ReMix:Uru: Ages Beyond Myst "Thanks for Dinner" 4:31

By Tansunn

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Uru: Ages Beyond Myst (Ubisoft , 2003, WIN), music by Tim Larkin

Posted 2010-03-22, evaluated by the judges panel

Mix title here is completely anecdotal, as Tansunn explains:

"The inspiration for this mix comes from PAX when I got to hang out with some of the OCRemix crew. After the OCRemix panel, I tagged along and we eventually ended up going for dinner at Gameworks. DJ Pretzel was kind enough to pay for it, and I wanted to pay him back by making a new remix for the site. I already had it set in my mind that I wanted to cover a game that wasn't already on the site, and since I had recently gotten back into the Myst series, I thought that would be a good place to start. Since there were already entries that covered 4 of the 5 main-series games, and Riven is more ambiance than music, I went for the spinoff series, Uru.

As I was listening through the game's music, I kept finding myself drawn to the Badlands themes from the desert Age, Minkata. It has a nice, slow, driving beat and it's not quite as ambient as some of the other tracks. The game actually uses three different tracks and I wanted to incorporate different parts from each. In addition to the main melody, I wanted to incorporate the cellos from the quieter middle section, and from there I just kept building until we got what we have now. Sequencing and effects were done in FLStudio 9, synths were Sytrus, Morphine, Zebra 2, and 3xOsc, sample sets are QLSO Gold, Stormdrum, and Ecstatic Grooves."

Hey, best dinner I ever paid for at a convention, if it resulted in Tansunn's very strong return to ReMixing with this track, our first arrangement from Tim Larkin's score to Uru. I confess, going into this mix I had a mental image of something more ambient & meandering, but this electronica track is high on slick production, catchy melodic hooks, and a deliberately-paced, futuristic atmosphere. In other words, it might be an Uru mix, but it sounds like it's set in the Deus Ex universe, and that's a mashup that actually works really well. Vinnie writes:

"Tansunn's mixes were a little before my time, but you gotta love when classic remixers get pulled back into the fold. It was great meeting up with him at PAX. Great approach to these songs, and this is IMO masterful in the way it weaves the hooks of the originals into one totally cohesive song. The vibe is more mysterious and synthy than the originals, and I love the way it unfolds."

Shariq echoes the sentiment:

"This mix has a really great atmosphere. I love that pulsing beat and the bassline. A lot of the background writing is really subtle, which is nice because there's a good balance between all the different elements. I like how you carried over the overall mood of the source without making the whole thing sound like a sound upgrade/adaptation. The development of this piece with the rising and falling tension is great."

Tansunn had three mixes posted back in 2001 and one in April of 2002, making this a comeback after almost eight years.


It took the better part of a decade PLUS my covering his dinner at PAX last year, but this is a great track from a previously unmixed game, and the artist has definitely improved in the long epoch between then and now. I'm not sure if Tansunn is returning briefly with a single mix just to say thanks for the meal, or has plans to keep sending stuff in, but take a minute to post on the review thread and let him know what you think - if you like this mix half as much as I did, and say so, maybe we can convince him to do some more, without free food being involved ;) Genuinely awesome stuff - and you're welcome!



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on 2014-06-09 03:16:33

I totally get the "ambient with beats" feel on this one. Quite nice.

on 2013-10-11 09:51:19

Such ambience...

I really liked the shift from 3:40-3:46, but the tension fell away at 3:48, a bit prematurely. It's the only flaw I can find.

ETA: Also, this makes me think of FF7 remix "Full of Hope" and Wizball "Transformation"

on 2012-08-14 14:06:24

That must have been one hell of a dinner. Anyway, this ReMix is very cool. That bassline and the beat just sounds so right, and it works so well as the focus of the intro and outro, with the rest of the substance filling in the middle. This is the kind of song that makes you feel cool when listening to it while walking down a hallway. Love it.

on 2011-12-28 17:19:05

After reading the story, I'm getting the significance on the kindness of being given food by djp, and that should make good sentiment :)

The track manages to maintain its original atmospheric style, while at the same time it managed to emphasize the atmosphere a lot with the very appropriate room spacing and use of percussive effects. The minor chord substitutions at 2:45 and onwards were a good use to keep building up the approach you've got going, and this gradual building of tension complete with some well utilised and separated EQs have shown a very keen ear even after having taken a break from the community for so long.

There are a couple of criticisms I have with it though. Firstly, that key change at 3:40 comes off as rather sudden to me; with the same type as fill as applied in most of the others in the track, I may have expected something a bit more dynamic to clash into it, like with some added concert bass drum writing as well to compliment it perhaps?

In addition, the groove you have going is fine enough as it is, though I can't help but think that the main drum riff doesn't have much change done to it at all. The additional ethnic percussion was good, but maybe some more in range of the drum loop's position on the panning grid could've done some good.

Otherwise, it's a nice track; not a revolutionary track by any means, but a very calm and sweet addition to the Myst coverage on OCR. Hopefully it wouldn't be another 8 years before you send something over again :)

on 2010-05-02 13:19:56

Really like what you did with this!! Much more trancy and epic going straight to the ipod

Top Gun
on 2010-04-07 20:11:10

The original composer of this piece, Tim Larkin, made a post on the Myst Online forums expressing his enjoyment of the ReMix. Congrats, Tansunn! :)

Martin Penwald
on 2010-04-07 16:05:23

Just like djp, I expected something more ambient when I saw Uru on the frontpage. And while this remix is certainly more lively than I expected, it's not bad or anything like that; quite the opposite. It flows beautifully, the lead synth (which I just typed as "lynth" before I corrected it) is awesome, and 3:40 onwards is, as previous posters pointed out, the high-point of this remix.

Well done, and I hope to hear more from you (again).

on 2010-03-29 17:40:47

Very nicely done. Though I've never touched any of the Myst games, I'm sure that by the example set here that they have their own charm for each one, soundtrack wise.

For this, I can appreciate the trancy feel with the ultra smooth soundscape that invokes visions of games like Eve or your choice of space flight games with fairly long times in between the action. But to see it as colorful and an abstract beauty of sight and sound this plays well indeed in such a vision.

The emotional crest (really the closest way to describe it) around 3:40 with the second chorus synth and the key change was quite an epic part for me until the drop-off to the ending, which works for me very well.

I'm sure bringing forth games and songs that aren't well trod would be a nice niche for you and many others to those of us with limited exposure to these sources.

Until next time.

Nobbynob Littlun
on 2010-03-27 19:26:25

I normally am turned off by the kind of cheesy synths that this mix has to sport, not to mention an intro that toys dangerously with repetition, but everything comes together in such a nicely textured, expansive way... I shall enjoy it in years to come.

on 2010-03-25 11:11:27

Smooth and chill stuff, this gets looped a lot at work. I really like the lead synth, and the classy textures. Very nice and restrained work. I'd have probably given in to the temptation to solo on this. XD

Top Gun
on 2010-03-24 20:07:12

Fantastic reworking of Tim Larkin's Badlands theme into a much more electronica sound. The original track was one of my favorites from Uru, and this manages to retain all of the emotion of the original. I'm getting in a serious groove listening to it. :)

And as a little fun fact, the source wasn't used in the boxed Uru: Ages Beyond Myst release in 2003, or its two expansion packs (though it did appear on the original Uru soundtrack). It wasn't until the release of the Age called Minkata during the GameTap days of Myst Online: Uru Live that it actually found its way in-game.

(Also, everyone should totally play Myst Online, because it's free and stuff.)

on 2010-03-24 14:14:57

Because the sources share a common tone as well as certain key players, this mix is able to gather and strengthen those factors in such a way that the end result not only pays direct homage to them, but could very well be another source song from the game. Samples are modulated gradually and judiciously, allowing both the mix to evolve and the mood to stay laid-back but focused. To name a few versatility upgrades:

- The buzzy bee-like synth pattern (intro) tends to creep into the sound field, often at the tail end of the wavy, pitch-bendy, Egyptian-like lead (1:07, 2:30), and it appears anywhere from gauzy to shimmering as it faithfully plays in one of two different keys like in Cave Music.

- The Egyptian lead recites its own source notes, note patterns of other source synths, AND original material.

- The gum-throaty bass synth (0:21) resembles the opening grooves in Cave Music and Middle but accentuates the same moments in the beat a little differently, and the drums couple light and hard thumps like they're played by the son of Bigfoot (i.e. you don't mess with them).

Also, I CANNOT STOP DANCING TO THIS - everything just draws me in, without fail.

One of my new favorite ReMixes. :nicework:

on 2010-03-23 11:20:04

Absolutely wonderful mix, it grabbed my attention right from the start and held it until I was left wanting more after the last second. Great job.

on 2010-03-23 01:59:46

I love it. digging the textures, the melodies, the soundscape, the kick, the's cinematic, dynamic, and so far from anemic.

on 2010-03-22 23:26:13

Not familiar with the source, but this song stands on it's own just fine. I love how intense it is, while at the same time not being overly energetic. I respectfully have to disagree with Monobrow about the solos. While it may have been fun, I feel that a solo would have drawn too much attention to itself, and this song seems to deliberately try and sit in the background. It's one of those peices that relies more creating a cool ambience (and does so quite well) than it does on hooks and flashiness. Even the key change was subtle (which is impressive btw).

Also, the tone on the lead is PERFECT. And that wah-sounding rhythmic synth is pretty sweet too.

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Uru: Ages Beyond Myst (Ubisoft , 2003, WIN)
Music by Tim Larkin

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