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Wow. I hate to say anything is "sick" - I think I've reached the point where I'm too old and uncool, and it might even be misconstrued as a literal assessment of health. Nevertheless, I'm making an exception: this mix is sick. Arranger Cerrax writes:

"Here is a resubmission of my track "Wander On The Offensive" It has been completely reworked with live tracks and new drums. There was a lot of work put in by Sixto as well as yodaisbetter and B33J. I consider this song to be the largest I have worked on (on and off of OCR) and I am so glad to have this many talented individuals working on this mix. I really put a lot into this arrangement, and they really made it spring to life before my very ears."

Sixto handled guitars, drum sequencing, and mixing/mastering, with yodaisbetter on viola and B33J on bass guitar. Juan writes:

"When I first heard the original remix Cerrax came up with, I already thought it was a pretty rockin' track, but I really wanted to add some live guitars. So I jumped at the chance when I saw that he was looking for someone to record them. I also decided to help with the drums since they were getting some negative feedback on the forums. Although I'm not a big fan of collaborations, I really enjoyed working on this track. Hope you guys enjoy it, too."

Not a big fan of collabs? Wonder if that's meant from a participation or listening perspective, or perhaps both; you certainly couldn't tell it just from looking, or rather, listening. yodaisbetter writes:

"When I first heard the original of this mix I was quite impressed, it took two great songs from SotC and meshed them together into a pretty solid rock song, but it lacked in a few areas. The addition of the live recordings helped this song reach it's potential, and it turned out much better than I expected."

With B33J adding:

"I had just began playing this game when the WIP by Cerrax was posted in the threads, so it immediately caught my attention. When the call went out for a bassist, I really wanted to contribute to the awesome power that Sixto had thrown together for the live edit WIP. Thanks to Cerrax and Sixto for allowing me the opportunity to contribute to such an incredible song and my first contribution to OCR."

This mix is an instant classic, so it's cool that it involved so many newcomers. The combination of solid rock, screaming guitars, viola, and a live bass all add up to a very good time, but Cerrax's arrangement is what brings these components together, and it does a great job of capitalizing on the strengths of having such an arsenal of talented musicians participating. It takes two source songs and combines them seamlessly - I honestly don't think you could tell there were multiple inputs simply from observing this output - and everything sits just right. Shariq says:

"WHOA! Viola + rock = win. I love everything about this mix. Wonderfully mixed, wonderfully performed, and the arrangement just takes two great songs and integrates them seamlessly."

This is a fantastic homage to the most excellent soundtrack from a very original game, and deserves some serious attention and repeat listening - Xmas comes early, at least for those hoping Santa will bring them kickass rock SotC ReMixes.



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on 2015-08-20 07:04:32

Oh my... So fucking sweet. Every performance is mind-blowing, so I'm simply speachless. I have never expected the combination of light violas and raw guitars to be so awesome. Download this. NOW.

on 2015-01-15 09:26:14

Still one of my top 5 favorite remixes. Dope in both concept and execution.

on 2013-10-06 11:08:57

Wow....this is utterly incredible! Violin and hard-hitting percussion along with Sixto guitar!? This is easily one of the best ReMixes I've heard in the last few months! So much justice and epicness in one ReMix, you'd be crazy not to download it!

on 2012-06-09 01:35:08

Best track on the whole site. An absolute triumph.

champ the hippie
on 2011-06-19 22:43:33

the bit from 1:05-11 sounds a bit like a good ol' abba song. "lay all your love on me." this game was extraordinarily epic, and this mix without a doubt does it justice. well done indeed

on 2011-05-31 15:21:39

As I once heard someone say about this remix, it makes you want to go out and stab giants to death! This remix is great for getting the adrenaline going, and Wanderer on the Offensive is a terrible song to go driving to... it'll turn you into some sort of speed demon! This remix kicks ass because it's metal done right!

on 2011-05-29 20:11:00

This really is great. I'm currently playing through SotC (I'm on the 10th colossus), and even though the original piece is epic, you were able to turn it into something...even greater! I especially love the viola, and man the guitar solo is rocking! Awesome work!

on 2011-03-05 18:37:08

There was a competition to come up with a music video for this song wasn't there?

I checked the thread out and couldn't find who won...

Either way it is an epic track, possibly one of the best on the site. Amazing

on 2011-02-09 01:11:12

Best remix ever.

I somehow stumbled onto the original (sans live recording) version of this remix before the newer version was posted to OCR and loved it. I've been listening to this version since it got posted but I just never got around to voicing how amazing it is until now. Not only is this my favorite remix ever, it's up among my top five favorite songs altogether, remix or otherwise.

on 2011-01-08 01:57:21

but I can so imagine climbing up some giants back stabbing it to this.

on 2010-06-13 23:47:13

Earlier tonight I thought I discovered something negative about this mix that I had never noticed before: it's repetitive. (Bear with me here!) So I came to this thread to write a post complaining about such, but I wasn't willing to do a drive-by hit piece, I wanted to break it down and do some analysis.

Here's what I found: the only reason I had thought this mix was repetitive was that I had randomly seeked (sought?) through it and got a repetition of the same source recording, and this happened a couple times. That was too hasty a judgment on my part, in fact I now think I was 100% wrong. :^) Probably it was the once-repeated viola segment that got me. That's definitely forgivable; it's balanced out by the variant viola immediately before the guitar outro shred.

I have now listened to the mix six or more times in a row without getting tired of it in the least. Sure, it's pieced together from a library of live recordings, but that's normal for an online collaboration. When listened to as intended (beginning to end), it all flows very naturally. Not only does it not feel repetitive when played normally, it also doesn't feel repetitive when played in a loop. That's amazing; few songs can do that, and I'm sorry I ever thought ill of this mix. I will definitely listen to it again sometime soon!

on 2010-05-05 11:16:08

I don't think it'd be too much of a stretch to say that this is the best rock mix on the entire site.

Great pacing, excellent performances, and the arrangement of the source is unbelievable.

Geoffrey Taucer
on 2010-03-07 16:46:05
Any chance of seeing a video?

Sadly, I didn't bring my camera; I would have if I'd known she'd be at this meet.

on 2010-03-07 14:37:33

Any chance of seeing a video?

Geoffrey Taucer
on 2010-03-07 13:59:19
Check it out:

The short version: somewhere in NC, there is a gymnast (not one of mine) who plans to use this track as her floor routine music this season.

.... And I ran into her at a meet last night. The routine was AWESOME, and the audience definitely dug the music.

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