ReMix:Doom "Purgatory" 4:04

By N-JekteD

Arranging the music of 3 songs...

"At Doom's Gate (E1M1)", "Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names) [E1M4]", "Sinister (E2M6)"

Primary Game: Doom (id Software , 1993, DOS), music by Bobby Prince

Posted 2005-08-05, evaluated by the judges panel

Newcomer Mick Gordon, alias N-JekteD, CEO/Lead Engineer at Lava Injection Studios, sends in some Doom limbo metal:

"This is a remix of a few themes from the cult classic Doom, originally scored by Bobby Prince. For this I grabbed my trusty hand-made 7-String guitar and bunch of audio production software and bashed away. Id like to describe it as Slipknot and Marilyn Manson meet...well...Bobby Prince and the two Johns. This was actually done about 18 months ago and was incredibly rushed. The only real instrument there is the guitars - there is about 8 overdubbed, the drum and synth programming was done in FLStudio 4, with a small amount done in Nuendo 2.0."

This is some heavy stuff indeed, but Mick also works in some subtleties and more elaborate passages, with an almost proggish and flashy guitar solo at 1'50" that's followed by a most definitely proggish synth solo at 2'10" that layers a little ELP over the more contemporary metal backdrop. There's also a plethora of electronic textures, including some synth bass action, and the first 50 seconds are ambient/electronic. The segue at the fifty second mark warrants mentioning - a tortured scream that introduces the balls-to-the-wall guitar with menace and applomb. There's some slick production tricks throughout that you may not have heard in a ReMix before, possibly indicative of Mick's apparent studio experience; while it's predominantly a metal track, there's enough other alchemic goings-on to turn it into a real genre chimera, and a well-blended one at that. Brandon's version of the play-by-play:

"That intro is hot stuff. It really takes you down through the depths of something that I would care not to dream about before exploding into the all out-guitar assault. The familiar Doom themes makes their presence known without being covers and a good amount of original material is incorporated to keep the sounds fresh. Rounding out the straight crunch of the rhythm guitars are some truly killer artificial harmonics wails, crazy solos, interjection of some slick synth/processing work at 1:12, 1:37, 2:20, etc. and a seriously hyperactive (in a good way) double-bass."

And John "Yes, I actually do vote on mixes" Burnett's take:

"Well, I for one was impressed with the ideas thrown around in the arrangement. Rarely do I get a piece that places alot of emphasis on the "journey" of the listener. This song is very conscious of where it's going, and where it's been, and in that regard, it's a welcome rarity to listen to."

Mick might be working on a mix from the Journeyman Project next, which would be rather nostalgic, and if this initial submission (which is quite strong, mature, and well-rounded) is any indicator, it's something to look forward to. This piece definitely has a slick, produced feel to it, but it's also got genuine ideas and arrangement going on, and wins further bonus points for an extended intro that really builds up the atmosphere before the pressure release. Doom fans rejoice, and (wink wink, nudge nudge) be on the lookout for similarly compelling coverage of the hallmark FPS in the not too distant future...



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on 2016-05-12 03:12:37

Hah, wasn't expecting to find an old remix from the guy who's actually scoring DOOM these days.

Keep on living the dream, Mick.

on 2010-03-05 23:04:33

I wouldn't say this song represents just 1 level though...I heard a mix of multiple levels in this song. I was hoping for a lvl 3 mix in there somewhere, but otherwise this was a good song.

on 2010-02-03 12:25:23

Some great guitar playing, excellent effects, good structure, and average production. Add that all together, and it's definitely worth your time. Some chugs, some shredding, and a desolate and scary atmosphere make this a very true Doom remix.

Nice work! :D

on 2009-01-10 22:49:11

I share these quite a bit with the ScoreHero/Guitar Hero community, but for whatever reason not usually this one. I think that's a bit silly. :)

Since I don't have remixing talent myself, this is the best I can do to say "thanks - this mix kicks ass."

on 2007-06-10 14:19:59

Excellent atmosphere, production, drum programming, headbanging good metal mixed with classic doom themes... but not in the boring, repetetive way that the original songs did it! I find this better than any song on the The Dark Side of Phobos project to be honest.

on 2006-11-28 13:31:23

I have been listening to this probably since I downloaded it, and have since rediscovered it after getting myself an iRiver H10 5GB.

My only qualms with this would probably have to be the length of the song(s) being ReMixed. I mean, I love the arrangement and all that good stuff; I just wish it were longer for some reason...4 minutes is awesome, and I know it's getting close to the 6MB limit....But still....I freakin' LOVE this mix either way!

N-JeKteD should make an extended version and put it somewhere....His personal page, maybe?

Whatever, this mix was goood, nay, freakin' spectacular! This is one of the few metal mixes I like, simply because it has no real lyrics...I hate most 'professional' metal outfits because of that.

Keep up the good work!


on 2006-11-27 13:39:25

In my opinion, this is the BEST remix at OC so far! (and i DO have almost all songs on my comp) Second would be djpretzel's Pachelbel's Ganon from LoZ: Ocarina of Time... Anyway, back to the review!

This is just so FREAKING awesome piece! I personally like the WHOLE song, although there is one thing that bothers me. At 0:44, when the gunfire begins, is it a paintball marker? More i listen to it, more positive i become that it is a marker :lol:

Awesome piece of music to all metal fans out there! :twisted:

Martin Penwald
on 2005-10-14 20:55:40

This is one brilliant metal ReMix. The start is just wonderful; I really like the part from 0:43 to 0:52 with the sick noises and the scream. After 2:20, when it becomes slow, I somehow remindes me of some good Hans Zimmer stuff, because it builds such a tension, which is released in the part from 3:46 on, when it gets really fast.

Wondeful ReMix, please more of that kind.

28 Percent Will Do Fine
on 2005-08-15 10:54:05


Ever thought of adding lyrics to this mix? it would've really improved it. Then again, WHY HAVE THEM? It's great enough as it is.

Great stuff N-JekteD

Nobbynob Littlun
on 2005-08-11 06:51:06

*steeples fingers* Eempressive.

I really, really like the way this one starts out. I can't say anything about the rest except that it is well-executed. However, I would like to see an entire Doom song done in that beginning style. It makes me think of Metroid. Only eeeeeevil.

Arek the Absolute
on 2005-08-09 06:26:20
on 2005-08-09 01:11:43

It was alright.

on 2005-08-08 21:01:40

Nice remix :). I don't like Electric guitars that much but this is a good one. very "DOOMy" i wish we had a remix of E1M4 (doom 1, stage 4).

Internecivus Raptus
on 2005-08-08 18:06:07

Can anyone understand the words from 1:12 to 1:16?

I liked this, but I wished the 'At DooM's Gate' part was longer, that was my fav track...

on 2005-08-08 14:47:24

I personally do not enjoy the heavy metal genre. I've been a huge Doom fan for many years, and I absolutely cannot stand this remix. I always get excited when I see new Doom remixes, but I guess I can't be happy with all of them! Nice effort, but unfortunately not everyone can be pleased.

Sources Arranged (3 Songs)

Primary Game:
Doom (id Software , 1993, DOS)
Music by Bobby Prince
"At Doom's Gate (E1M1)"
"Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names) [E1M4]"
"Sinister (E2M6)"

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Electric Guitar,Synth
Arrangement > Medley

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