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Speaking of intense color, and in keeping with today's cinematic motif, be sure to smell... or, rather, see Ultraviolet - it sets a new benchmark for the "let's have Milla randomly attack things against multicolored backgrounds" genre, which is really starting to be taken seriously by film connoisseurs. Fortunately, sephfire and SGX put a little more thought (read: at least some) into this, their latest ReMix and our first Mario Paint coverage for several years. Quoth the mix's initiator, sephfire:

"This remix probably isn't what most people would expect to hear from source material like Mario Paint. I'm not even completely sure what musical genre this remix is, but it was darn fun to make and it gave me the opportunity to butcher classic Mario tunes. Big thanks to NNY for making the request and to SGX for offering to help take this remix to the next level. After working together with him on various projects, it's an honor to finally have an official collaboration to submit to OCR. Enjoy!"

SGX explains his role:

"Sephfire sent me his remix a while back asking for comments. I liked it a lot and thought that I could add some to it and make it sound much more powerful, so I offered to do so with his input. I mainly worked in Acid Pro 5 bouncing pieces from sephfire's Reason file into the project so I could do all kinds of odd drum chopping, reverb distortions, reverses, pads, distorted sounds and the like. I just in general made stuff sound evil. It was great fun because I had sephfire's awesome stuff to work with."

The result lives up to its moniker, as there's general sonic intensity and a variety of auditory tricks and flips performed, though the tone remains consistently kickass. Mario Paint indeed isn't the easiest material to work with, so an expansionist approach is almost necessitated. Andy comments:

"A lot of this reminds me of BT of course, particularly the stuttering. The arrangement is really good too considering the simplicity of the original. The ReMixers really took it in a whole new direction. One could argue that at times it's TOO far but there are enough cameos of the different motifs from the original that I think that argument would not work. Structurally, there's a lot of motion and the whole thing is arranged logically in terms of dynamics and 'energy'"

It's definitely on the outskirts of liberal arrangement, but there's enough Italian plumber in there to still come off legit. The chiptunish bookend intro/outro works particularly well in this instance, as it's mangled presence segues into stark marcato strings and then wildly aggressive synth textures at 0'22"; it also closes things out appropriately. This is *great* driving music, perfect for a cruise on the freeway (at completely legal speeds, of course), and the boomerang fake ending (of sorts) at 3'34" is just plain neat. MP is tricky material, but when two complimentary forces like seph and SGX join up, you know the result is at the very least going to be fun to listen to. It's very polarized towards production and away from arrangement, but that imbalance makes a bit more sense for this brand of source material. Very aggressive and enjoyable stuff - I'd have preferred their combined talents been focused on game music with a little more substance to it, to allow for increased symbiotic hooks into a richer melodic host, but as-is this is still one kickin' ride.



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Silver Knuckles
on 2019-03-06 17:27:37

This song makes me think of Mario, with a paintbrush, locked into a battle with an artistic Bowser or even Cackeletta and Fawful.

Actually, you know know, it's definitely the latter two. I want this to be a thing now.

on 2017-05-09 09:46:41

Oh yeah, this song. :-D:-D:-D This is one of the first songs I heard from this site back in the day. Kick ass.

on 2015-04-09 11:54:51

This song splashes across my mind like a neon paint spill

on 2014-09-12 13:50:10

So... Imagine that you discovered this tune without knowing anything about the origial. Whad would you think? Boss battle theme? Nah... This is tune from Mario Paint. Very impressive and badass take on a pretty goofy track.

on 2014-01-23 10:41:52

Oh man, I was not expecting anything like this from a Mario Paint ReMix. So many awesome ideas come out of the synths, especially around the first minute and the many switch-ups made this sound like serious business. Really, if there was anything that could have been close to a boss battle in which you have to use painting and Mario (like Kirby and yarn, I guess), this would fit. Surprising and full of energy, very nice, guys!

on 2013-05-20 00:03:49

I've listened to a lot of remixes on this site, and though this was one of the few I first listened to, I have to say the remix was among the best out there. Personally it is my favorite, but I haven't listened to them all... still though.

The energy.

The mix of original melody and add-in.

It's pretty badass.

on 2011-11-08 23:07:13

This is absolutely incredible. Out of this world synth work, excellent. Download this now.

on 2009-06-05 09:25:22


Well this certainly was unexpected. The shock value of this song is what I enjoy the most I think. I mean, if you listen to the source, it really is a pleasant, catchy tune that you could find that you hum all day. This...well...this isn't that, and I love it!

The beginning had me wondering, to be honest, but the transition from that to the actual mix turned out to be very appropriate.

I'm still shocked. I never would have imagined this as a song that would accept such a heavy electronic sound so bizarrely well.

on 2009-05-20 00:52:31

I've probably reviewed this before, but it's worth saying again. This remix ROCKS.

This is also a great one to start with if you're new to the site.

on 2009-05-19 06:26:56

This was the first ReMix which made me do a double-take and one of my earliest favorites. I couldn't believe what SGX and Sephire did with the source and it still blows my mind that they managed to contort it so much but keep true to the original. Excellent mix, and still one of my faves.

on 2009-01-17 19:08:51

This is the closest thing to synesthesia I've encountered here.

I just don't know if I'm supposed to be seeing sounds or hearing colors. :

Either way, this is awesome track.

I love how it jumps from Mario Paint to dark-techno-orchestral.

I heavily endorse this product and/or service.

on 2008-12-31 06:07:37


on 2008-09-24 09:58:37

fuck me ..

this is just awesome.

great work guys.

on 2008-08-27 22:14:50

Definately an awesome direction to take this song. Really intense, apt name for the mix. Definately quite enjoyable. Great job.

on 2008-05-31 12:32:39

This song is probably still in my top-5 favorite OCRemixes of all time. I can't get enough of it!

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