ReMix:Mega Man 7 "Bombin' Shade of Blue" 4:01

By Trenthian

Arranging the music of 3 songs from 2 games ( view all )...

"Game Over", "Shade Man", "Shade Man Stage (Alternate)"

Primary Game: Mega Man 7 (Capcom , 1995, SNES), music by Makoto Tomozawa, Toshihiko Horiyama, Yuko Takehara

Posted 2006-01-10, evaluated by the judges panel

To be absolutely honest, I think the panel collectively dug this one a bit more than I did; while John's a great arranger and that's definitely evident here, I have a harder time getting past the drum track than any of them seemed to. It seems underpowered, dry, and at times unintentionally lofi. I appreciate that the ReMixer is trying to meld some chiptune elements, both melodic and percussive, in with an expanded soundset, I just don't think it's been done as cohesively as possible. From a production perspective, then, I've got some substantial misgivings, but I can totally see the case for the arrangement compensating. And also, to be fair, this is some of Trenthian's older work, as he notes in his submission email after explaining the GnG cameo:

"For those of you into MM7, Shademan was the level where if you held down A on the controller during the intro screen, hidden stage music would play. The music was from Ghosts and Goblins. So if you were wondering why the hell, well now you know why the hell. Also, there is the normal Shademan music all over the place in this obviously. Be gentle, this one is oldish and wears Depends."

Fair enough; it's stood the test of time decently, and elements like the runs at 0'38" help make it sound a bit more polished. For my money, I have to listen over the drums to get the most out of it. However, somehow both JigginJonT and Vigilante, pretty demanding listeners, didn't have the same critique at all, so... maybe I just have higher standards for percussion tonight? Could be. Your mileage may vary, etc. I still think this is a generally enjoyable composition, and since it's also our first mix from Mega Man 7, I think a lot of blue bomber afficionados will dig it. Whether the drums and some of the jumping around that the arrangement does will bug you or whether you'll focus more on the variety of musical ideas (and themes from all over Capcomia) will probably dictate your specific view. Good, older stuff from a mixer who's displayed consistent arrangement skills and progressed significantly with his production abilities.



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on 2013-06-28 11:08:24

One of my top five favorite Robot Masters. Always loved to play through the level with the alternate Ghosts and Goblins Graveyard theme, but the original theme is still good as well. Really glad that you ReMixed both together and managed to do some justice to the themes. Mario cameo at the end was kinda weird, but it still made me smile. For a game that didn't seem to live up to the other six before it, this Robot Master and it's theme was one of the positives, so it's cool to hear a sweet ReMix for him.

Holy Land
on 2010-11-06 12:20:58

Song is quite energic, crammed with references, sections and ideas.

Good mix.

on 2009-12-18 23:37:40

This is a really groovin' piece, and I like it a lot. A lot of what makes this interesting to listen to is how the mood and, to some extent, the texture changes from section to section, especially the Ghosts and Goblins inspired sections. Plus the intro and ending makes this piece feel like an actual run through a Mega Man level. Also is the ending a Mario allusion or am I just imagining things? :shock:

on 2009-12-07 22:34:25

Totally excellent work here, the percussion is absolutely slammin- i love that thick sizzling reverb tail on the hits. The brief megaman theme cameos were awesome, and the varied soundscape was good. a few weak samples here and there, but it was held together by both the strong arrangement and the good production.

Mario ending was cute but a little confusing.

Overall a cool synth/hybrid mix that does a lot of stuff right.

Quite recommended.

on 2009-10-29 12:58:07

Another excellent intro. I really like the transition from the chip tune sound into the orchestral stuff. Shortly after, the full extreme of the electro pop hits and it sounds great! The rhythmic synths really help drive this piece. The drums are great as the switch between break beat and a more four-on-the-floor style. I've always been a fan of great production with a cool chiptune lead in there. You pull it off really well. The marcato strings and how you use them remind me a lot of Audix's work and it sounds wonderful. The brass is hurting a bit in this track like it does in some of your past work, but again, that's a small complaint. Lots of dynamic shifts make this interesting and keeps my interest. Once again, the arrangement shines here. Love the Mario cameo in there. Terrific work!

Mike OShay
on 2008-01-23 11:41:33

This song is fantastic. It's quite possibly my favourite OC Remix. The awesomeness doesn't stop for one second.

on 2006-07-11 23:30:05

oh. well great mix. oh i didn't know that one part was also a ghost and goblins song.

on 2006-07-11 06:33:35
why is there mario at the end trenthian

why does mega man exist?

on 2006-07-10 06:33:24

why is there mario at the end trenthian

on 2006-05-25 16:49:17

thanks for the positive feedback ya'll.

really brightens the worst of days :)

on 2006-03-23 04:08:04

i love the beginning (chip music sounds real cool sometimes)

i start lovin it more when the strings came in 8D

ill give you a 20 out of a 10 :P!!!!!

love this song :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

( i suddenly started laughing at the mario tune at the end XD cool!)

on 2006-02-06 16:14:20
Drums at 0:20 are too dry with a poor snare and very high volume.

personally i prefer weaker drums for this kind of music, otherwise they drown out the melody.

the bass level in this song could stand to be stronger, but otherwise i think it's golden.

on 2006-01-26 20:49:11
Its as bad as when someone intentionally plays a really fudged up guitar and people start jumping on the person for having it out of tune.

Not really. If someone plays the guitar out of tune we can give some opinions for the person to improve it. This mix is a good example of what you're talking about.

I basically did not liked it. But I gave some justifications about why it sounds awkward for me. I'm not simply jumping on the person who made it, as you said. I'm sure you haven't noticed my comment at all.

I think most of the comments given was unnecessarily positive and not constructive enough. I hope Trenthian will receive a better feedback next time.

on 2006-01-24 12:35:53

I LOVE THIS TRACK! MUST....MAKE....MUSIC VIDEO....WITH IT. This mix just doesn't do any wrong here.

on 2006-01-23 08:25:19

Great remix! I really like the ghouls and ghost that is thrown is as well. Keep up the great work.

Sources Arranged (3 Songs, 2 Games)

Primary Game:
Mega Man 7 (Capcom , 1995, SNES)
Music by Makoto Tomozawa,Toshihiko Horiyama,Yuko Takehara
"Shade Man"
"Shade Man Stage (Alternate)"
Additional Game:
Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo , 1985, NES)
Music by Koji Kondo
"Game Over"

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