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Loud and relentless DDR beats from Dain, alias Beatdrop. The ReMixer writes:

"I originally started on this back in May or thereabouts for reasons I can't even remember. I honestly have NO IDEA why I chose to remix Hysteria. I got some work done, and before I started on the vocals, I put it on the back burner for about a month. My room mate, Walker (aka MC Mouse the Mighty), happened to have written some compositions of his own, and I found out shortly after I met him that he's heavy into rap music (not the crap on MTV, the real stuff) and had written some lyrics of his own... I turned to my room mate to hook me up. Just the other day, he did. And then he formatted the lyrics from his computer by accident and had to rewrite them from memory. I went to work on the recordings, and here's the result.

Interesting combination of MCing with very aggressive techno - not for the faint of heart or pregnant women, and you wouldn't wanna operate any large machinery afterwards (where applicable), but it's certainly intense. The vocals at times sound industrial/KMFDMish, but whenever they get more syncopated, and especially at 3'10", it's all MC-style frontin', DDR-style. The robot-voice style samples add a lot, as do the breaks. My only potential beef is that the mix seems EQ'd way towards the upper-mid to highs - less of a problem when the bass is firing underneath to beef it out, but sometimes problematic when it drops out. However, there are some really great highlights that make up for it - love the chorus at 1'30", being the hook-addict that I am, and the faux fade-inversion at 2'34" and the ensuing breakdown. In general, this mix started off for me sounding like something that would be unacceptably repetitive if it stayed where it started, but went a lot of cool places and kicked a lot of posterior when all was said and done. Malcos writes:

"Yeah aggressive style is how I like it. I'm very familiar with the source tune, completely different take on it. Production is crisp, nice arrangement. Like the effects and processing used on the vocals to make them stand out more, although the first set of vocals (0.57 onwards) were a little hard to make out at first. We need more DDR stuff people! Good work Beatdrop."

MC Mouse the Mighty certainly turns in an admirable first appearance on OCR as well, and gives Dain's underlying mix additional flavor , groove, and energy. Great stuff, especially enjoyable once you get past the initial shock of the aggressive EQing and get to the chorus and more compelling innards.



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on 2010-01-28 10:31:11

A really creative take on the source, I've DDRed to this track a ton, but never would have imagined it like this. Nice production, and MC Mouse the Mighty is excellent. Great diction and flow, and the original stuff he did at the end was incredible. Interesting take on EQing the track to sound like the OST stuff, this'd sound perfect on the actual machine.

Excellent work. :-)

on 2008-10-01 15:56:22

Good lyrics, nicely performed. I'm not crazy about the production on the first verse, it's much harder to make out. I'm not sure why it changed from one verse to the next, anyways. The 'robot' voice for the few words works, however.

I agree with it being mixed too high. I'm expecting a lot more bass out of this, but perhaps I'm too used to the 'typical' setup for a rap song?

Anyways, good job by Beatdrop and MC Mouse.

on 2006-08-28 20:46:04
Ok, I'm pretty sure Hysteria is from DDR Solo and NOT DDR 4th Mix.


Yeah, I goofed on this one for some reason. Sorry 'bout that. I have no idea why I made the mistake. Simfiles probably aren't sorted properly.

No worries. We fixed it. Mouse has a co-credit now as well.

on 2005-06-23 15:13:47
Ok, I'm pretty sure Hysteria is from DDR Solo and NOT DDR 4th Mix.


Yeah, I goofed on this one for some reason. Sorry 'bout that. I have no idea why I made the mistake. Simfiles probably aren't sorted properly.

on 2005-01-17 01:01:34

just a lil' sneak peek at the simfile, the steps are practically insane. It progresses to a stream of half-beat steps into freezes into quarter combos. only for the pro's! ;)

I do plan to make easier steps to go along with this, but for the moment, when I finish the hard steps, I'll upload it.

Azure Haights
on 2005-01-16 17:23:39
Ok, I'm pretty sure Hysteria is from DDR Solo and NOT DDR 4th Mix.

Agreed. Then again, if we moved Dazed from 4th Mix to DDR Solo, 4F73R M3 could take its place. Maybe all the songs in one Bemani series should be put under the same game? Has this been discussed?

on 2005-01-16 16:37:59

Ok, I'm pretty sure Hysteria is from DDR Solo and NOT DDR 4th Mix. That being said I think that this mix is totally AWXOME with a captital X! It's way better than the remix Naoki did, Hysteria 2001. And DJ Kiyobi K., I hope the steps are better too. :wink: I love the rapping parts, and the interpritation of the melody. Great usage of filtering in some parts, makes it seem like some parts are coming out of a DDR machine with broken speakers, but with extra subwoofers added! Or maybe a low-fi AM broadcast. So yeah, it's really loud. Not "I'm-Pumping-It-At-Max-Volume" loud, more like "My-Mix-Is-Louder-Than-Yours" loud, just like how the producers in pop studios compress their mixes. Anyway, it's still the best Hysteria mix on the site! :P

on 2005-01-15 19:37:09


(check out in the coming week. If I do finish it up, it should be there!)

on 2005-01-12 07:14:53

The tempo is 121 beats per minute. Have at it :)

on 2005-01-11 21:06:22

hey Beatdrop, if you're reading this, what's the BPM? I could use it for Stepmania simfile making

on 2005-01-11 16:01:21

Good job Beatdrop, yet another awesome track created. You did one of my favorite OCR releases- House Hornet (MMX3). Yes, yes, yes.

This remix of Hysteria is a welcome thing to return to- one of my most disliked DDR tracks turned into a nicely mixed piece of audio that I would be honoured to have grace my $20 speakers and subwoofer. (They were a backup set that never got replaced by expensive ones.)

This song differed from most of your songs though in the fact that it didn't have too much bass. In fact, it had too little. It really could use a bass boost. Not that I don't have Winamp EQ set up to cover that error.

According to my "friend", I can't critique your music because I can't read music. Man, she's so arrogant and conceited. Heh. I'll leave now.

on 2005-01-04 00:53:32

hey, yeah, someone needs to make a stepfile for this!

I'm a big SM fan, so if someone does a good job on syncing, I'd love it!

I'd be so appreciative I'd even, I dunno, perform it live for your highschool...or batchelor party...

on 2005-01-03 07:58:32

I never really appreciated hysteria till i heard this :)

I like the agressive nature of it and the fact that it sounds good loud.. the louder the better imo.

on 2005-01-02 17:04:02

Awesome song!

(Stepmania anyone?)

Red Light District
on 2005-01-02 01:45:11


:D This is my running music.

Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Dance Dance Revolution Solo 2000 (Konami, 1999, ARC)
Music by Naoki Maeda

Tags (6)

Electronic, Rapping, Synth, Vocals: Male
Lyrics > Lyrics: Original
Origin > Collaboration

File Information

6,006,758 bytes


I was the teacher and I made you learn
I was the flame, and you just got burned
By me, the one and only, Chaos is here
To preach havoc and destruction and

Wastin' my foes, just like that
I see the fools, and they want to combat
So I pull out the same rhyme, don't waste time
Brushin' them off with the freshest of lines
So we could see who is the best of the best
Well I've won, and they've flunked the test
Stopping for no one just like a shogun
blade's my rhymes, whip it out then I'm done

Picture me, I'm on top of the world now
Picture me, I'm ahead of the game
Never stop, not for anyone, not now
Gonna take you out all the same

Picture me, I'm on top of the world now
Picture me, I'm ahead of my game
Can't stop, not for anyone, not now
Gonna take you out all the same

MC Mouse the Mighty:

In a second, you're gonna have to hit rewind
Lyrics flyin' with trajectory to blow your mind
Now, keep in time while I melt the line
Between perfection and these damn words of mine
When was the last time you thought someone could match this?
I detonate and sucka MCs splinter like matchsticks
Or ravers on acid, your throwbacks to past hits
Drop me on your track to get immediate classics

I swear now straight from the soul
As long as I can manage to plan on holdin' control
I promise to hold cold to any beats I'm rolled
Compressin' your old coal to synthesize new gold
[MC Mouse!] I'm six foot four and a third
I run the gamut from insane to absurd
Supplyin' superb verbs, Bangkok to the 'burbs
50% energy, 60% words.


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