ReMix:Final Fantasy X "A Fine Place to Live" 4:20

By halc

Arranging the music of one song...

"Besaid Island"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy X (Square , 2001, PS2), music by Junya Nakano, Masashi Hamauzu, Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2009-12-15, evaluated by djpretzel

Mr. Wheeler succinctly writes:

"Some non-Nintendo stuff finally."

Finally indeed; I had to go back and check that halc's four previous mixes were of Nintendo games, but they definitely were, albeit from four different franchises. He finally breaks from the organizational monopoly with a rendition of 'Besaid Island' from FFX, done in his trademark hybrid chiptune/electronica style that is simultaneously pleasing and compelling. Things intro with some digital tides/wind, then a chippish progression and island-style percussion enters; very mellow, layered beats, here, with a synth lead later channeling a flute/pipe style riff. The outro especially highlights the NES/2A03 components being employed, but during the evolution of the track halc adds quite a bit on top of that, turning the mix into a relaxing island oasis of waveforms and percolating beats. I'd say this is essentially a 20-bit ReMix - just take the PS2's thirty-two bits and the NES's eight and then divide by two. More great stuff from halc.



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on 2013-02-26 13:03:31

Relaxing chippy tunez, aw yea.

on 2012-04-20 13:22:13

Did I hear the warp star SFX in there? Anyway, love the chiptune for this one. Sounds good for a nice relaxing laid-back feel. Sounds warm and inviting, and this one is got a bit of a peaceful quality. Great work.

on 2010-10-17 17:07:35

Ahhhh my very favorite FF song! :D And from the artist that shares my last name no less! Keep up the good work long-lost brother!

Cliff Hatomi
on 2010-06-05 23:23:40

You are by far my favorite re-mixer, because of things like this. It's very calm, and collected. It really captures the spirit of the original composition. The chiptune feel warms it up even more. Just great man.

Martin Penwald
on 2010-01-11 11:31:40

Interesting take on the source; giving it the chiptune-treatment was a nice idea. I really like the relaxed and mellow feeling of this remix. And I agree to what was said by several posters before; this remix conjures images of beaches and sunsets.

on 2010-01-06 05:32:17

Second DP: congrats, man! You've earned it.

If you folks lose me on this review: rest assured, this is worth a listen. True to the source, uplifting while providing depth (and innovation)... this has it all.

Well, halc, you know the story: I hadn't heard the source when you showed me your wips, so it was terribly hard for me to comment. I mention this for two reasons. First, this has been the first true opportunity for me to follow a track from wip to completion while coincidentally starting and completing the game in the meantime. Second, FFX sucks. Needs moar FFIV Illusionary World.

Hey, giving you crap is what it's all about! Love the mix. A fan, as always.

on 2010-01-05 08:06:32

Very relaxing and laid back tune that reminds me of the beach. Great stuff Halc!

on 2009-12-31 10:10:01

I feel so relaxed after listening to this, l love the vibe this has. Great job.

on 2009-12-28 16:42:29

I enjoyed this remix quite a bit. The relaxed feel + the chip-tune parts are really my favorite. Also, not sure if this was intentional but that background sound at 1:18 sounds an awful lot like the warp star in Kirby (maybe someone else has already pointed this out, but I try not to read other comments until I post mine to avoid skewing my opinion).

Either way -- nicely done :)

Less Ashamed Of Self
on 2009-12-27 18:21:22

Incredible mix my friend. Your sound on this mix reminds me a lot of an artist called I Am Robot Proud... one of my all time favourites.

Great stuff.

on 2009-12-23 23:39:32

Heh, halc with yet another song with a mix of chiptunes and other instruments.

This is a pretty nice mix as expected though - it's a laid back song that develops things just right for the fairly minimalistic approach.

on 2009-12-19 19:31:24

I'll be honest, when I went through and mass-downladed all of Halc's mixes a while back, this one didn't necessarily catch my interest. But now that it's on the front page and I've had some motivation to listen to it again, I've realized what a good example of halc's talent it is. This just goes to prove that you can create a beautiful, lush soundscape with very minimal amounts of sounds if you use your samples right :-)

Keep making sexy stuff like this, man! x)

on 2009-12-17 08:29:22

So nice! Had a nice warm smile on my face listening to this. Good take on it. Really, I love what you do with sound in this. Whereas a lot of people would try to dress it up and make it more complex, you bring it down to that lovely melody and show us just how awesome it is.

No complaints here, keep 'em coming!

on 2009-12-17 01:44:21


i feel like i'm in some secret chip tune paradise listening to this.

love it.

on 2009-12-16 22:47:27

It's good to see one of my favourite FFX tracks get some some love. It's still got the same chilled, relaxing, and beachy vibe to it, but taken in a much chipper, happier direction. Props as well for putting in the Kirby Warp Star, you cheeky bugger :tomatoface:

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy X (Square , 2001, PS2)
Music by Junya Nakano,Masashi Hamauzu,Nobuo Uematsu
"Besaid Island"

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