ReMix:Gargoyle's Quest "Gargoyle on Broadway" 3:34

By Nixdorux

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Gargoyle's Quest (Capcom , 1990, GB), music by Harumi Fujita, Tamayo Kawamoto, Yoko Shimomura

Posted 2004-09-30, evaluated by the judges panel

This Gershwin-inspired orchestral ReMix from Nicolas Ferranti alias Nixdorux virtually defines the term 'pleasant surprise' - it's from a more obscure gameboy tune, it's orchestral, and it draws on outside inspiration, namely Gershwin (whose influence is also embedded, if not as overtly, in the original), for a type of orchestral arrangement that's atypical in structure. Though I usually give people the benefit of the doubt, I was even a little suspicious of this mix, until I heard the original GBS and confirmed that Nicolas had indeed arranged the piece quite a bit, lending the triumphant, fanfare-laden synthesized original not only more appropriate instrumentation, with thundering brass, tell-tale Gerhswin clarinet, strings, timpani, and assorted percussion, but infusing the structure and tempo as well with intelligent manipulations. What I love here is the planning, the effortless segues and the way the quite jumpy, energetic original is developed into a more mature piece that builds up, pares down, rocks out, and alters tempo in a very Gershwin way. There's a reason Rhapsody in Blue worked so well to an adventurous, cartoon setting in Fantasia 2000 - the style involves numerous motifs that are flamboyantly played around with in a coy but at the same time amazingly technical way. It's not an easy style to emulate - more power to Ferranti for even trying, and especially for pulling it off to this extent. While it's fun to listen to and highly interpretive, which is more important, it's nevertheless the type of mix you could play side-by-side with the original for a music theory professor and (hopefully) prove a point about the type of creativity that so many ReMixers exhibit on this site. Sample quality is excellent, although not over-the-top believable, but an arrangement of this calibre and refinement easily mitigates such concerns. An excellent, memorable, unique mix from Nixdorux. UPDATED: I originally posted this as if it were Nicolas' first submission, but his impressive Kid Icarus mix from December of last year bears that honor, and is definitely worth checking out as well.



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on 2011-12-11 14:37:18

Loved this one back when it originally came out. Not many pieces like it on OCR that have this 1920's/Gershwin style. An excellent interpretation and criminally overlooked just because of the game. Nixdorux is never one to skip. :-)

on 2008-09-16 15:11:54

Another good example of why not knowing the game shouldn't hold someone back from checking out a mix. Very nice orchestral mix with a jazzy, Gershwin feel. Not knowing the original definately didn't stop me from enjoying this.

It's obvious that Nixdorux took the time to make sure the instruments were well 'played.' Instruments don't sound totally real, but they sound convincing, which really helps make the mix. Transitions are pretty good, nothing felt overly forced.

Nice, enjoyable mix. More people should check it out.

on 2007-07-25 19:13:48

Very nice remix, I don't remember hearing this one, and i'm pleased I heard it now. Great momentum here, it skips around and changes tempos frequently, all the while staying together and flowing. The brass was the biggest offender for the fake sound, but considering the care put into the velocities, it sounds like very high calibur fake brass. The piano and strings take the forefront for a lot of the piece and rightly so, as I think they are the strength here. Nice melody and some great creativity.

Recommended. :-)

on 2004-10-04 09:10:36

I'm not at all familiar with the original... though maybe I'll go check it out after this :) This is just a great remix, in quite an original style around here. Flows very naturally between all the different sections, which is particularly impressive. A really fun mix!

(Though I can't say it's my favourite of Nixdorux's stuff.... because, like others have said, if you've never heard his Zelda mixes, you're REALLY missing out!)

K-J N.
on 2004-10-02 19:30:02

It's great to finally hear a remix from this game. Excellent work.

Does this have anything to that one game for SNES called.. oh what was it... *checks ROM* Oh, no, that was Demon's Crest, not Quest. But the title screens reminds me of each other. *checks GQ screen* Oh, it was a G'n'G game. Cool. Never mind then.

Actually it does. Demon's Crest was the third game in the series (GQ was the first). They are a spinoff, or side story, to the Makaimura (Ghost 'n Goblins) games and are called Makaimura Gaiden in japan.

on 2004-10-02 09:48:00

Does this have anything to that one game for SNES called.. oh what was it... *checks ROM* Oh, no, that was Demon's Crest, not Quest. But the title screens reminds me of each other. *checks GQ screen* Oh, it was a G'n'G game. Cool. Never mind then. *stops Chobits theme and starts this remix* *listens* *got so wrapped up, had it on loop, and listened to it twice on accidemt* Never did play this game, but listening to this remix, I can see what people are talking about when they say this game had great music. I didn't think it was too short, though.

on 2004-10-02 04:50:14

Well, I love Gershwin, and I love this underappreciated game... needless to say, I love this remix! This is one of my favorite GameBoy games of all time, and usually music is a big reason for why I love games, but I had actually forgotten how excellent the GQ soundtrack was. All the good memories of the game rushed back when I played this baby. Nixdorux does a great job of improving on the original, and adds that real human and warm Gershwin touch.

RimFrost the Tourianist
on 2004-10-01 15:16:13

Quite Zelda'ish. Should have been a bit longer ,since its wellmade as it is :o

on 2004-10-01 10:30:57

I like how at the start at 0'12' it sounds like the theme to Top Gun.

Mike Z
on 2004-09-30 14:43:55

This is the first remix I have been motivated to post a review of. It's an excellent take on the ending/credits theme from Gargoyle's Quest, a game - and a song in particular - which I had been hoping someone would remix. Easily one of my top 10 for music choice, as well as mixing skill and quality.

Anyone for doing Breager's Castle?

Mike Z

on 2004-09-30 08:38:52

Ah, yes. Never heard much about this guy, but from what I heard, he's got some very good tunes. The strings and horns are composed very very nicely.

Nixdorux has come along was as I heard his first mix was rated Average. Anyway, yeah. There's not much I can say about this. I like the oboe/clarinet that come in at around 2:05 and the instrument solos afterwards. Good stuff.

If you enjoy this, pick up his latest Super Mario World's "Ghost" VGmix. It's a mixture of styles from John Williams to Rob Dougan who composed most of the orchestral scores from the Matrix. It's a very very sinister remix.

You won't be dissappointed with his stuff.

-Double A

on 2004-09-30 07:28:56


On OCR, I usually prefer electro mix than orchestral.

But on the other hand, I am a big fan of Gershwin and John Williams, among others.

This tune is E X C E L L E N T !

Very, very nice sounds (where the damn can you find such good soundfounds or whatever it is)

and perfect orchestration, IMHO.

Waiting now for other submissions here.

on 2004-09-30 01:49:48

Yeah, I'll second that, all his Zelda orchestral work over on vgmix is of similar high quality. Keep up the good work nix!

on 2004-09-30 01:28:24

I'm glad to see that at last Nixdorux decided to show his skills to the people of Ocremix. I've been a fan of his work since I heard "Zelda is In Love" at vgmix, and believe me people, he has much more outstanding songs in his repertory, although I must say that this is his most experimental piece. As as I said before in vgmix, great work nixdorux.

People, expect much more amazing work from this guy.

on 2004-09-30 00:36:42

Wow. This is awesome. Orchestral is my second favorite style (only to jazz, which there isn't enough of here.) Very well composed. Never even heard of the game, but who cares, its awesome. Love the horn fanfare circa 2:20. Keep up the great work.

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Primary Game:
Gargoyle's Quest (Capcom , 1990, GB)
Music by Harumi Fujita,Tamayo Kawamoto,Yoko Shimomura

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