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Mr. Aversa is one busy guy. I like to think of myself as such; given myriad responsibilities here with OCR and something resembling a job and a life, along with other extra-curricular duties as assigned, I'd say that I'm a stingier judge of such status. Andy's just released his third original album, Antigravity, and redesigned his website over at, too. The album's of note not just because it comes from a fantastic electronica artist and OC ReMix judge, but because it features collabs with several other ReMixers, including fellow judges pixietricks and Big Giant Circles, Sir Geoffrey Taucer, and an upcoming ReMixer by the name of "Fishy". Check it out and buy a copy; proceeds go... to Andy's pocket, actually. But he's given OCR tons of great, free music, so giving back shouldn't be too unpalatable, especially considering that he pours his considerable talents into each track he makes, and had some amazing help as well. So get yourself to AA, any way you can.

Speaking of talent, tracks, free music, and help, they're all applicable here, with his latest ReMix, from Koshiro's legendary Streets of Rage 2 score. tefnek collabed and Rellik threw in some assistance too, as Andy writes:

"This is a down and dirty big beat remix of the stage 4 ("Under Logic") theme from Streets of Rage 2. It's always a blast working with tefnek who does the craziest synth, processing and automation stuff I've ever seen. Rellik contributed a bit of the beginning parts too. I was behind the organ solo. Since this was mainly done back in 2005, the sounds might be a little dated, but we all think it kicks ass anyway."

I helped with the title, which for those in the know represents some friendly DAW shenanigans, and still functions as a successful dual inversion for the oblivious amongst you. This particular song lends itself to kickass electronica renditions, as McVaffe and Mr. Yamori have proven in the past. tefnek and zircon live up to the precedent set, as to be expected, with aggressive synth textures and big block rockin' head knockin' beats. If you're a fan of the series, you might wanna check out the Streets of Rage Remake; José was playin' it all through M5 and it looked rather sweet. I could focus on a play-by-play of this mix or take you through some of its better bits, but honestly, it's in-your-face Sor2 electronica from two guys who really know what they're doing, I've said enough already, etc. Suffice it to say, it's goooood, and so is Andy's album, so check this out and then check that out, and don't come back until you have.



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on 2011-07-05 02:28:51
on 2009-12-24 22:25:01

This is definitely a crazy good mix. It's not quite so atmospheric or contextual as blast awesomeness straight at you, plain and simple. I also like that mix of piano and synth making it sort of a computer meets human feel. While I wouldn't label it a truly groundbreaking or innovative mix, it's still great and worth checking out.

on 2009-04-23 20:14:55

Wow, these guys are VOLATILE when combined.

It must have been daunting to even fathom a follow up the energy-busting 'Waste Water Wipeout', but it seems to have had no effect on quality. These big electro rock pieces have a way of turning mere listening into a sonic ride, causing you to stop whatever you are doing and just simply experience the rush. tefnek and zircon have crafted that sound, that sense of unstoppableness. Where even if you were to press pause, the music would just burst right through it and keep on its path. Awesome.

I don't really need to talk production, it's tefnek and zircon. Aint no chinks in their chains; a pointless exercise trying to find any. Only listen for some fine andrenalised electronic rocking. Well worth it.

on 2009-04-14 07:21:38

This really brings out the game and the effort is just soo good.

on 2009-04-14 04:45:39

This has a outstanding groove that just keeps getting better.

Great work!

on 2009-03-24 10:10:57

Great synth sounds here- I love a well done distorted synth that doesn't sound quite like an electric guitar, but sortof fills the same sonic areas, and this mix really delivers that.

It has the standard Zircon beat that he puts in every song of his. :

Well, there are some stutters too, which sound very cool, and there are a lot of percussive layers keeping things textured. I love that dropout and then the big ol' chord. Power up, IMO.

The only thing that I really am not feeling on this one is the (lack of an) ending. It is rocking-rocking-rocking-STOPPED.

Great collab, you guys work well together.

on 2009-01-07 12:34:49

I love listenin to this at work and gettin pumped to stock shelves. The original was great but what people tend to forget is that this is a site where you make your own interpretation of the original and not actually do what the original did so whether this caught the essence of the original doesn't matter because this is how they wanted the remix to sound and it's kickin ass. Good shit guys.

on 2008-01-05 18:19:19

that was f'ng brilliant

congrats on a masterpiece

on 2007-06-10 17:39:36

Hate to sound "me too"-ish, but this is pretty awesome. Very listenable.

Just one jibe -- the bit at 2:40-47 at the end with the synth lead, I love it! Why why why only one measure of it? An ending solo with it would have been nice, similar to the one w/ the organ.

Oh well, tight song, nonetheless.

Martin Penwald
on 2007-06-05 15:23:59

I, too, am reminded of Crystal Method at the beginning of this song.

The ass-kicking finally starts at 0:36. Good song from here on, especially when the original melody becomes more prominent. I dig the piano introduced at 1:42; gives it a nice, oldskool-ish feeling. Wonderful energy from 2:00 on; organ rocks.

However, in my opinion, this remix sounds a little should I say it..."new". As pfs said, Gecko's version captured the atmosphere and style of the original better.

Anyway, this is a nice one, though not as great as the last collab by tefnek and zircon. But that's only because I love the TMNT music more than anything else from that era.

patella femoral syndrome
on 2007-05-28 23:12:19

It's a great track, really--my favorite VG song (from my favorite VGM composer on my favorite VG on my favorite console...). There's lots of fun stuff going on at the end, but something doesn't feel right. I think a lot of the added stuff just got out of hand and buried the soul Yuzo infused the track with. The latter half of the song gets close, but it it just doesn't inspire goosebumps the way the original did.

Metaphorically, a person is a good person. Then they get cyberpunk-esque cyborgish enhancements to their body. They have flashy gears and tools on their arms as well as night vision and whatnot, but the technologically enhanced body does not make them a better person. In some cases (such as the Borg), they aren't even able to call themselves a (good) person anymore.

The original track was brilliant, especially considering Yuzo did it on the Genesis' sound card. The technical stuff here is all nice and fancy, but it drains the track of that something special that the original had. Perhaps you should ask Gecko Yamori for advice on how to get the soul back, as his is the only mix I've ever heard that was able to capture (and improve on) that non-technical dimension of the song.

and I'm not just trying to spread hate here. I luurrrvve tefnek's work and bought zircon's first two albums each within a month of their releases, but while they both excel in the mixing and technical aspects of the song, they took the feel of Sonic 2's Chemical Plant Zone and are trying to apply it to a much more dream-like grandeur that the original song has.

on 2007-05-27 20:07:07

Once again, some phat stuff from zircon. Just what I expected.

Tefnek, never heard your stuff before, but I think I'll check it out now.


on 2007-05-23 04:28:01

Whoooooa that sounded delicious!


Sole Signal
on 2007-05-15 18:29:40

Rocking track. Enjoyed it. And yes, the organ solo is great.

on 2007-05-12 02:38:19

SOme of the synths remind me of crystal method, so in other words, goddamn, this fckin rocks! Really really clean sounding. =)

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