ReMix:Mega Man 2 "The Wily Malfunction" 3:59

By Mazedude

Arranging the music of one song...

"Dr. Wily Stage 2"

Primary Game: Mega Man 2 (Capcom , 1988, NES), music by Manami Matsumae, Takashi Tateishi

Posted 2009-06-12, evaluated by djpretzel

For almost as long as OverClocked ReMix itself has existed, Mazedude has been a consistent presence - a force of nature, really - on the site, a living embodiment of our mission & spirit. He's mixed a huge variety of games from a ton of different composers, in a wide spectrum of styles, but the common denominator has been the creativity, idiosyncrasy, and uncompromising vision and attention to detail he brings to his music. This isn't exagerration or hyperbole, either - this is Mr. Getman's 46th mix on the site, and if you've listened to all of them, you'll wonder how one person can take on so many roles, wear so many hats, and - more colloquially - kick such profound amounts of ass. Well, wonder no longer, since we just posted an extensive ReMixer interview with Mazedude. I don't like throwing the word "fascinating" around, and I may be biased since I asked the questions, but I thought getting inside Chris's head - to whatever extent possible in text - was really compelling. He's a true, honest-to-goodness iconoclast when it comes to the tools and creative process he employs, and you can hear the difference in his work. He's also been involved with different parts of the fan VGM arrangement scene for a very long time, earning legitimate "veteran" status that's reflected in the insights & observations he offers. Bottom line: read the interview!!

While Chris has been there, done that, and got the t-shirt (as they say), he's never ReMixed anything from the fan uber-favorite Mega Man series... until now. He writes:

"Unless I'm mistaken, this is the one theme from Megaman 2 that hasn't been covered yet... and that would be because it's extremely short and repetetive! Ah but sometimes I thrive going creatively nuts with those types of source tunes, and this is a good example of that.

As to the intro and title, well, there are some fun artifacts that can happen when you over-crank chip tunes inside the tracker. That's what you're hearing there when the sounds kinda fuzzes out and then comes back in. Then I just overdid it to where it got really fuzzy, then... played with the fuzz! Then after a little while brought in some classic Mazedude percussion, screwed around with the timing, you know, my usual tricks.

I'm aware the overall production is very "crunchy", but that's what I was going for, so just enjoy it for what it is. :)"

It's not just crunchy, it STAYS crunchy... in milk. It sometimes seems like everyone and their grandmothers have covered a Mega Man tune at some point, with the second installment certainly taking the popularity crown, but it's fitting that Chris goes after the uncharted, less-frequented territory and comes up with a giant static discharge of a mix that's unlike any Mega Man ReMix you've heard previously, guaranteed. It's more esoteric, challenging, quirky, and conceptual than even most of the artist's own work, which I think is a lovely angle to take for a game that, as mentioned, has seen so many interpretations. This is music that couldn't be mistaken for anyone other than Mazedude... that's what I always say, that's what I'm saying, and that's really all I ever need to say at this point... though pontificating at length is my forte. But enough about me - let Chris tell you about himself in his own words, then download the mix so you can hear him say it all again through his music. Either way, in any medium, it's distinct, it's brilliant, it defies categorization... it's Mazedude.



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on 2016-04-02 21:30:55

I love the Dr. Wily Stage 1 and 2 VGM as much as anybody else here I'm sure, but Stage 3 and 4 theme is the most underrated track on the entire OST, and Mazedude's remix does not disappoint. The original track is basically going up the music scale chromatically which not only gave a sense of finality to Mega Man 2, but also works well with Mazedude's style - which I would describe as 'slightly uncomfortable-enjoyment'...? If that makes any sense...

Took me a while to warm up to Chris's style but it just somehow clicked with me recently. His remixes require a bit more oped mindedness than most other remixes on OCR, but that just encourages more listens:-D

On a side note, I wonder if Disasterpeace was ever influenced by this remix. Fez's soundtrack has a lot of similar elements with the chiptune/crunchiness.

on 2014-05-17 13:55:28

I was surprised when the mellow chippy intro suddenly transformed into a badass heavy chiptune. I'm not big fan of 'pure' chiptune (saying that I mean that I prefer tracks that include something besides chiptune), but this track just hooked me. And the distortion at the end captured my attention too. Amazing.

on 2013-06-18 11:10:57

Glitchy like a computer on a bad trip and crunchy like a tasty chip. If there was ever a malfunction that sounded good and bad at the same time and averaging out to a fantastic ReMix, this would be it. Mazedude did good here.

on 2011-12-24 16:05:27

This song...

I love it. The manipulation of volume and panning, and all the tweaks to make it sound the way it does... it's a masterpiece. It sounds so simple yet you know it's probably rather complex if you were to look at it.

But in the end, you get this fantastic mix. Easily one of my faves. Good job, Mazedude! :3

on 2011-12-14 17:52:23

i like this remix, especially the small hard part at 2:33.. could be a bit longer :-)

on 2010-12-25 09:58:58

I didn't particularly enjoy this, perse, but I did find it to be unique, and in a good way. Major kudos on creativity.

on 2009-12-22 01:59:12

Great conceptual mix! The extended amounts of distortion and intentionally-"bad" sound are a bit off-putting when I'm just looking for something to casually listen to, but that's not really what your music is good for in the first place. It's a lot more about picking apart the concept and inspiration for the mix and watching something truly unique unfold everytime a new Mazedude song comes up. This is a truly creative concept with brilliant execution, one of my favorites from Chris's vast library!

on 2009-07-10 11:23:16

I guess I'll be the voice of dissent here. I didn't like this nearly as much as I've liked Mazedude's past work. HOWEVER, the chiptune stuff in here really took me back to the days of Skaven and Screamtracker. Good, but not your best work in my opinion.


on 2009-07-08 16:57:55

Brilliant. You've taken a very limited source and made a great, powerful listening experience. The crunchiness of the sound has real muscle and the 'floating' melody is superbly executed. Another winner from one of the brightest stars of OC Remix.

on 2009-07-01 15:42:54

I must say, i've heard alot of music of megaman before. Remix, the original stuff ((just as pretty much everyone else has)) but this has to be the first time i've heard something so out of character for this game

and also one of the most pleasing and interesting in my life.

The song has a hint of craziness and creepiness that fits so well, especially with wily being who he is but it all comes together with a nice, like it's been said before, crunchy sound.

I approve x100

Martin Penwald
on 2009-06-30 16:00:56

The intro is really weird, even for a Mazedude remix. But that's what makes his remixes so special and interesting.

Listening to this remix (especially the middle part) wearing headphones is a blast.

on 2009-06-30 10:31:26

Cool mix dude but i have to admit that at first i thought my speakers were stuffed up but they were not. over all this is pretty cool.

great job

on 2009-06-18 22:49:22


I decided to listen this before downloading...just to check it out. When I saw the theme, my mind went to Project X's rendition. I started listening...I heard the static.

I thought something was up with my headfones/speakers to be honest. Then the progression finally hit me. Way to captivate the audience Dude...I'm quite impressed with this particular mix.

Even the ending said something, as I was waiting to hear the rest of the theme being came the static again -laughs-

As always,and particularly THIS time around...Kudos to you Mazedude.


Keep on WINning.

on 2009-06-18 16:35:20

So I'm listening to this mix in a rainstorm, and at the beginning I'm thinking there something wrong with my speakers, what with the intro mixed with some lightning and thunder outside. As things crunched on, I remember the title of the mix, and then I knew - I was in for it :P

The thing I like about Maze is that no matter how diverse his catalog gets, you can always identify his style in anything he does. He's truly the poster boy, er, dude, for OCR.

Awesome write up btw, DJP. Usually I chuckle once during your reviews, but I think I came out with an astounding two chuckles this run-through. But seriously, I love reading your stuff :) One of my motivations for getting a mix posted was just to see what you'd have to say about it! Haven't done that yet, having straying from music lately, but with amazing stuff like this from Mazedude, I know I'll be motivated to come back eventually.

on 2009-06-17 10:41:22

Exceptionally brave and ambitious, and not only works, but works really well. I seriously thought that the mp3 was messed up or that my computer was melting down at the beginning, and then when it go more and more rhythmic and led into the song... :nicework:

This super creative and well put-together.

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Primary Game:
Mega Man 2 (Capcom , 1988, NES)
Music by Manami Matsumae,Takashi Tateishi
"Dr. Wily Stage 2"

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