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TMNT + Danimal + Stemage + KBart = AWESOME!

I'm proud to present an awesome collab mix from Danimal Cannon, which is also our first mix to feature the musical talents of Mr. Grant Henry, better known as Stemage, perhaps even better known as a powerful portion of the glory that is Metroid Metal! Danimal rocked the overall arrangement & "guts" of the mix, KBart (from Armcannon as well) contributes a badass guitar solo towards the end, and Grant aces the drum programming. All this combines for a musical meeting of the minds that's sure to melt faces, shock shells, and rock April right out of that yellow two-piece she always wears. We ran into Kroze, Dom, Dan, and Grant at PAX '09, and the exhibition hall just HAPPENED to have a thematically-appropriate location for a mix-specific photo shoot - the Turtle Van was rockin', and WE came a knockin'... or something like that.

Epic times. And, in case you've been living in a VGM Arrangement Community PR Cave (do such caves exist?), both Armcannon AND Metroid Metal will be at MAGFest this January! That alone should be pretty darn persuasive, but there are PLENTY of other bands/guests announced, including little old us. Honestly, from everything I can see, this does indeed look to be the best MAGFest yet; Brendan, Dom & co. have really outdone themselves, and I'm definitely looking forward to it. But on to the mix - Danimal writes:

"This track was born from a desire to participate in the Dwelling of Duels contest for MAGfest.  I had taken an absence from the competition for a great while due to other projects creeping along and wanted to make sure I did a track so I could join in the fun during the live listening party at MAGfest.  As soon as the theme was announced (sidescrollers), I called up Stemage and told him he needed to start work on a song.  He had told me last year that he wanted to do a track for MAGfest the year prior, and I was calling him out on it.  As it turns out, he was out of town for half the month of December and didn't have access to his recording rig, save for the ability to program drums.  So I proposed an alliance, where I would compose the song and he would program the drums to my arrangements.  While not the most efficient way to compose, I had always thought that Stemage's attention to nuances and humanization are unparalleled in the drum programming universe (it probably exists) and frothed at the mouth at the opportunity to work with a friend/hero/bandmate of mine.

To address the title, it's a pseudo acronym-portmanteau of TMNT and BTBAM, the latter being the acronym for the prog/hardcore act Between The Buried and Me. The "LOL" at the end just on there for OMGWTFBBQ-esque acronym overload.  Several times during the composing process, I told Stemage to just program something inspired by that band.  If you're familiar with the group, you can hear the influence during at least one transition.

KBart is the latest Armcannon bassist in a long line of fallen heroes, he also plays guitar in the original band that contains 3 members of Armcannon, Weapon Ex. KBart is pretty much a modern guitar god in the making, so I asked him to lay down a solo near the very end of the song, and told him to make it "as over the top as possible". In standard KBart fashion he constructed an amalgam of tasteful guitar soul with impossible megalick wizardry to be the cherry on the top of this collaboration."

Pretty epic. So, I think my work here is essentially done, but let me recap the main points you should take away from all of this:



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on 2018-12-07 22:24:50

This is an incredible demonstration of metal that actually makes you headbang in different rhythms. These guys definitely know how to shred!

on 2015-07-06 16:03:13

This is words to describe this nostalgic feeling...AWESOME WORK!

on 2012-04-16 15:23:51

So good to hear the half-shell opening this ReMix up for the intro, then kick in with some mean-ass guitar. Seriously, that guitar is a bully, that's how mean it is. Damn good work in the drumming sections as well. This is pure rock and I can dig every part of it, especially the "hey, hey!" parts with the Technodrome spiced with some half-shell.

on 2009-12-20 19:16:42

\m/ Probably one of the most epic 5 minutes of all time.

Just as this is undeniably rock, this is undeniably awesome.

If you haven't downloaded this yet, For Shame! You are missing A LOT.

*starts busting out the air guitar*

on 2009-12-14 02:08:14

This is rock. This feels very proggy.Technique-wise, this is all around great, but the thing that makes it so great is just hope much fun it is. It's loud and heavy, but it isn't angry at all. The "hey hey" parts came out of left field, but they added a lot of fun to the whole thing.

on 2009-12-11 16:51:05

Hands down. I love how the intro is familiar and the after a moment or so there is a familiarity to the animation of TMN come into play somewhere, whic was a little humorous. I love it because it has a concert atmosphere to it. I'm not that big into rock but this was really listenabla all the way to the end.

A+ must listen.

Martin Penwald
on 2009-12-08 10:58:15

Drumwork shredding are awesome, and I love the "hey"-shouts later on in the song.

I do have one gripe with it, though: it's nice to hear what is most likely the most recognizable Turtles-tune in the very beginning, but I don't like the transition from it to the "main" remix, simply because there is none. The music just stops and then starts again, which makes it seem tacked on.

on 2009-12-05 08:35:24

I can not stop listening to this:

on 2009-12-04 00:48:07

God....Damn this is epic beyond all words...

What else is there to say? It's Danimal and Stemage, so awesomeness is already quality tested and assured.

on 2009-12-03 14:47:29

My favorite beat-em-up and my favorite tune in it(bridge of danger). At last!!!

on 2009-11-25 11:50:50

Listening to it over, and over, and over, and over....

on 2009-11-25 10:07:05

Great variety and playing, with pretty unmistakable Danimal guitar sound. It's like the best parts of Meshuggah's tone with a little more sustain; I love it. Super rocking collab here, with very personalized drums, and a great solo. It's been an amazing year so far for OCR, and stellar mixes like this are a huge part of it.

Absolutely killer work guys, Inspiring stuff to say the least.

on 2009-11-24 21:24:07

Fuck me this rocks.


on 2009-11-24 01:52:21

And with that, Luke breaks the main song page. Nice work, man. :-P

Oh, the song? Yeah, it's fucking sweet. But you don't have to take my word for it!

on 2009-11-23 22:43:06



This is, without a doubt, one of the greatest remixes I've ever heard. Ever. I originally heard this on Dwelling of Duels, which is why I'm ABSOLUTELY ECSTATIC TO SEE IT HERE ON OCR. Seriously, this is one of the all time best. Everything about it is amazing. The production is flawless, the shredding is amazing, and everything about it kicks ASS.

Kudos, gentleman, kudos.

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