate, challenging progression. There's definitely some license being taken in the wide, wonderful worlds of key and chord, and this is the crux of the mix's appeal and will largely dictate whether you dig it or not. The uber-popularity of the original theme has drawn out many talented mixers' own, unique, often VERY revised arrangements, and John and Destiny have certainly done a good job of not retreading explored territory. At 4'04 the relatively simple violin part that comes in does stand out as being a little beneath the par set by piano and vocals, and the end of the third and most of the fourth minute have times when they seem like they're stretching a bit to keep the flow alive; I might have broken things down like the ending does (successfully) a little earlier on as well, for an instrumental solo sans some of the accoutrements. My other gripe is that harp glissandos are a little overused as a transition device. But I love some of the liberties taken with the melody, and how it's served as a point of divergence and is surrounded by new intonations that change its context and really broaden the scope. This is some serious extrapolation and chordwork - at times things get nested enough that I have a hard time discerning the base, especially with the flute trills later on, but the overall result is something of a singular quality that is challenging and elaborate. A very involved, meditative arrangement from The Wingless and Destiny, with a new spin on Kondo's work.



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Nintendo Rocker
on 2010-06-12 15:59:04

I listen to many OCRemixes of varying styles; I look at each with an open mind. I particularly favor the heavy rock ones and the symphonic ones from various Nintendo games like Donkey Kong and Zelda. I felt the need to say that this piece of orchestral mastery is but one of the very best I have ever heard. The orchestration is wonderful, and the variations are among the most creative adaptations of the famed Zelda theme. I can only hope that one day I will be able to create something this beautiful.

on 2010-05-03 13:22:49

Really interesting take on the source. Nice sample use and a lot of introspective passages make this a superb background track. Vocals are great without being the forefront, and the piano arpeggios do a good job of taking the forefront.

on 2009-01-12 08:30:07

I really admire how this mix is balanced on a borderline without making it sound strenuous or any effort at all. A borderline between joyous and melencholy. A borderline between loyal and liberal with the source material. It seems to get the best of both worlds somehow, and never leaves me wanting more of the opposite.

The mix would not be the same without the vocals, which seem to accompany the melody rather than string it along. I'm also a big fan of the awesome piano work that exposes some nice nuggets of melodic variation from a source which many may claim to be mined completely barren. I say there is gold in anything, so long as you are creative enough to find out how to get it. And this mix (and many others) proves that.

Great new spin on Zelda. Never be afraid of making music that makes you feel rather than feel like dancing.

on 2007-08-29 02:43:19

An absolutely gorgeous piece--very meditative. It is magical in its delicacy. The choice of instruments is very effective and the soft singing is just divine. I particularly liked the harp flourishes. This is a tender tribute to an important suite of music that contains a lot of love for the original material.

on 2006-11-10 14:57:28

I love how the lead into the ending made me think:

6:02 "here comes the picardy third..."

6:06 "okay, well, they'll definitely put it in the piano part...nice touch, leaving it out of the voice"

6:09 "here it is--this 4th will resolve down to the major third"

6:10 "no, it just went up to the minor 6th. ..So they'll put it in the final chord, a fast arpeggiation."

6:13 " wasn't there! But wow, that was a nice clean finish."

I still felt like the major third was implied, just because I've heard it so often. I think my mind tricked me into thinking it was there, the first time I heard the piece.

What I'm trying to say is that I salute you for the clean finish with no major OR minor third. It worked well for the piece.

lady zelda
on 2006-03-16 23:25:12

I've had this mix for a while and it never ceases to put me in a trance every time. It launches the imagination into a tranquil realm where everything is at peace with the chanting voices whispering around you. Now that's good stuff. I don't know what else to say.

on 2006-03-16 23:14:29

I love the "singing" (chanting? humming?). Another song that would fit perfectly in a Zelda movie.

on 2005-07-26 19:39:12

I think the song is incredibly beautiful, i'll probobly end up saving it for the work done on it alone. I'm a sucker for piano and strings :)

The only thing I don't think I that there really isn't enough Zelda theme in it. It may or may not just be me, but as lovely as the song is, it was hard to pick out the song to me, except for the few parts where the theme took center stage.

Now, again, I need to say I love the song. I guess I just prefer having a bit more of the original song intact.

on 2005-07-23 04:50:31

I shed tears when I heard this song. Not the bad kind, however. The kind that say "Good Lord, how beautiful is this!" in their reflected shimmers of light.

Words can not bring justice to the beauty of this song. While it's certainly not something you'd use for an overworld theme in any sort of fan game, it seems to bring a story into one's mind on its own. Its own legend, so to speak.

Now I'm just being sappy... but it can't be helped. This song is simply amazing.

Burger Deluxe
on 2005-06-18 18:19:28

I really, really like this one. Not every day you can find people who go away from the boom-chick uprgrade and really try to work a theme. A very beautiful atmosphere, and a lot of my favorite chord cliches that pull at my emotions a bit.

Let's see you two make some more beutiful music together

on 2005-05-24 11:49:03

this remix is awesome , I like it so much

on 2005-03-17 22:49:56

This sounds like the passing of the seasons, in a very fluid way. It's also a good companion when scrolling through this site (for me at least):

Truly an emotional piece.

on 2005-02-19 11:56:29

I didn't like this song when I first heard it. Upon taking a closer look, I've had a change of heart. It's loyal to the original theme and still is original. The vocals add a nice touch as well. 8/10

on 2005-02-17 06:16:37

this is a FANTASTIC remix, i didnt realise i had it, it was in the torrent distro, great stuff, i wonder what other little treasures i have?

on 2005-02-13 21:27:45

I can't describe just how MUCH I love this remix. The whole thing is gorgeous, but the ending very nearly leaves me breathless. Definitely one of the most beautiful--if the THE most beautiful--remix on the site. The Wingless' piano work is, as always, so full of emotion and great arrangements, and Destiny's voice is just the greatest tasting icing on an already fantastic cake. GREAT job. I wish you two would collaborate more.

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