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So, the DC Video Games Live meetup is drawing to an end... I've got BGC, q-pa, Bahamut, and The Bronx Rican Wii bowling behind me as I write this. This was the first OCR meetup to be staged local to my home in Fairfax, Virginia, with significant portions occurring in my very own humble abode. There was Guitar Hero ownage (RealFolkBlues is a beast), Third Impact mayhem, Darkesword schooled me in Rival Schools and I paid him back in SFA3, people played ultimate frisbee while Palpable and I chilled and discussed the finer points of software engineering and education, and I think everyone involved had a generally great time. If you're on Facebook, join the OC ReMix Facebook group and expect photos shortly... My sister and brother-in-law showed up for the Friday night VGL event, where Tommy called me on stage to deliver an OCR-sponsored gift for a Space Invaders contest, and in general for me this was the most personal meetup yet since DC is essentially my hometown. I signed the shirt of a very persuasive female Phoenix Wright cosplayer, met Christopher Tin, and preached the secular gospel of OC ReMix to the masses at the meet and greet following the concert. If you've no idea what I'm talking about, check out our forums or just go to for info on the actual concert; though unfortunately we can't travel with them and be at every event, I've seen the concert twice now, and it's damn well worth checking out... better the second time, even, especially thanks to some excellent bonus encore performances. Unfortunately Jill and Andy couldn't be with us due to Andy's stupid appendix and its need to be removed, which has since been taken care of (I know a guy who knows a guy), but it was still good times for all involved.

Speaking of good times, I chilled briefly with Andreas Kotsamanidis, better known (and pronounced) as Snappleman, at magfest this year - cool dude. Another contribution of his to Project Chaos, this mix follows up his previous Scrambled Eggman. The mix enters with a sampling of the actual game score, complete with those lovely, satisfying explosion effects the Genesis was so eminently capable of, but things kick into higher gear at 0'55" after synth lead, drums, and of course, patented Snappleman ass-kicking guitar technology is introduced. This actually sounds more like a Castlevania track - in a good way - when the scorching lead solo comes in at 1'35". If they ever make a Guitar Hero game filled with nothing but OC ReMixes, players will be cursing the name of Snappleman as their blistered fingers attempt to recreate his wholesome goodness. Interestingly, this mix actually features more lead synth solos than noodling of the fretted variety, illustrating that Mr. Kotsamanidis is just as skillful with axes of the keyed variety. If you haven't checked out Project Chaos yet, you of course should. '07 has been a little slow thus far in getting some (very cool) projects out the door, but keep your eyes, ears, and other orifices open for upcoming albums as well.



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on 2020-05-18 04:27:40

All these years later and this is still an absolute favourite of mine. The production, the arrangement, the excellent use of SFX at the start of the track, everything is just perfect. I love the guitar tone and the synths used throughout, after the intro the overall feel of the track isn't dissimilar to that of Dragonforce.

on 2012-05-23 15:41:33

I've been listening to Project Chaos again this last week and damn, I just love this track. Have to say, though, that I really enjoy all of Snappleman's mixes on on the album. The arrangements perfectly balance between keeping the original and embellishing to heighten the original's awesomeness. When I can one day rock as good as this, I'll die happy!

- Also, +1 to everything DusK said

on 2011-12-27 11:40:33

This mix. Oh man. This is the mix that unarguably is the most inspiring to me. This mix is the one that made me decide beyond a shadow of a doubt that I wanted to plunge head-first into VGM remixing. To this day, it remains my favorite remix.

Nice, crisp guitars, a clear, complex synth, AMAZING lead work, everything about this track is just too awesome for words.

on 2011-11-24 23:52:26
This remix rips from Electric Eye. Go and listen.

No, it doesn't. It's 'The Doomsday' (which is on Project Chaos, but not on OCR) that rips the 'Electric Eye' solo, not this remix.

on 2011-11-24 17:22:48
This remix rips from Electric Eye. Go and listen.

I will reiterate what others have already told you.

ok the part you mention 2.05 in your link correct?

Ok now go to here


Perhaps you'l realize once again that you are wrong in this aspect.

Beside this i love this remix, pretty much the entire reason i started checking out other remixes beside sonic games.

on 2011-11-24 16:42:31

This remix rips from Electric Eye. Go and listen.

on 2011-11-11 14:20:02

Methinks you're confusing this remix with SnappleMan's arrangement of Doomsday on Project Chaos, which definitely and intentionally rips the solo from Electric Eye. This remix does not, however.

on 2011-07-15 00:57:44

... as awesome as this mix is, I just can't shake the feeling that in looking for filler to make it your own, you ripped a piece from Judas Priest's

. Go to 2:06, and compare it to this song at 4:03.
on 2011-06-15 13:51:05

One of the many reasons why I love Project Chaos. Pretty cool how it starts off with the game SFX before ripping right into the heavy-guitars and drums. The soloing and the fast paced shredding brings back memories of facing this guy at the end of SK. The production and arrangement are top-notch and this ReMix has "epic" written all over it. Very tasty final boss ReMix.

Holy Land
on 2010-10-01 19:27:24

This is so ****ing badass.

Consigned to Oblivion
on 2010-08-27 21:15:04

Ah, the remix that started it all for me. A friend linked me to this track on AIM and it immediately took me back to hours spent trying to beat Robotnik at the end of Sonic and Knuckles.

Being a guitarist myself I was sucked in as soon as the guitars started. I love the arrangement as it keeps the 'Sonic vs Huge Overpowered Badguy' theme and the excellent guitar work along with the synth is right up my alley. There seems to be a lack of bass after the intro but everything else is solid and very enjoyable. I like the mix title too, nice pun!

Awesome stuff and a great intro for me to the world of vgm remixing!

on 2010-07-02 19:56:23

Project Chaos is for me one of the best albums to come from this site, and the one I can identify most with, and i'd say this track for me is my fav of the bunch.

The intro is a great idea as you can picture sonic running through the death egg zone just before the final battle commences... then the guitars hit at about double the volume and they really hit hard.

Things hit full force pretty quick and you're treated to some heavy guitar work, shredding guitar leads, and blistering synth solos that really make this one essential.

Production is about as good as it can get, and the performances are spot on, but the synth solos really take the spotlight, which are just allover the place, and excessive without becoming boring.

My only slight problem with this mix is the lead guitar work as it sounds rather emotionless when there is no shredding going on... you need more expression in your playing :P

However, this mix as I said is essential. Your OC Remix playlist simply isn't complete without it. Download it now :D

Pachi Risu
on 2009-11-14 10:45:05

Entertaining from 2:03-2:13. Good remix.

on 2009-04-27 00:54:23

I have very little to say that can actually convey the concentrate amounts of awesome that flow in the veins of this beast, so I'll simply say this:

When a mix utterly owns me on Audiosurf, I get happy. Real happy.

on 2008-12-06 19:40:17

Of all the songs from Project Chaos, this is probably my favorite! I love the intro; Original sounds are played, and then, a heavy, rockin' guitar strings in. Rock on!

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