ReMix:Super Mario Bros. "Bros with Dix" 3:04

By Nase

Arranging the music of 5 songs from 3 games ( view all )...

"Course Clear Fanfare", "Main BGM #1", "Overworld BGM", "Overworld BGM", "Underground BGM"

Primary Game: Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo , 1985, NES), music by Koji Kondo

Posted 2009-12-01, evaluated by the judges panel

Okay, first things first: the "Dix" is for "Dixieland," so get your mind out of the gutter. Nase debuted last month with a wicked-creative Harmony of Dissonance mix, and I for one was definitely looking forward to the follow-up. Joshu delivers again, with a hyperactive medley that blends an infectious upright acoustic bass with quickly-sequenced jazz guitar strummin', funky brass, deft piano licks, and drums that tie the whole thing together. Am I fan of medleys? No, not in general... even here, I think the artist could have crafted a slightly more coherent piece out of just one or two source tracks. But, when it's done this well - when the instrumentation is consistent, the transitions are natural, and everything bounces along so very, very playfully, well... how can you complain? OA writes:

"Awesome arrangement, great use of themes and a model way of using a lot of sources in unexpected and cool ways. The samples were decent as an ensemble, but some of the exposed parts were a bit flimsy. Exposed sections happened pretty rarely, though, and the track moved at such a clip that there wasn't any time to dwell on a less-than-stellar sample, because the mix had already moved onto the next (great) idea. Anso has some great production tips that'll help your next sub be even better, but I have no qualms with this track at all. what can I do but say yes to Dix?"

Yes indeed... I definitely agree that, with the intricate, quickly-paced sequencing, individual sample quality becomes far less of an issue. Actually, it kinda creates its own, new sound, more eclectic and quirky and intentional. Furthermore, I think it really helps when at least one or two elements DO sound more realistic, and the upright bass that Nase has working double-overtime is pretty delicious. I think I could listen to just the bassline as a complete track unto itself; awesome stuff, equaled if not surpassed by the quick-picking guitar. Another great, hyper-sequenced ReMix from Nase!



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on 2015-01-18 11:57:30
The title is actually a VERY bad pun, though it doesn't supposed to be a pun...

Knowing Nase, I'm almost certain the pun was completely intentional. :-P

on 2015-01-17 15:19:32

The title is actually a VERY bad pun, though it doesn't supposed to be a pun... :tomatoface: But the track is awesome. It's my favorite Mario remix 3 This is so playful and bouncy. I'm big fan of brass and it doesn't disappoint here. The other instrumentation is also fine: sweet piano licks, crunchy percussion, some guitar injections and funky acoustic bass works greatly. That chippy break at 1:06 is nice and the section after it is probably the best here. I also like how Josh incorporated the Underground BGM - while still sounding quite serious, it perfectly fits this cheerful piece of work.

on 2011-12-16 17:11:39

You can't help but grin when you hear this. So much passion and life in this. Fun doesn't even fully describe how much enjoyment listener's will get from this. The playing/sequencing is flawless and bring some average samples to life. Superb writing and sequencing make this cheeky number unforgettable. Download it now as its just amazing.

on 2010-02-16 23:48:23

Oh sweet, I found this on the WIP forums a while ago and never realized there was a finished version. Awesome job! The standup bass sounds excellent, and the brief chiptune breakdown brings a smile to my face.

on 2010-02-16 22:14:33
This is incredible. Took me a while to realize it wasn't live.

I was little confused at first when the song started, because I hadn't expected to hear music from SML. The writeup doesn't mention it and nowhere on the page does it say this remix contains music from any other game than SMB (other than the songs list, which don't say anything about which games the songs are from, only the song names). The name of this thread, however, lists all the games. Weird.

Anyway, back on topic, awesome job. :nicework::nicework::nicework:

Yea, threw me off also thinking that too.

Great song, awesome work

on 2010-02-10 17:39:59

I couldn't stop listening to this for a week after it came out. The title alone makes it download worthy, but then to listen to that big band swinging with jazzeyness all around makes it a classic dixieland mix for me. Long live the dix.

on 2010-01-18 16:47:57

Well seeing as this has been bumped back up I'd like to say I downloaded this the other day and LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT.

I can't shake the feeling I've heard this before...

Yeah, I was feeling that too. Dunno why.

on 2010-01-18 16:25:57

This is what happens when a VGM Jazz band has too much espresso!! XD Love it!!

on 2009-12-14 18:59:30
Now sub Turtle Wank, already!

No chance in hell :D

it makes for a good olremix though.

Martin Penwald
on 2009-12-14 16:17:01
hyperactive big band

Perfect description.

This remix is awesome. It makes you smile, it makes you happy, it makes you wanna move. It's constantly changing and doing new things; there's not a second of filler. I especially love ~1:08; I wish there had been more of this fast paced stuff.

on 2009-12-14 13:33:04

Oh yeah, this is groovin' jammin'

Whenever I hear this I get déjà vu; I can't shake the feeling I've heard this before....

This is only the latest in an ever growing list of mixes I'd love to see performed live.

It really has a larger than life feel to it and just loud proud good time music. Its constantly flowing, moving, grooving, covering new territory, and keeping the listener on their toes. This is so going to my jazz playlist.

Jack Polo
on 2009-12-10 20:01:54

Awwwesome. I can't stop listening to this, it's really great. This is such a fluid Mix, and there's always something really cool going on at all times.

Much love goes to the all-over-the-place bass; on that note, I also think the instruments/samples sound great as is, but I do agree with Metroidfan 10 in that it could totally be taken to a whole other level with real instruments.

But as it stands, it's great... this one is sure to get many, many more listens from me, definitely.

on 2009-12-09 00:57:10

Happy time. This is great!

Level 99
on 2009-12-08 12:17:09

I really enjoyed this, though my heart pines for more of the stereotypical corny flat-out dixieland style. Heard this while doing the last episode of OCAD (anyone want a remix of something just using soundbytes of Jade saying "dicks" and bLiNd saying "balls"?), and it really caught me off-guard. You really do love infusing all of your songs with a light-hearted and fun-feeling atmosphere. It's a wonderful counterpoint to other serious mixes, though serious is good I think we just have an abundance of it.

Now sub Turtle Wank, already! THAT song is still stuck in ze head after listening to it on NGI. Though I'm not sure if it's considered too cover-ish to be an OCR song, it's definitely worthy in my perspective to be placed right next to Bros with Dix. Hmm..."Bros with Dix" and "Turtle Wank"....I SEE VAT YOU DEED THER!

on 2009-12-05 14:35:41

Nothing short of genius.

If I made Mario games I'd want to find a level in which to use this music for the next release.

It sounds so alive and the instruments sound breath-taking.

Sources Arranged (5 Songs, 3 Games)

Primary Game:
Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo , 1985, NES)
Music by Koji Kondo
"Course Clear Fanfare"
"Overworld BGM"
"Underground BGM"
Additional Game:
Super Mario Bros. 2 (Nintendo , 1988, NES)
Music by Koji Kondo
"Overworld BGM"
Additional Game:
Super Mario Land (Nintendo , 1989, GB)
Music by Hirokazu Tanaka
"Main BGM #1"

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Electric Guitar,Piano

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