ReMix: Mega Man 2 "Heat Man (Ignition Mix)" 4:02

By Fru

Arranging the music of one song...

"Heat Man Stage"

Primary Game: Mega Man 2 (Capcom, 1988, NES), music by Manami Matsumae, Takashi Tateishi

Posted 2008-04-05, evaluated by the judges panel

Houston... we have Mega Man 2 Heatman ReMix! Newcomer Fru writes:

"It's based on a remix that I submitted to you some time ago that was rejected, after taking some of your advice on how to improve the track I decided to take another stab at the mix as I love the source material so much!"

Excellent to see revised submissions coming in and being accepted. In this instance the revision itself was still mixed a little quiet, but Fru fixed that as well, and the end result is an immersive, entrancing bit of electronica.

Before I talk about the mix, though, I wanted to point out the April is Support OCR Month thread in our forums. Basically, I was talking with the judges about how Google ads weren't doing as well, and how I really wanted to focus all my efforts on developing and improving the site, but how it was frustrating to have to also keep very close watch of our ads and shirt sales and everything else, since we're only barely breaking even. Well, Jimmy listened to what I was saying and actually did something about it. He started a thread dedicated towards fundraising for OCR in the month of April. Sometimes, because of our content policy, our LLC status, the amount of content on the site, or any number of things, people mistakenly think that we're an actual business that has ample resources and makes money, etc. This is not the case - money from all our ads, shirt sales, and donations combined only barely breaks even these days due to the operational cost of hosting the site. In other words, we always need whatever help you can provide.

Right then, on to the music... which is easily my favorite part of working on the site, since it is, after all, why I started it in the first place. This mix is electronica of the more understated variety, reminding me of many of the mixes I've heard from the C64 and Amiga remixing communities in terms of production and execution, which is a good thing. Things start and end with (surprise) ignition (of the deep, broad, space shuttle variety), which is appropriate and also gels with the textures used. Larry took issue with the mix title including "Ignition" but the pace never really building to a climax, but I think in light of this intro/outro effect, it makes complete sense. A thick kick anchors percussion that features lots of nice bitcrushed snares and hihats, for a nuevo-retro sound, although traditional cymbals come in later at 1'34" as things pick up. The chromaticism of the main melodic riff becomes particularly hypnotic with all the delays and panning applied to it, which I think is probably the most important arrangement idea here, and what lets the whole thing work the way it does. Jesse writes:

"I'd call the track 'understated.' I think the concept is very well-executed; the piece is fantastic as a soundtrack-type remix. The energy never kicks your ass, but unlike so many underdeveloped tracks, there's plenty of development here. Sure, it's a background track, but there are plenty of changes in instrumentation and energy throughout the track. The vibe is subtle and evocative. I think the original is used very well."

What he said; I think Jesse sums up my own take on this mix rather perfectly. Good first piece from Fru, whose revisions produced a solid, understated but enjoyable, hypnotic, and deceptively deep ReMix.



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on 2009-07-03 05:48:02

Pardon the Heatman pun, but I think this is a great slowburner. It's practically a 4 minute trance build, which some people might turn and retch at, but I like the constant sense of development and the trip getting to the irrelevant destination. It's almost like the Heatman melody is obscured by musical fog and throughout the song it starts to clear and you start to hear more and more familiarity, bit by bit.

It's more ambient and held back than most trance is, and it is by no means an elaborate take on the source or the genre, but I think it is worthy of some attention and definately justified further listens for me. Nice effort.

on 2008-12-13 22:00:02

Normally Mega Man tunes are very melody driven, but this mix has everything all nicely smoothed out, not that its a bad thing.

It's hard to not say something that hasn't really been said before, and I agree with what has been said, though.

Peaceful, ambient, good music to listen to while reading/studying.

This mix is almost standing at the top of a volcano that isn't erupting.

One can feel the solitary calm coolness of being on top of a mountain but can also feel the energy, power, and heat underneath it all.

Martin Penwald
on 2008-04-26 17:07:03

The volume here is pretty low, so turning it up is a must if you want to hear everything that's going on.

But if you do so, you're rewarded with a very nice, soothing, and all-around feel-good trance remix. As zircon said; it's not in your face, and in my opinion, that's a good thing.

Well done.

on 2008-04-23 00:28:14

Instead of making it more powerful, like most of the other remixes (no disrespect, love them too), this one has a nice hypnotic feeling to it. Definitely going into my chill-out mix. Great job!

on 2008-04-15 07:28:26

Actually, HeatMan's stage is kinda hard to remix. Not so much because there isn't already an alright groove going on, but because it's hella repetative, and hella SHORT.

There's this long intro that's just basically the same 2 measures repeated 8 times with a twist at the end to cadence, and then the main theme is just 4 measures of the exact same melody repeated 4 times. Entirely too simple.

I think the people that decide to undertake this and remix it are geniuses.

I like the elaboration made in spite of the repetition.

I think this is an alright re-mix.

CC Ricers
on 2008-04-10 22:01:40

It sounds a tad too muffled, but I can hear that there's good quality production regardless. It's a nice change from your typical trance remix- sounds like a more mature trance sound. Just good beats all around.

on 2008-04-10 13:28:04

Coming from the last song I just reviewed for this is pretty good. But I kept on thinking at some point in the song it would jump out with a diffrent spin. Good but could have used a little more oomph at some point.

on 2008-04-08 16:41:57

Not very exciting, but it's nice to see something this subtle pass the panel. Just curious - am I hearing UT drumloops in here or is it just my imagination?

on 2008-04-07 12:25:18

I'm having a hard time trying to stop listening to this one. It's just my kind of music... Relaxing, yet fascinating ... good job!

on 2008-04-07 11:55:46

Very understated and chill, I am not really feeling the sound effects, but the rest of this grooves really well. If I was looking for awesome background music, this would totally be on my playlist. It has the introspective yet melodic quality I really like, and it's unobtrusive so I can do other stuff while I jam.

I do think it takes a little too long to develop, and once you get to the main section, it doesn't last near long enough, but for this genre, I think a 9-10 minute long track would work pretty well, so I feel this is a more truncated version of the song. If you have an extended mix, where the melody section is longer and further delved into, hook me up!

Though there are a few parts I disagree with, it's a really nice track, and I'm enjoying it. :-)

on 2008-04-07 10:31:47

Doesn't have a lot of energy to it but it doesn't necessarily need it. This is an excellent remix as far as I'm concerned. It's ambient, soothing, and could easily be listened to over and over again. Definitely a great take on the source (which I can easily hear throughout the whole piece, despite what others say.)

Great stuff.

on 2008-04-07 09:42:19

/me agrees with palpable on this one!

the first time i heard it it vanished from me and i couldn't remember hearing it at all, because i was doing something else. iow, perfect background music

the second time i payed close attention and now i could definitly hear it .. very nice atmosphere, good beat, and i can't see why there would be any frequencyproblems.. the balance is very nice!

and then again, im born and raised with electronic music, of all kinds..

great first remix, hope to hear more from you :nicework:

on 2008-04-07 00:10:00

I can see why this might not be the most popular song, but I think it's great for what it is. I love this kind of ambient techno, where there are a lot of subtle details. You get rewarded for paying close attention, or you can just as well sit back and enjoy it as background music.

on 2008-04-06 18:14:31

I'm really enjoying this mix. It's very easy listening with a nice mellow beat. I'm not sure what other people are talking about in regards to the bass being too high or muddy. I have just my pair of old computer speakers, nothing fancy, and the music sounds great over them. This is something I can listen to while I'm working because it doesn't demand my attention. Every remix doesn't need to be a cinematic tour de force or dance mix.

on 2008-04-06 13:47:27

k sorry if my last post seemed kinda rude.

i took a second listen and some of the stuff i couldnt hear before when it was quiet i heard when i turned it up.

its a good arrangement just seems a little quiet.

oh well


Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Mega Man 2 (Capcom, 1988, NES)
Music by Manami Matsumae, Takashi Tateishi
"Heat Man Stage"

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Electronic, Synth
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