ReMix:Terranigma "Blue (Shooting Star Mix)" 4:42

By Ziwtra

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Terranigma (Enix , 1995, SNES), music by Masanori Hikichi, Miyoko Takaoka

Posted 2004-10-10, evaluated by the judges panel

This is yet another policy-setting ReMix submission; essentially, we've recently recieved this and other submissions of mixes by mixers who've covered the same piece previously and have those mixes already on the site. In some cases the submissions are "updates" that sound very similar to the existing ReMix, with a couple upgrades here and there, and in other cases they are different enough to stand on their own as separate arrangements of the same song. I like to think of OCR as a canon - a living, developing, entity, no doubt, but also something that has a history. If mixers were constantly submitting minor upgrades to existing pieces, those versions might indeed be technically superior or better-recieved, but there's an aspect of longevity and "timeliness" to saying that a given mix was submitted on X date by X ReMixer, and rewriting that (potentially) every week would lose some of the legacy. The end result is that modified, arguably improved versions of some mixes on OCR might very well end up existing elsewhere on the net, but the benefit is that the site represents a timeline of what each contributing ReMixer was doing, creatively, at a given point in time, and points us more in the direction of moving forward rather than rehashing the past. There's also the argument that review threads for replaced mixes would be outdated, and that some might prefer the original to the upgrade, as is often the case with consoles, operating systems, and Hollywood remakes. It wasn't an easy decision, there was a lot of discussion and arguments either way, but I strongly feel this is the right call.

However, when the submission in question is more than an upgrade, but an entirely new arrangement, the story's a little different. We will evaluate such mixes on their own as well as relative to their existing counterparts, to ensure both pieces can stand on their own, and decide accordingly. In the case of this Terranigma ReMix from Ziwtra, the panel determined it was both a strong enough mix on its own, and different enough from the artist's previous mix of the same song, to warrant posting. This should not be a frequent occurrence, but in this instance such criteria were met. If all of this talk of policy and evaluation sounds terribly bureacratic to you, just forget everything I said and download the mix, 'cuz it's pretty darn good. Relative to its predecessor, you've got a funkier, looser beat with a bit more syncopation going on, tighter, cleaner production all around, some enveloping ambient processing and DSP, more synth, ixnae on the alliopecae and more overt nature effects, and a longer, more groove-oriented vibe, with lovely stereo string stabs, percolating, tightly-sequenced synth arpeggios, and an ephemeral, cross-panned lead. There's a lot of layering, and a great deal of cross-play between them, which is true to the mixer's style of more elaborate combinations and juxtapositions, but the enhancement and definition of each is improved here such that you can very clearly appreciate everything going on. As Binnie puts it:

"This 'upgrade' is sonically improved and most important and key, arranged differently enough for it and the old version to stand separately on their own."

Probably a better overall mix, but definitely a different mix than his previous interpretation of the theme, Ziwtra's latest is shimmering, decidedly futuristic, and engrossing.



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on 2011-08-11 06:34:54

This is an extremely nice chill-out piece. The happy, carefree, yet slightly bittersweet mood I get from it is very enjoyable.


on 2011-01-17 22:33:56

Contemplative and very light-natured stuff from Ziwtra, and a remix of a remix at that. There's quite a lot of contradiction between some of the more chill aspects of this piece and the hip-hop-esque vibe it has going, but I'm surprised to find it works really well. The only thing I was left wanting was more of a clear hook amongst the admittedly endearing body of the mix. That melody is there in defined portions, but it does tend to rest atop the other ingredients.

If anything, this mix is just a severe dose of well-made, rich-sounding pleasantness. It's my kind of listening and save for a few personal quibbles about consistency, it was absolutely worth the re-remix.

on 2010-08-27 22:34:04

It feels almost redundant to say that this is another great intro from Ziwtra. The shuffle rhythm here is very new for Youngjin, and I'm definitely vibing it. The synthy marcato string arpeggiation was not my favorite, but I got over it! There is a lot of high end in this mix that I felt could have been toned down a little bit. This is definitely more downtempo compared to most of Ziwtra's other remixes. It's great to hear him step out of his normal composition mode and try something new. Great bass line; it's very simply, but it drives the track exceptionally well. The lead synth choices were great. The legato strings at the end were also a great touch and helped fill out the soundscape pretty well. I would have wished for an ending other than the fadeout, but I won't complain. Good stuff!

big giant circles
on 2010-03-07 14:53:22

I am highly disappointed in how few reviews this has considering the time it's been posted.


on 2008-10-02 15:43:12

Ziwtra's remixes are really something special for me, I love the super separated textures and crazy attention to detail. I also really can relate to the general upbeat moods they have.

This really focuses on the texture and mood more than the melody, and I wish it'd make more of an appearance besides the first time through, but I can dig it as something expansive. I do gotta say that the part with the melody right away is my favorite part.

Sometimes I wish Ziwtra was still mixing regularly, but I think as is, I tend to appreciate his work more. A really good mix.

on 2008-05-22 02:05:55

Can't help but be reminded of a simpler time in my days at OCR. I've been around so long that I can think of the days of mix #1251 as being that way, as I was still in my formative days as a judge.

The stereo separation seemed a bit too distinct at times, but otherwise I greatly enjoyed the piece.

I thought Young did a great job giving this a new voice compared to the original, and the overhaul he gave it sticks with me as a great example of how to really give a pre-existing work of arrangement yet another dose of new life.

on 2005-09-23 13:59:44

This remix is like a dream. Please don´t wake me up. :sleepzzz:

on 2005-06-20 17:24:07

Another Terranigma hit by Zwitra. With hip-hop beat and a sassy string-based melody, this song is hard to hate. It takes a while to get going, but this is typical of all Zwitra works. Once it does get going, however, it transforms into a very new age-ish song. A wide variety of effects make this song a definate must.

on 2005-02-17 10:01:32

very nice. i only recently started playing terranigma, hopefully illl get to hear the original before too long

stuck in a dessert
on 2005-02-10 18:16:15

i absolutely loved the evergreen theme when i first heard it on the snes. I feel that this piece really captures the heart of the original piece, cranks it up five notches, and gives youa sort of uber-groove feeling inside. this is definitely going on my mp3.

on 2004-10-18 22:51:22


Great stuff.

big giant circles
on 2004-10-14 01:01:53

does anyone know where you can find the source music to this game? I tried the link liontamer posted, but apparantly it's a corrupt file, as my MA can't read it.

on 2004-10-13 11:10:52

Instruments and synths flying everywhere.

Drums intro is pretty awesome and never fall troghout the track. That percussion stand for a nice time, and its last break is other nice surprise.

Very careful production in a trimix is something we must pay attention.

Great work. :wink:

on 2004-10-13 01:15:46

A great remix from one of my favorite remixers. This song definitely has a great vibe to it. Pleasent and dreamlike.

RimFrost the Tourianist
on 2004-10-12 21:14:23

Very pleasant and relaxing to hear when neither sleeping pills nor mr.sandman can take you out for the night . Good stuff i'd say Ziwtra :o

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Primary Game:
Terranigma (Enix , 1995, SNES)
Music by Masanori Hikichi,Miyoko Takaoka

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