ReMix:Ecco: The Tides of Time "Fury of Medusa" 3:09

By Sadorf

Arranging the music of one song...

"Vents of Medusa"

Primary Game: Ecco: The Tides of Time (Sega , 1995, GG), music by Csaba Gigor, Gábor Foltán, László Fazekas

Posted 2005-08-16, evaluated by the judges panel

OKAY. So, believe it or not, though the weekend seemed slow in terms of mixes being posted (or lack thereof), I haven't been shirking my duties, and in fact spent six hours straight revamping our RSS feeds; feeds are now available in both 0.91 and 2.0 format, and more important, multiple feeds are available for individual ReMixers. I also added the feed link to the homepage and remixer detail pages, so if you're using Firefox (like me), the live bookmark thing should now work for you. So, don't think I wasn't busy or nuttin'. But in the end, it's all about the music, and thus we return to your normally scheduled program with some accessible and solid Ecco 2 techno from none other than Sadorf, who actually ReMixed the same exact theme for his first posted mix way back in 2003. For those who care, our policy on such submissions is that we don't entertain replacements, but if the newer version is different enough to truly stand on its own as a separate envisioning of the source material, we just treat it as a separate, new submissions. For those that don't care, forget I said that. In general, this version is actually less experimental and more straightforward trance. Larry had some reservations regarding the almost-too-straightforward structure, as simply being too simplistic, but most felt that while not innovative or amazing, Sadorf's newer Medusa gets the job done, works with the original, and is well produced as well. Jesse says:

"I acknowledge Larry's reservations; indeed this song does more or less follow an ABA structure. There certainly could be more ideas being expressed in the song. However I disagree that the song is too repetitive. It's a straightforward pop song. There are three sections, and the first is similar to the third, but i think the short length of the track allows it to get away with this simple structure without being really repetitive. "

In essence, this is an above-average, enjoyable, direct electronica adaptation of a melody that lends itself quite well to such treatment, so chances are if you like trance/dance/what have you, you'll be digging it. It really would have rocked with a cheesy La Bouche style vocal on top (I keep expecting someone to start singing 'Sweet Dreams'), as that's very much the sound Sadorf's got working, but even without it, you'll have the toes a'tappin' a'plenty. Goodstuffs.



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on 2011-12-27 11:24:16

When I heard Sadorf subbed this, I squealed like a little fangirl. Medusa Mix was always one of my favorite mixes, but this... this is wonderful. It's hard to describe everything about this track that makes me enjoy it so much. The way you can tell Sadorf got so much better since Medusa Mix yet still touched back on that style really gives this mix a class that a lot of other mixes just can't match imo. It's like a sequel; An extremely well-done sequel to an already great story.

on 2009-08-11 22:18:54

The structure of the song is very literal. It doesn't shake things up. It's pretty stationary.

...And the sound is just amazing nonetheless. I can't say I don't enjoy it because it's been one of my favorite videogame remixes for a very long time. Probably a good thing it's not extremely long, else it might border on grating, but it does what it came to do, gets it done and leaves the building. And it does it very well.

on 2008-05-30 10:40:34

Solid production and very authentic late-90's sound. The melody is perfect for the style, and there is just enough variation to keep it rockin. The panning synth really adds a lot, sometimes supporting the main melody, sometimes creating texture and counterpoint.

I didn't like the ending at all, as it is just a weak cut-out; but the mix up until the last note was awesome. Straightforward, but very solid and not at all boring.

Excellent stuff, and extremely catchy.

edit: I was planning on reviewing some other tracks but i can't stop listening to this one. :o

I love it.

on 2006-09-26 17:25:51

Awesome mix, very addictive and simple yet very engaging. Download this one for sure.

on 2006-09-17 02:35:03
Why does the writeup page say that the track length is 5:12? When I get the song I only get 3:09. Do I have a weird version somehow, or is the writeup wrong?

it is because of the variable bitrate

on 2006-09-14 11:47:02

Why does the writeup page say that the track length is 5:12? When I get the song I only get 3:09. Do I have a weird version somehow, or is the writeup wrong?

on 2005-08-29 19:51:06

This takes me back to the mid-late 90's, when eurodance and euro house ruled (who here remembers such classics as La Bouche, Haddaway, Real McCoy, Eiffel 65, and the such?) Awesome mix, very danceable!

on 2005-08-23 23:59:28

I've also been following sadorfs' work on this track since the start, and I've got to say it's awesome to hear it finished, to see that all his hard work has paid off with a great track.

Well done!

on 2005-08-18 00:01:27

We need more boom shick indeed, and sadorf has delivered. I've seen him work on this song since the first version that got posted here, and it really surprised me that he could take the same song, and re-remix it in a totally different way. This remix is catchy, fun, and sounds tight. I know how much sadorf worked on this to make it sound professional and all the work paid off at the end, Nice work.

on 2005-08-17 12:07:30

Finally.. More Uhn Tiss on OCR! We need more of this, I'm not being sarcastic. Good stuff, heard this way back. Lets see if Sadorf gives us some more insight on this track that he's remixed twice. Check him out on VGDJ episode 014 since he promised me a voice clip. RIGHT BUDDY?!

Nicole Adams
on 2005-08-17 00:58:15

What is this poo, Sadorf? You disappoint me. :whatevaa:


*lol* Just kiddin', of course! You know I love this tune. I'm glad you made the lead fuller and panned the counter melody. Nice job! :D

RimFrost the Tourianist
on 2005-08-16 23:19:45

Yeah good ,another Ecco remix ..there sure is need for some more.

This one Sadorf manages to pull off quite nicely in fact. With some of his usual techno/trance stylish beats. Although it may sound abit generic and dull on yer first listenthrough..the melody sticks after like 4-5 repeats ,it did with me. So in conclusion :

Quite repetetive but still addictive and generic for the brain. But not in a bad way . (gosh i sound like i'm trying to review an old Amiga game tune). :oops:

Give it a chance like i did 8)

on 2005-08-16 16:41:16

Very catchy and I like how simple it is. Nice work Sadorf. The Ecco series deserves more justice (along with every other sega game out there).

on 2005-08-16 12:56:52

It's pretty good! I'm not a huge fan of electronica in general, but this is nice. It makes me wanna dance (which is bad, because I'm a horrible dancer! :oops: ) it's fun and easy to get into.

on 2005-08-16 12:38:55

Nice one

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Primary Game:
Ecco: The Tides of Time (Sega , 1995, GG)
Music by Csaba Gigor,Gábor Foltán,László Fazekas
"Vents of Medusa"

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