ReMix:Mario Kart DS "Charade" 2:49

By Hale-Bopp

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Mario Kart DS (Nintendo , 2005, NDS), music by Shinobu Nagata

Posted 2007-11-29, evaluated by djpretzel

A very Happy Birthday to David Clark, alias Hale-Bopp. I find myself in the awkward position of posting his latest ReMix, which is far more of a gift to me, OverClocked ReMix, and the world entire, than vice versa. And so, on his day of birth, we find Mr. Bopp giving us all a musical gift, having nothing to reciprocate with other than our ears and our appreciation. And an innovative gift it is: Bopp has brought doo-wop to OCR, producing a creative, refreshing ReMix of Mario Kart DS (our first from the game, and only our third DS mix) that draws heavily on his vocal talents. I may in fact be the biggest fan of Summertime in existence; I listen to it often, and find that it makes particularly great tunage for top-down driving in my trusty convertible in the middle of... summer. Go figure. This mix isn't as anthematic, but what it lacks in driving rock beat it makes up for in completely unique (on OCR) doo-wop infused action. David writes:

"This is a remix of a portion of the main title theme from the game. If you're listening to the original song, then the parts that I covered come in a little bit later around the :45 mark. The rest of what you hear in my remix is original material written solely by me. This song is dedicated to everyone on my MKDS friends list who have beaten me many times over (and continue to do so) in online matches. You know who you are. This one's for you."

Lyrics are great and appropriate, as sweet guitar and repeating 50's-era piano chords support the ReMixer's vocals, which are layered expertly to create an ensemble feeling. Think "Earth Angel" from Back to the Future, only with a Mario Kart DS-inspired libretto (that still works out of context) and Mr. Clark (and clone army) helming the vocals. Drums sound a little synthetic at times, but it hardly affects the overall impact, which is original, well-executed, creative, and, well, awesome. As someone who likes to explore varying genres myself, I love that David's taken a risk and tried something new here, and I think it paid off on multiple levels. So Happy Birthday, sir, and thanks for bringing something new to the game, bringing your game to something new, bringing something to a new game, and most importantly, making some great, new music.



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on 2010-05-31 15:30:44

So I randomly stumbled upon this mix while looking for something to listen to in a panic - this was a pleasant surprise, as Hale-Bopp has a perfect voice for this style. If there's any complaint I have, it's that the song seems too short.

On the flip side, this song is nice for looping :smile:

on 2010-02-19 11:11:55

Oh Hale yeah. (Couldn't resist. :-P ) Man, I always enjoyed the genre of 50's style music, and I never would have thought of it mixed together could sound this good. The lyrics have a great Mario Kart feeling and Hale's voice is amazing. Really, I liked it. And is it just me, or does MK DS and MK for the SNES have a similar sounding title screen? I was playing MK SNES while thinking of this song and thought I heard a similar tune......oh well. Can't wait for your future ReMixes, man.

Jack Polo
on 2009-12-21 15:51:32

This is another top favourite Mix of mine, for sure. Such a laid-back and chill feeling mix; the mood is perfect. Even my parents like this one. 8)

Props to Hale-Bopp for his amazing voice, awesome arrangement, and incredible lyrics!

Also, after reading Emunator's post, I had to check out the Serious Monkey Business tracklist for myself. :-P Reeally stoked to hear some new Hale-Bopp goodness, especially because DKC2 happens to be one of my favourite games. I'm sure it won't disappoint! :-D

on 2009-12-08 18:18:22

I agree with the poster who said that this doesn't really evoke any memories of Mario Kart, but it's still a fun mix nonetheless. It's rather unassuming in its arrangement but I think the simplicity gives it a certain charm.

Lyrics are probably a high point for me... THOSE definitely feel inspired by Mario Kart :-)

Can't wait to hear your work on Serious Monkey Business, Hale - you've got an awesome voice and you always seem to use it well! :-D

on 2009-12-08 10:39:16

I love the variety of genres Hale Bopp can hit with his vocals mixes. Excellent harmonies, a great mood, and the melody of the source translates very well to vocals. I wish the guitar and piano were a little more adventurous, but for the style, they definitely fit. Still a great track, check it out!

on 2009-07-02 12:02:07

This one just blows me away...

on 2008-12-06 17:42:45

It's so cool to see some older and less-well-known genres represented here; this piece is great.

on 2007-12-19 09:19:52

...also, have you experimented with any other genres?

hmmm...punk, rock, pop, metal, orchestral, experimental, hip-hop, dance, trance, ragtime and probably some others I'm forgetting. Some experiments have been more successful than others, but I guess I'm learning as I go.

Thanks for the comments!

on 2007-12-18 17:09:16
Happy birthday, David! Great work. Like I told you before (and you've heard already), Fran Healy of Travis. You're the second coming.

I can see where you're coming from there.

As for the song, VERY different from what everyone expected to see! It's a refreshing break from techno. I have to give it 10. I can't not.

...also, have you experimented with any other genres?

Martin Penwald
on 2007-12-18 15:46:17

Totally unexpected. While the music doesn't really evoke any Mario Kart feeling, the lyrics fit PERFECTLY. I find myself singing them to myself quite frequently. Great work on that.

Furthermore, your voice is amazing. Keep up the good work, and I hope to hear many more innovative remixes from you.

on 2007-12-11 18:37:17

Very nice!

I really like it a lot!

on 2007-12-10 13:58:56
Where did you record this?

My living room. :

on 2007-12-08 18:10:48

I downloaded this straight off the site without reading any of the info (except that it was from MKDS), expecting some sort of techno remix from the game. Boy, was I surprised when I heard vocals coming out of my speakers. Great job. Where did you record this?

Sam Ascher-Weiss
on 2007-12-06 21:24:39

Awesome man! YOU RIZOCK!!!

on 2007-12-03 23:57:45

I downloaded this from the remixing forum, I believe :) It's a fantastic remix, I knew people would go crazy for it once it was posted!

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Primary Game:
Mario Kart DS (Nintendo , 2005, NDS)
Music by Shinobu Nagata

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Now I can remain calm and pass on my reluctance
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Time is but a fading memory
Unlike the luck I thought I'd need

And although wonders never cease
There is a first time for everything

This time I find
That I have been burned for the last time
This time I'll try
Not to get left behind

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