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It's been awhile since we've seen Joshua Morse, aka jm, in these parts. He's been busy, though: he recently released Ragnarok Online: Hybridism, an arrangement album of music from the popular Korean MMORPG, that he put together with Anthony Lofton, who he's also collabing with on this GT3 submission. Definitely check that action out; it's a well-known game, but we haven't seen a lot of arrangements of its soundtrack on this side of the ocean. Morse is excellent when it comes to collaborating with talented instrumentalists; his arrangements lend themselves to the addition of one or more acoustic elements, which po! and now Mr. Lofton have provided. For those unaware, Anthony is also the saxophonist for The OneUps, who'll be debuting some of their new material at Ikkicon in February - if you're in Austin, check 'em out.

Joshua and Anthony join the previously lonely ilp0 as the only folk with ReMixes of music from the Gran Turismo series; Ilari covered the original whereas JM and AL send us our first arrangement from the series' first outing on the PS2. This track brings the funk with mean slap bass (love that solo), plenty of lovin' on the keys, lovely sax, and funky wah stuffs and synths. Morse provides credits info:

"Joshua Morse: Lead EP, EP solo(2:24), Backing EP, Bass, Percussion, synth work
Anthony Lofton: Alto Sax, Organ solo (1:33), Backing EP."

The original has more of a straight 70's vibe, whereas this take is a bit more modern, more comfortable with blending synthetic and organic components, and also a bit slower. EP solos are delicious, as usual, and while Lofton's sax might be mixed a little above everything else, it's also impeccable, and adds black-suit-and-tie class to jm's funk for a potent concoction. I like the addition of the scratchin' and claps; they're "cheesy" elements, perhaps, but when everything else is polished, they have a different affect, and make the overall presentation more... playful? Can't think of the perfect adjective, but I think they work, and also serve to distance this arrangement from the original, since the two are in similar veins. Usually Morse takes less funky material and adds his funk/lounge/jazz feel to it - this was a little different, since the source material sounded more like his style to begin with. However, there're significant changes, removals, and additions, and with the tempo modification thrown in as well, you're definitely dealing with a distinct rendition of the theme; it just happens to be one that retains most of the best elements from the source, while changing the context. Funky, sweet stuff from Morse and Lofton.



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on 2011-01-03 15:56:07

Man, everything from Morse is so funkyfreshsmooth. ^^

on 2009-06-23 03:08:56

Needs more solos.

Seriously, this is some very fresh, funky jazz. I like that the leads are loud and that much more distinct from the backing. I think it defines more dimension to the mix. In the slower, non-solo parts, I'm reminded of Neskavartan's awesome Zelda stuff; not a bad thing to sound like.

I've never considered Gran Turismo to be musically significant, but now that I have this mix on my mind, I'm definately curious to investigate it.

Anyways, successful collaboration yielding some astounding results, as per usual. Doesn't get much cooler than this right here.

on 2008-07-29 17:16:24

I've found myself toetapping to this one on first listen.

Very rare from me...

Uh, oh, it ended. Gotta click "Play" again!

Sam I Am
on 2008-06-12 23:38:38

I think the thing about Morse's work that I love the most is that everything fits and melds together so well...nothing is glaring or jarring. Great feel and I'd say JM has the real mastery of this style on OCR. :nicework:

on 2008-04-14 01:22:51

I'm not familiar with the source material, but this remix makes me want to be. Nice, smooth groove with some jazz and light jazz/pop. I gravitate towards this type of groove a little moreso than others, just reminds me of professionally done music that you might hear on some random internet jazz radio. Nice remix here!

on 2008-02-25 08:30:45

What a great mix by these guys. This remix definitely gets the technical beats of the menu song from Gran Turismo 3 down. Great work guys. Fun to listen to.:nicework:

Martin Penwald
on 2008-02-18 14:45:15

You know what I really, really hate about Joshua Morse company remixes? Whenever one of them is posted, its awesomeness overshadows everything else on the front page.

In other words, great work. I really dig the style your songs have (the older remixes here, your recent album Hybridism etc), and this is right up my alley. Thank you.

on 2008-01-28 23:31:59

I got this from your site at least 4 months ago and I was wondering why it wasn't featured on the site. Great work, though I must admit I'm partial to your more traditional Jazz and Bossa Nova grooves.

Shadow Wolf
on 2008-01-28 16:30:57

Excessively chill and funky. Jazz isn't usually my cup of tea, but that doesn't stop this from being very polished, well executed, and downright groovy. The EP riffage was very well done, and the whole mix just has a nice smoothness to it. Good work.

on 2008-01-28 12:37:21

Damn this thing is just filled with solos; very cool work!

The bass is great, and though the sax seems a bit loud, it's expertly played.

Though the style isn't really something I normally get into, I can appreciate that this is well crafted and varied.

Dr. Rod
on 2008-01-27 01:46:57

Wow, love this. Definitely has a chill, sexy vibe to it, and the solos are sweet.....great stuff, this'll go on my playlist right now!

on 2008-01-27 00:13:56

I love the laid-back feel this song has. It also reminds me of the music for V for Vendetta for some reason

on 2008-01-26 22:52:17


Nice to See Joshua Moving about in the Community again :grin:

i hope you guys have heard his new remix album by now .. awesome stuff!

Geoffrey Taucer
on 2008-01-26 22:34:36

Oh my god. This mix is pure sex. And I don't mean mah-sex; I'm talking WHOAH-sex.

on 2008-01-26 14:58:31

This is awesome! I am drowning in a sea of funkiness.

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