ReMix:Omega Five "Neon Glaciers" 3:20

By Mattias Häggström Gerdt

Arranging the music of one song...

"Stage 1: The glacial fortress"

Primary Game: Omega Five (Hudson Soft , 2008, XB360), music by Hiroyuki Iwatsuki

Posted 2010-03-24, evaluated by djpretzel

GM4A released an album today called IWADON, featuring a ton of great, free fan arrangements paying tribute to Japanese game composer Hiroyuki Iwatsuki. It's got tracks from Stemage, 8 Bit Instrumental, and a bunch of other folk, including this electronica mix from AnSo off the Omega Five soundtrack. At the moment, tracks are streamable, but downloads should be added after/during the related presentation at PAX East this weekend, where we'll also be presenting. Definitely looking forward to the show! In the meantime you should check out the variety and quality the album offers - it's certainly an excellent, diverse homage. Mattias writes:

"The first time I came in contact with Iwatsuki's music was in Omega Five for Xbox Live Arcade. The music worked perfectly together with the beautiful shooting game. Iwatsuki's intricate melodies, sense of rhythm and harmony made me appreciate the game so much more. It's a wonderful combination of jazz fusion and electronic music, just as good on it's own as in the game. In just a few listens I was convinced this was some of the best video game music ever made.

I played the game religiously, imported the soundtrack and tried to track down other music by Iwatsuki, impressed by his amazing catalogue. I even tried my hand at arranging a piece from Omega Five. However, it wasn't until Jeriaska approached me about a tribute album I could focus my ideas to make something I felt would honor Hiroyuki Iwatsuki. My track is a personal "thank you" to a master of his craft, a truly creative man who created the soundtracks to many, many moments of joy."

Heavy downbeat, funky slap bass, filtered backing textures, and silky gliding leads with doubled harmonies meld in a mostly electronica jam that has some funk/fusion sensibilities. The synths and production are all shiny & sparkling, but it's the funky, hesitating groove of the slap bass that lifts the whole piece up and gives it some attitude. This track and the overall album are an excellent homage to a composer that's been making fantastic music for a very long time, and definitely deserves the recognition & respect. Read genoboost's announcement for more info about the project, be on the lookout for the full downloadable release, and in the meantime, enjoy's AnSo's awesome contribution!



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on 2012-08-14 14:12:56

So we go from cool-ass beat to funky-ass beat. Lots of good ass-er, I mean, good beats in here today. This ReMix is a good ReMix to dance to and I really can't complement it enough on that enjoyable beat. Ending is a bit abrupt, but not enough to turn me away from it. Neon Glaciers, another win in my book.

on 2010-05-19 23:25:29

See? I told you. Also, that's pretty awesome!

Coincidentally, King's my favorite Tekken fighter as well. :P

on 2010-05-19 22:10:17

Yeah, Iwatsuki liked this remix and most of the IWADON tribute album. He's a great guy :) I've actually played him a few rounds in Tekken 6, he plays a good King.

on 2010-05-19 17:00:07

I think he did. Ask Anso about it... if memory serves... I don't know. Hmm...

on 2010-05-19 16:25:00

I have to admit, Ive been browsing here a long time but now I finally registered because of this awesome song!

I bought Omega Five some months ago and managed to get the OST.

First time I played this game I was just blown away by the stage 1 "The Glacial Fortress" song. Epic song imho!

I bet Hiroyuki Iwatsuki, the creator of the original soundtrack, would also like this remix. Damn I cant stop listening to it. Thanks man, really! Awesome piece of art!

on 2010-05-02 13:27:22

So catchy!

btw u know im not missing those dubb step esque off beat swells

me like :))

Martin Penwald
on 2010-04-10 14:24:37

My reaction when I listened to this:

"Nice beat. Oh hey, slap bass, awesome. Hey, this is getting even better. Nice little breakdown. Hey this synth OMGWHATISTHISAAAAAAAAGHPLEASEMAKEITSTOPITHURTSSOBAD."

Yeah, the synth coming in at 1:10 is way, way too loud IMO. It's the most piercing thing I have heard in a long time; I absolutely have to turn the volume down. Don't get me wrong, the synth's sound is nice, but it's so loud, it hurts my ears.

In other words, this is an awesome mix with a fatal flaw.

on 2010-03-26 15:39:16

holy farcking craype

this is balls-to-walls AWESOME

nice work AnSo. this is definitely Armadon-Approved.

on 2010-03-25 11:41:34

A very sweet bassline, and some nice synthwork make this a pretty great track.

Good use of panning, and a relaxed but driving beat make this a good choice for mid-afternoon dayreaming.

The ending is super abrupt though, and that makes me :-(. But then I played the song again, and that makes me :-).

on 2010-03-25 09:31:17

I demand this remix hit every single club in America. Another Soundscape invades the DJ booth - this is what i want to see. Because that guy belongs there.

Level 99
on 2010-03-24 22:01:36


Wow. Just....umm, wow. That's all I gotta say. Blown away by this, actually. Can't help but dance. and that BASS! Sexy stuff.

on 2010-03-24 18:25:18


2010th ocremix in 2010. NICE

on 2010-03-24 17:38:14

The beats...they are so phat!

on 2010-03-24 17:19:17

Hey, the only time OCR will have a mix posted in which the number matches the year!

Also, well done!

on 2010-03-24 17:12:02

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Primary Game:
Omega Five (Hudson Soft , 2008, XB360)
Music by Hiroyuki Iwatsuki
"Stage 1: The glacial fortress"

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