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OCR01283 - Dance Dance Revolution Solo 2000 "Dazed & Destroyed"


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Ya know, I don't listen to much techno or rap, but I always figured they'd work well together. Guess I was right. Not much more to say.

A little off topic, I noticed that MC Mouse the Mighty isn't listed as a Remixer on the information page for this song. Was that accidental, or is there some obscure submission rule that I missed?

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I have come to really love Beatdrop's stuff, mainly because it's so unashemedly in your face. This and Cy-amp and Clash of the Titans I always play in my car at top volume going very fast. :) Reccomended if you like loud, agressive dance music. Now, if Dain could make good on his promise to post LYRICS that would be great...

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I think im the only person that really doesnt like beatdrop that much...other than that this is a really soild track but my biggest complaint is that the vocals that the girl would originaly is not sung by a man, which makes it werid since I love the original Hysteria, the new lyrics kick hard ass though very nicely done

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heya heya, MC Mouse here, thanks for the positive response, I just thought I'd help you out, biz, and post the lyrics:



I was the teacher and I made you learn

I was the flame, and you just got burned

By me, the one and only, Chaos is here

To preach havoc and destruction and


Wastin' my foes, just like that

I see the fools, and they want to combat

So I pull out the same rhyme, don't waste time

Brushin' them off with the freshest of lines

So we could see who is the best of the best

Well I've won, and they've flunked the test

Stopping for no one just like a shogun

blade's my rhymes, whip it out then I'm done

Picture me, I'm on top of the world now

Picture me, I'm ahead of the game

Never stop, not for anyone, not now

Gonna take you out all the same

Picture me, I'm on top of the world now

Picture me, I'm ahead of my game

Can't stop, not for anyone, not now

Gonna take you out all the same


In a second, you're gonna have to hit rewind

Lyrics flyin' with trajectory to blow your mind

Now, keep in time while I melt the line

Between perfection and these damn words of mine

When was the last time you thought someone could match this?

I detonate and sucka MCs splinter like matchsticks

Or ravers on acid, your throwbacks to past hits

Drop me on your track to get immediate classics

I swear now straight from the soul

As long as I can manage to plan on holdin' control

I promise to hold cold to any beats I'm rolled

Compressin' your old coal to synthisize new gold

[mc mouse!] I'm six foot four and a third

I run the gamut from insane to absurd

Supplyin' superb verbs, Bangkok to the 'burbs

50% energy 60% words.


be on the lookout for my first solo submission, just as soon as I can sneak something past the judges without the aid of a so-called "musician".

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MC Mouse, dang man... you can RAP. Those are some phat rhymes, ya hear? Love the intensity of your voice, the rapidness of your rhthym, that awesome tonguetwister quality that makes a rap fun... you know a good rap when it doesn't NEED a drumloop to support it, and this don't.

Beatdrop... could use a teensy bit of work. Or maybe it was just the luck of the draw which lyric set he was stuck with. It felt a little faltering, it wasn't as forceful, not as rhthmic. I also found the really hard core background noise a bit offsetting. Of course, I'm not a real fan of really hardcore stuff, so take that with a grain of salt. And to this day I've never actually heard someone perform my favorite rap: Tolkien's Troll Song... yes, I'm a geek.

At any rate, the whole of this is quite enjoyable, and I hope someone more talented than me makes a DWI stepfile for it. Would be fun to dance to. (As long as said DWI file has a standard mode setting... can't do the heavy difficulty level yet)

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Oh, right. I read it wrong. Well, I wanted them to be different, since I was rerecording them anyway, and since I discluded the heavy swing that was in the original (except during the chorus section, there is some of that swing), I decided to throw in a little KMFDM flavoring, which djp hit right on the head.

And I'll agree that it's mastered a little funky, but after I finished it and heard it in my car and finally decided that it was a little high frequency heavy, I was just too tired from working on it to even bother fixing it.

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I hate rap. I need to start off saying that to show just how much I like this song. The intro (the first 9 seconds) struck me first off, and that's one of the best intros to any song I've ever heard. It's really cool. I usually hate rap 'cause I can't tell for the life of me what the hell they're saying, but in this the lyrics are pretty clear. Also, MC Mouse's voice is pretty cool. Anyhow, great job on this song. I really enjoyed it.

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First of all, I'm gunna say again that this mix freaking rocks. And I can't wait to hear more from MCMtM. Again, usually hate rap, and don't listen to electronica, but they both work extremely well here.

And now some other comments.

Halo 2 mix with rapping? That's exactly what I was thinking through the whole game, 'cept I can't rap. :D

And Sefy, you triple posted and spammed at the same time. That's gotta be some kind of non-unmod record. Really, this whole post was just to get your comment off of the "Recent Comments" on the remix's page. That's just not cool, man.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01283 - Dance Dance Revolution Solo 2000 "Dazed & Destroyed"

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