ReMix:Mighty Morphin Power Rangers "It's Morphin Time!" 4:50

By WillRock

Arranging the music of one song...

"Area 2"

Primary Game: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Bandai , 1995, SNES), music by Iku Mizutani, Kinuyo Yamashita

Posted 2010-06-28, evaluated by the judges panel

Yeah, I know we just posted a WillRock mix, but you know what? It's his birthday! So there. It's also apparently Morphin' Time, which I initially misread as "Morphine Time!," a title I would have preferred, if not heeded. But I digress - Mr. Harby included the context, creation, AND source breakdown in his truly ideal submission email:

"Ah yes power rangers. I don't know about other people but power rangers has always had a strong nostalgic affect on me much like video games did that I played in that same point in time. However, unlike video games, this ended up somewhat lodged in the back of my mind for so many years. Anyway, one day I was looking through video game soundtracks on youtube for inspiration, and I found the music from the SNES game that I didn't know existed :P.

I was shocked at how good it was - think double dragon meets megaman meets street fighter and you might be close. So I decided to try out the classic rock/aor style that i've been working towards for a while now. If you like Journey, Bon Jovi or Van Halen there will be something for you to like here (the intro was inspired by the 1984 instrumental on the van halen album of the same name :D)

Anyway, Hope you guys enjoy this one, its a little rough around the edges due to me being unable to properly polish it (I lost the file due to a pro tools error) but I hope its good enough to pass. Btw, see if you can spot my little reference to the power rangers main theme ;)

You guys have been wanting breakdowns so here goes:

0:00-0:29 - intro
0:29-0:39 - Source Main riff
0:39-1:00 - Source Verse
1:00-1:23 - Source Link Section
1:23-1:53 - Source Chorus Section
1:53-1:59 - Original Link Section
1:59-2:15 - Source Verse Slowed down/breakdown
2:15-3:10 - Guitar Solo
3:10-3:30 - Source Verse Slowed Down/Second Breakdown
3:30-3:52 - Source Chorus Section
3:52-4:03 - Synth Solo over Chorus Section Chords
4:02-4:25 - Source Main Riff
4:25-4:43 - End"

Whew! Very comprehensive, and certainly makes my job easier, and the judges as well. WillRock is right, this game did have some great tunes, and if you DON'T like Journey, Bon Jovi, or Van Halen, you need to see the doctor for a refill on your prescription of AWESOME, as it has clearly run out. This sounds more like a Sixto mix than what I'm used to from WillRock - not in terms of quality, as all his stuff is solid and keeps getting better, but in terms of rock emphasis and some serious lead guitar action. That Will can play so well just adds another huge element to his arsenal, and it's great to see him taking advantage of it more. The bands he cites are all huge 80s power-rock-anthem greats, and Will channels them audibly & believably. This mix contrasts well with the arrangement of his we JUST posted, because while both share an 80's influence, they're rather different, highlighting some expanding versatility. Another great mix from a game that should have a serious nostalgia factor for a lot of folks, and a very happy birthday to an artist who has become a staple here in the last couple years!



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on 2012-03-26 15:21:34

This just played in my player and only now I realized this was from WillRock... Where have I been with my mind the past two years???

on 2010-12-13 22:50:01



Heck yes, this is totally rocking and really makes me nostalgic (for the show at least, I'm not that familiar with the game).

But this is an amazing mix, the nod to Wasserman's work is especially delicious, and will be permanently placed on my playlist.

on 2010-10-24 21:24:14

Pretty awesome dude.

on 2010-07-26 01:28:32

Never liked Power Rangers either but I'm lovin' this remix.

Martin Penwald
on 2010-07-17 14:53:28

Never been a fan of the Power Rangers (I was too old by the time they hit Europe), but this remix is kicking. Once again, Willrock delivers awesome guitar and synth solos, and the rest of the remix is nothing too sneeze at, either.

Nice work.

on 2010-07-15 14:57:00

Nice rocking stuff, it sounds very good. Good pace and and I like the synths chosen, it reminds me of late 90's, early 2000's doujin sounds, and i'd consider that a golden era.

Nice work dude, keep improving. :D

Level 99
on 2010-07-09 15:46:17

Not 90's Enough.

Okay, yes, I'm kidding. I heard this repeatedly when it was on the WIP forums and was quite happy with the final he had then, even when it had lack-luster guitars and a hihat that irked me a bit. But then he goes and does this retooling of it. Damn you, Willrock, and your quick-adapting abilities. This perfectly captures the feeling of the game, and the Power Rangers. Excellent synth work throughout (the swells are my favorite usage you did), and rocking guitars with beastly solos.

Someone get this guy a gold trophy full of steak. He deserves the glitz and the meat for a job well done on a song that is awesome.

on 2010-07-09 12:51:01

Is this the first level/area theme?

Actually, it's the Area 2 theme. This ReMix shows some great guitar work. I remember hearing the WIP and loving it. I kinda hope the other Area themes get some ReMixes as well. This was one of those games where the music shined.

on 2010-07-05 06:05:25
Actually I like the production on this one ^-^

Oh. Shut me up. ^o^

on 2010-07-04 19:34:26
Dah duh dah deh duh duh duuuuh - Boww neeeoow owww - Dah duh dah deh duh duh duuuuh - Boww neeeoow owww - Dah duh dah deh duh duh duuuuh der dah daaaaaah.

I know you may beg to differ but I like the production on this- oh and guitar work? Awesome, sick solos.

Actually I like the production on this one ^-^

on 2010-07-04 19:10:23

Dah duh dah deh duh duh duuuuh - Boww neeeoow owww - Dah duh dah deh duh duh duuuuh - Boww neeeoow owww - Dah duh dah deh duh duh duuuuh der dah daaaaaah.

I know you may beg to differ but I like the production on this- oh and guitar work? Awesome, sick solos.

on 2010-07-04 12:49:08

I love Bon Jovi AND Journey so this track rocks nonetheless!!!

Hope you had a good birthday, Willrock. Your tracks are fanastic as usual. :)

on 2010-07-02 01:37:09

you can shred! What's that on your "About me" section saying you don't play guitar too well?

on 2010-07-02 00:50:43

absolutely wonderful! I actually got this game last year, I saw it and remembered it from the good ole days. The music from this game always stuck out in my mind as being awesome, and you just brought it into full clarity. Bravo, and happy birthday =)

on 2010-07-02 00:00:23

Woot great remix there Will =p

Btw, you should do a remix for OLR that sounds like this :nicework::

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Primary Game:
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Bandai , 1995, SNES)
Music by Iku Mizutani,Kinuyo Yamashita
"Area 2"

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