ReMix:EarthBound "Nirvana" 4:16

By Dhsu

Arranging the music of one song...

"The Traveller Can Hear the Song"

Primary Game: EarthBound (Nintendo , 1994, SNES), music by Hirokazu Tanaka, Hiroshi Kanazu, Keiichi Suzuki, Toshiyuki Ueno

Posted 2006-06-11, evaluated by the judges panel

Dhsu writes:

"I was actually gonna re-record this thing since I'm not entirely satisfied with my performance, but I've decided I'm too lazy for it now. So here it is, flaws and all. My motivation behind arranging "Dalaam" was to bring out the beautiful melody that was partially hidden by the harsh drones in the original track, while still retaining an Eastern feel. The result, I'm told, sounds a lot like a song from Disney's Pocahantas...I've never seen the movie though, so reports of any sort of influence are greatly exaggerated. But I suppose there are only so many things you can do with a pentatonic, so I guess it was bound (lolz) to sound like something else. This track is dedicated to Joe Cammisa, for all the time and hard work he spent organizing the Bound Together project, drama and all. Rendering and mastering generously provided by Mustin."

For the record, I think that - with the exclusion of events that happened very late in the game - Joe Cam did do a great job coordinating said project. Dhsu's mix is indeed pentatonic - for the less musically inclined, just think 'black keys on the piano' - and has a pastorale, Eastern vibe. JJT throws some props Mustin's way as well as he commends Mr. Hsu:

"the piano sample is absolutely fantastic, though apparently that's the work of Mustin. my favorite parts of the arrangement are where you leave space - where you let the various tones and colours resonate and embrace each other. there are some great moments here. the modulations at the end were tasteful, and used skillfully."

Said embracing could potentially be synonymous with what's technically referred to as 'sympathetic resonance', the physical phenomenon whereby one vibrating object, such as a string or a bell, can induce another.. or something like that, sayeth Encarta. The better piano samples/instruments out there these days are modeling the phenomenon of how sustained notes interact; not entirely sure if such tech was present here, but it sounds good nonetheless. If you know Dhsu and his work, that's not surprising. I suppose, relative to his previous oeuvre, this piece would stand out largely due to its serene, meditative pentatonic intonation. Lush and deliberate; you'll be hard-pressed to hear the 'flaws' the ReMixer alludes to, and will more likely be washed away in a see of calm, well... Nirvana.



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on 2012-11-27 23:52:44

Since I'm already listening to him for the holidays, this really reminds me of George Winston. Especially with the pauses and slight tempo / volume variations. Not very many people can do that this well. Your song has a lot of emotion and sound that would fill the room, with everyone stopping to listen.

on 2011-02-05 15:52:03

Straight forward piano solo, tastefully done for a classic game. This in my opinion is absolutely the best music that can be done. To remember that part of the game, and let the music accompany you there, it brings out the feelings you had first playing that game. True nostalgia.

on 2010-03-04 16:43:41

Anyone know if someone's transcribed this? Sheet music?

on 2010-03-04 02:02:06

I'm a huge sucker for piano pieces and Earthbound, so this remix has two things going for it! On top of that, it is wonderfully played and is both creative, and close to the source material. I'll agree with an above poster: Beautiful!

on 2009-12-27 22:34:27

Since it was both mentioned that this sounds Eastern and Disney's Pocahontas-esque, I can hear both in here, and it's like whoa....

This piece does have a transcendental feel to it, that peacefully calming mood. There's also something in this mix that just makes me smile. I guess its just a touch of nostalgia and familiarity that's been woven throughout here. All in all, I really like this mix A Lot.

on 2009-03-23 12:42:57

Exceptional playing and a great piano tone- this is really serene and nostalgic. A little questionable style choice (if it was in fact a choice) at the end of the run near the middle, but overall top notch work.

I think Nirvana is a pretty apt title.

on 2009-03-05 09:52:05

I've been very much into melancholy and/or ominous piano stuff recently, and hearing this is almost emotionally shocking. Like my heart has jumped from an ice lake into a hot spring. Not... accustomed to... uplifting piano music. So pretty... so full of hope and sunshine. *dies of aural hypothermia*

Seriously, this music could uplift the unupliftable. It's an amazing emotive piece that I can't get enough of. It's music to dream happy thoughts to. Thoughts like: Joint-handed children skipping through a town made of teacake situated within a meadow of donuts and napping puppies. Otherwise known as Nirvana.

on 2008-12-06 16:51:05

Another masterpiece from Dhsu. This piece is as relaxing and meditative as a river or the sea.

on 2008-09-11 17:25:25

Reflective is a great way to describe this piece. Loved the calm feel throughout. I heard the Pocohantus feel right away, being familiar with that soundtrack and not with EB's.

Great work as always from Dshu.

on 2008-06-10 00:39:24

This could easily be one of the most beautiful mix on this site.

You got me addicted.

on 2006-07-26 14:01:03

Thanks for the comments everyone! If you liked this, be sure to check out all the other Bound Together tracks, as every single one of them is great.

Also be on the lookout for some more possible EB coverage from me sometime next month. ;)

Felix the Cat
on 2006-07-11 13:48:04

This was very well played. I enjoy this remix because of the simple fact that it was not sloppy. Well played, well done.

on 2006-07-10 21:19:28

I dig this, I like the subtle pauses and hesitations. It does bear a resemblance to Pocahontas but not like you ripped anything off, it's a good thing. It's a great arrangement, but I'd like to see somebody do a 180 and bring out that rad percussion from the original

on 2006-06-20 19:24:15

A friend of mine sent me the link for the Bound Together project page, where I downloaded the whole thing. I think taking the time to slow this particular tune down does it a lot of good. You work extremely well with the piano. The title you chose for your arrangement fits perfectly--listening to it is certainly a few amazing minutes of nirvana.

Black Soul
on 2006-06-17 23:29:44

When I add a song to my library in Windows Media Player, I always assign to it my own "Genre" label. The best of the best, which is very few, get the label "Grand." This remix has been given that label. Amazing work.

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Primary Game:
EarthBound (Nintendo , 1994, SNES)
Music by Hirokazu Tanaka,Hiroshi Kanazu,Keiichi Suzuki,Toshiyuki Ueno
"The Traveller Can Hear the Song"

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