ReMix:Doom II: Hell on Earth "Silent Healer" 4:37

By Mazedude

Arranging the music of one song...

"The Healer Stalks (Map02)"

Primary Game: Doom II: Hell on Earth (GT Interactive , 1994, DOS), music by Bobby Prince

Posted 2009-08-19, evaluated by the judges panel

Mazedude writes:

"Arranged for the Delta-Q-Delta project, this is based on "The Healer Stalks," Map 2, redone in a style homage to the Silent Hill games. I've always been a big fan of those soundtracks, and I thought fusing that style with the dark nature of Doom would be a cool combination.

I am very pleased with the results. The original theme was extremely boring and repetitive, and quite a challenge to spice up. The metallic nature of this arrangement, combined with the funky backwards strings and the bizarre ambient pads all mix together in a stylistic mimic that is still unique on its own. And, the metallic clanking was recorded personally, by me banging on the railing that leads up to my condo door. :) "

With all the Echoes fuss, and before that Summoning of Spirits and HD Remix, it turns out we've still got some action left from Delta-Q-Delta - and from Chris, no less. In case you somehow missed it, we interviewed Mr. Getman back in May, and he had a lot of insight to offer based on 8+ years with OCR. Not all Doom tracks are created equal, and some of the artists on DQD and Phobos as well did wonders with tracks that were less elaborate; this is no exception. A pulsing heartbeat of a groove palpitates beneath almost jazzy chord stabs as distant piano riffs accentuate things, then at 1'49" we get a bit darker, with clangy industrial metal beats and a sync'd alarm sound segueing into a sweet cross-panned motif of quick, high-pitched insect synths. Things develop, build, and break down from there, but those are the basic building blocks. Larry writes:

"I really enjoyed the deliberate pacing, the sound of the lead, and the piano sprinkled in at 1:05. The soundscape was really expansive and full compared to the original, with some great industrial stuff and Chris's trademark sound, which isn't so much a particular set of sounds as much as an overall quirkiness and mood that's found in all of his stuff. I think a comparison to EarthBound "See Sixty Funk" is valid, as it's another of example of Chris taking a very plain theme that's not particularly melodious and giving it a lot more depth and character. A really awesome part of Delta-Q-Delta, I'm lovin' it."

You've got a driving beat, classic Getman-style home-grown industrial percussive FX, and a dark, hectic atmosphere that conjures the twisting, byzantine corridors of the game. Check it out, and go back & explore the rest of DQD for more.



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on 2015-12-06 10:33:57

Mazedude clearly knows his buisness - dark, distorted remix is what you can always count on. So... backwards strings (who'd have thought?! But, wait, it's Mazedude...)... Well, they work and they definitely add this mix more of that tasty industrial vibe. Excellent stuff, Mr. Getman!

on 2009-12-12 01:57:11

I think it's fair to say that Mr. Getman has this whole industrial thing down, and it his mastery shows in this dark and haunting track. A little on the repetitive side, but still a great track overall.

on 2009-10-04 00:29:38

The sound choices really caught my attention. Mazedude has certain mastered the industrial genre and knows how to pick instruments and samples that create that haunting, mechanical atmosphere. For a haunting, dark, atmospheric track, this can't really be beat, but overall the arrangement feels pretty repetitive and doesn't really go anywhere, but that's not really a huge issue with this genre. The mood is what counts and you totally nailed that aspect of the mix!

As a side note, whatever the hell you've got going on at 2:09 reminded me of the sound effect in Luigi's Mansion where you suck the ghosts out of the vacuum at the end of each section of the game. Really cool :-P

on 2009-09-24 11:37:11
Sorry, but I disagree. I REALLY enjoyed this remix by Mazedude imo. :nicework:

no need to be sorry lol

on 2009-09-24 04:12:16

Sorry, but I disagree. I REALLY enjoyed this remix by Mazedude imo. :nicework:

on 2009-09-23 18:14:12

Some pretty cool ideas, but not a track that really hooked me. It's fine though, there are plenty more Mazedude tracks in the sea that I love, I don't need to be a fan of them all. :-)

Martin Penwald
on 2009-09-12 06:15:57

What is this pathetic excuse of a thread? More people need to listen to this and comment on it.

Just like always, Mazedude manages to create an incredible atmosphere; downright evil in some places. What I found most interesting about this remix are some of the sounds he uses, since they remind me very much of 90's videogames, particularly the Ridge Racer series.

Great stuff.

on 2009-09-07 21:44:46

So Mazedude makes some pretty rad mixes, and this is no exception. This song has the feel that you're in a high tech industrial-like place, and then around the 2 minute mark you have some creepy sound come up that is like you're encircled. Interesting and an uncommon approach.

on 2009-08-31 22:04:57

I don't know why I was thinking this would be more atmospheric based on the description. I make bas assumptions, I guess.

Anyways, that aside, this track is an interesting listen. It's hard to categorize it. I'll stick with calling it creepy. Things are a little bit too dissonant for my tastes (and strange, not gonna lie), but it's obvious there was a lot of work put into this, and it shows.

The Orichalcon
on 2009-08-21 23:05:19

What's with all the Healer Stalks hate? I thought the song fit in well with the sewer-style level in Doom. The track had a mellow groove to it that was fun to listen to.

Chris' Silent Healer is the darkest track on DQD, which in the long run is what I was after when putting the project together. I had my speakers turned way up when Chris first sent it to me and it shook the windows and walls alike with the driving industrial synths.

I will admit that I've listened to Westside Archvile (Chris' other contribution to DQD, which everyone should also check out) far more than this track, but when I'm in the mood for some evil, this is the track I put on in the dark with the speakers up.

If you like this track and haven't heard Delta-Q-Delta, go download the album and have a listen. And comment!

John Revoredo
on 2009-08-21 13:22:46

Mazedude's been around here for years, I remember having his music burn on CD's back when I was 12 years old. I've always liked his stuff, and this piece is a very good example of his art. I really like the sound design and the atmosphere Mazedude developed here. On the other side, the mix sounds too simplistic and repetitive at times. But don't get me wrong, this is a fantastic piece to listen to, be sure to check it out!

on 2009-08-21 05:05:32

Although it was a little strange to see this posted so long after DQD's release, I certainly can't let this one go by without showing it some love. As mentioned in the writeup, "The Healer Stalks" is a very boring source, personally I would say it's probably easily the most boring song between both the Doom I and II soundtracks, yet this track does so much to make it interesting again.

That same "boring" melody is there for most of the track, but the key here is that this mix varies things up quite a bit throughout, something the source was very much unable to do. The result is an upbeat, catchy track that was definitely one of my favorites from DQD, and, seemingly late as it may be, I am definitely glad to see it stand on it's own now.

on 2009-08-20 23:48:16

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Primary Game:
Doom II: Hell on Earth (GT Interactive , 1994, DOS)
Music by Bobby Prince
"The Healer Stalks (Map02)"

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