ReMix:The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past "Farore Lies in Wait" 4:39

By Ben Briggs

Arranging the music of 2 songs...

"Forest", "The Goddess Appears"

Primary Game: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Nintendo , 1991, SNES), music by Koji Kondo

Posted 2010-02-10, evaluated by the judges panel

The laconic chthonic writes:

"I hope you all like this. I like it. It's pretty straightforward. Thanks."

With that much hype to live up to, I certainly approached this mix with skepticism bordering on dismissal, but it turns out Ben's self-aggrandizement and lengthy boasting was justified. I kid, of course, but the mix - a thumping electronica arrangement from LttP bookended by lofi, intentionally hissy intro & outro segments - is definitely fun. The cross-panned sifting modulation at 0'29" is a wonderful transition into the let's-get-serious bassline + beat that follows, and the mix develops nicely from there. The arrangement marries the two source themes quite well, but is definitely - as Ben acknolwedges - straightforward, i.e. conservative. OA writes:

"Once the track comes in, it's a pretty good mix of in game sounds, original-sounding synths, and more hifi stuff. I agree that it is pretty straightforward arrangement-wise, though there are some good linking sections, and a cool new feel."

The initial version had some leveling issues that were addressed, but even so, judges did feel that this track was less interpretive/elaborate than the artist's previous submissions. Ben's been pretty damn creative in that arena, though, so it seems like he just wanted to do a fun, solid mix of the two source themes, applying some slick production techniques but not necessarily going overboard with ideas or stretching himself too far. And, hey, that's completely cool by us - it's a solid track, I certainly dig it, and I think a lot of other folks will too.



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on 2011-05-29 20:15:17

I love how the beginning of this starts off right away with the heart meter sound, and how it's used throughout the piece. This is definitely one of the more "Nostalgia-y" mixes I've heard...but also one of my favorites, and it would definitely be just as good without the nostalgic parts in there!

on 2011-05-10 13:21:38

It's like... Zelda meets Ratchet and Clank.

I have to admit, I'm not big on the staticky, panning parts at the beginning and end (that's just a bit too much for me - personal taste), but other than that, I really like this. The trancey feel to the piece seems very appropriate for the Lost Woods theme. Nice work. :)

on 2010-10-19 23:56:15

Amazing remix. I've been a lurker on OCR for a while, but I finally made an account to show my support for this song.

So.... I approve of this song!

on 2010-09-06 17:53:03

This song made me dance on my chair! So good!

on 2010-05-28 15:52:37

I give you serious kudos for making the low health warning entertaining. The song itself is very kick-ass!

Benjamin Briggs
on 2010-04-03 14:27:15
The low health sound. The single most annoying sound I can remember besides Baby Mario's crying and you somehow made it awesome.
haha! speaking of baby mario's crying
on 2010-04-03 12:17:06

The low health sound. The single most annoying sound I can remember besides Baby Mario's crying and you somehow made it awesome. I commend you for this daring feat. On the other hand, I can't believe I didn't comment on this when it came out. Very cool tune right here.

on 2010-03-07 03:27:55

This is by far one of the best remixes I have heard. tyvm.

Benjamin Briggs
on 2010-03-04 15:44:52

I'm really glad it tickled your nostalgia-bone

thanks for the praise everyone

on 2010-03-04 01:21:24

The nostagia factor is heavy on this one early! Perhaps that's why I was a HUGE fan of the first portion of this song. If you've played this game I'd see little reason not to enjoy this track.

After the intro, it really stepped up and went a different direction. Still keeping those great in-game snippets all throughout.

Also, the transitions and the sounds and songs you used were brilliant! They are well placed and flow well in and out of one another. It's as if you've invited listeners to take a tour though the secrets of the game.

Overall, I'm in love with the creativity that I get out of this track. And the incorporation of the game sounds and music are excellent. Take a listen (all the way through) and judge for yourself.

Martin Penwald
on 2010-03-03 16:13:58

The low health sound annoyed me at first, but I guess I got used to it.

2:10 onwards has a somewhat oldschool, club-y feeling to it; I guess that's what you were going for. Everything around the 3 minute mark really does sound like the OCR of old.

Nice outro.

Benjamin Briggs
on 2010-02-28 18:38:40's like a taste of OCR past.

we have a winner!

that's exactly what I was going for

on 2010-02-27 00:43:20

Love this remix. First ocremix my siblings put on their ipods/mp3 players. :)

on 2010-02-26 21:46:55

I seriously registered just to comment on this. This is one of the best remixes I've listened to. 8D Seriously, job well done.

on 2010-02-19 13:13:43

Oh man, I remember when this was still a WiP. I downloaded it, and I'm glad to see it's finally finished. It sounds great; good job!

Sources Arranged (2 Songs)

Primary Game:
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Nintendo , 1991, SNES)
Music by Koji Kondo
"The Goddess Appears"

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