ReMix:Super Hang-On "Burn, Baby, Burn!" 5:26

By Juan Medrano

Arranging the music of one song...

"Outride a Crisis"

Primary Game: Super Hang-On (Sega , 1989, GEN), music by Katsuhiro Hayashi, Koichi Namiki, Shigeru Ohwada

Posted 2008-10-29, evaluated by djpretzel

Today marked the 20th anniversary of the original Japanese release of the Sega Mega Drive, known to us Northern Americans as the (beloved) Sega Genesis. This system was my first introduction to RPGs with Phantasy Star II (I went back and played the first one later), has one of my favorite game soundtracks ever (Revenge of Shinobi, baby), produced the very first ReMix posted on this site (PSIII), and represented the last great hurrah of FM synthesis on the console market with the venerable YM2612. Twenty years seems like an eternity, especially since working on OCR has kept the system, its games, and their music very fresh in my mind. I've actually been playing Phantasy Star IV all the way through on my PSP lately, which I neglected to do back in the day.

The Mega Drive was the system that made Sega a force to be reckoned with on the first party console market. Though great systems in their own right, the Saturn and Dreamcast both were incremental steps away from the market share that the 16-bit era brought for the company, and I'm not going to dwell on the 32X too much... suffice to say, the early 90s were a great time for gamers, and this system was a huge part of that. I am and always will be a bit of a Sega fanboy, especially when it comes to their arcade and console hardware - in its time, NOTHING matched the experience of Galaxy Force II in the big-daddy swivel-tilt cabinet.

And so, without further pomp and only minimal additional circumstance, I'm proud to present yet another amazing mix by Juan Medrano, of Super Hang-On for the one and only Genesis. This is Sixto's second mix of tunage from the system, his epic Sonic collab with Shariq being his first. He writes:

"I was going through my collection of chipytunes and ran into the soundtrack to Sega's Super Hang-On. I remember Hang-On for the Sega Master System was one of the first games I ever played as my first game system ever was the SMS and it came with Hang-On and Sega's version of Duck Hunt whose actual title I've long forgotten. Anyway, back to the track. The original has such a huge 80's vibe to it, so that's what I tried to incorporate into the mix. I just wanted a big-hair rock sound with a cannon for a snare and plenty of reverb for the guitars to swim around, in which to swim around? Eh, I was never good with grammar. So, I hope you dig the track. Peace out, G's."

That'd be Safari Hunt, Juan :) Which, while it didn't have the laughing dog that mocked you, was actually pretty fun... plus the SMS light gun looked really badass. Especially in the intro to Zillion where the main character shoots it right into the screen, right at you... wow, sorry. Totally geeked out, there... I think Juan succeeded - and then some - in his goal, and the mix title really says it all. This is classic Juan, classic Funky K.H./Pretty.KN, and classic Sega. I've spent most of this writeup talking about the Genesis and Sega and what not, but let that be a testament to what Juan's done - this is the *perfect* mix to help celebrate 20 years of a fantastic console that changed video games forever. I wouldn't say that if I didn't feel it, because this system's as close to my heart as a hunk of plastic and silicon can be, and OC ReMix probably wouldn't exist if it hadn't. So run, don't walk, to the download link, and check out Sixto's latest opus.



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on 2017-05-05 20:14:36

Great guitar! Great drive! :D And nicely varied and upbeat throughout. :)

on 2012-01-16 21:54:01

Hmm what can i say,

Sixto took my favorite song from this game and added guitar and flair to it.

I frigging love this remix.

on 2011-12-26 01:51:18

So Sixto was going for an 80's feel on here.

I happened to be playing Vice City and had custom soundtracks (one of the songs was this).

The fact it fit in perfectly means he nailed it. :D

on 2010-10-04 11:46:22

So when I first saw this mix I thought "Super Hang-On" might be some type of rock climbing game.

But anyway, this song makes me want to listen to it all day.

Oh yeah.... I have been XD

on 2010-02-03 14:20:55

Man oh man, this is definitely one of the top 10 metal remixes on OCR, if not one of the best songs in general. Love the 80s vibe here, and the guitar tone and production values are excellent. Nice work.

on 2009-12-04 01:09:57

Never played Super Hang-On or head the music, but I doesn't matter because I don't need to listen to the original to appreciate this track for what it is.

Guitar on this is superb and clean. It's so clean you could pick your nose with it (Impossible, of course... or is it?)

Another awesome track from Sixto! make sure you get this!

on 2009-05-07 15:48:48

Sixto is a fantastic guitarist and all of his songs are completely awesome, but I think this one edges out the rest as my favorite. The playing is so blisteringly fast and precise, and yet so very clean that I can barely hear the pick at all. The tone of the guitar with just the right amount of reverb is impeccably pure. (Curious what gear and setup you used for this particular song.) Production values are astounding -- everything is just so crisp. The speed and texture of the sound just go so well together and lend extremely well to the notion of zipping down an airy open road.


on 2009-02-02 04:37:42

Badass. Reminds me a lot of the arrange version of the track from the Super Hang-On 20th Anniversary box set, which is very nice.

moar sega sixto remix plz

on 2008-12-10 10:30:37

VERY 80s. I hope that's what you were going for, cause that's what you got lol

It's like I'm in a timewarp. But a good one, with lots of crazy-shaped guitars and men who put more product in their hair than their girlfriends. But I digress. .

Great mix :)

on 2008-12-02 22:47:40

Nice progression through the track, I vaguely remember the source song, and I gotta say that i'm a fan. Great tone[[ and punchy drums, and some very nice playing throughout with a lot of cool solos. It seemed to go a little long overall, but I enjoyed the entire ride. Nice work as always. :-)

Martin Penwald
on 2008-11-12 15:29:45

When I read the write-up and djp talked about an 80s vibe, I was expecting some wonderfully cheesy synths. To be honest, when I realized that there were none, I was a little bit disappointed.

In other words, this remix surprised me, and after a few listens, I have to say in a very positive way. The wonderfully monotonous 80s beat in the background, the guitar shredding, and the breakdowns. Excellent.

Furthermore, the end really gives this song some kind of 80s-dystopian-movie feeling.

To sum it up, no cheesy synths here; instead, you get atmospheric, classy ones.

Well done.

on 2008-11-10 21:48:46

When I saw the name of this remix, I knew it was gonna be pure win. And it was.

Well, is.

Anyway, I really like the epic, dreamy sound to it. Definitely something I'd like to hear more of. Keep up the awesomeness.

on 2008-11-07 15:29:48

Wow, man. Loved every second!

The spirit of this really reminded me of Grandia II's battle theme. It's that pure retro awesome, I tell's ya!

on 2008-11-04 18:33:50

Great mix!

on 2008-11-02 18:33:30

Yes, i remember this game with its catchy tunes and the 80s feel.

Heard this one before on your HP.

Nice job Sixto!

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Primary Game:
Super Hang-On (Sega , 1989, GEN)
Music by Katsuhiro Hayashi,Koichi Namiki,Shigeru Ohwada
"Outride a Crisis"

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