ReMix:Super Meat Boy "mAEt b0y" 4:40

By A_Rival

Arranging the music of 2 songs...

"Betus Blues (Ch 2 Light World)", "Hot Damned (Ch 4 Light World)"

Primary Game: Super Meat Boy (Team Meat , 2010, XB360), music by Danny Baranowsky

Posted 2011-01-07, evaluated by djpretzel

Mr. Rival succinctly writes:

"mAEt b0y is the name of the track on the original album. It was named by Danny B himself. *shrug*"

Indeed. Of course, said mix title makes more sense when you factor in Alex's previously preferred moniker, AE, a name that should ring bells made of pure awesome for anyone familiar with his works on OCR & elsewhere. This ReMix, also included on the upcoming special edition of the Super Meat Boy soundtrack which will be released on Monday, combines his larger-than-life, heavy hitting electronica with some really interesting, mangled choir samples that give things an epic, melodramatic flavor. There are plenty of crazy transitions & changeups, a rolling acoustic piano line, huge synth basses, and general sonic mayhem.

Is there more to say? It's A_Rival ReMixing Danny Baranowsky, it's hot, get it, enjoy it... wash, rinse, repeat. Awesome stuff; keep your eyes, ears, & meat on the lookout for the special edition OST release in three days!



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on 2022-03-09 06:56:34

I remember hearing this song on the train one day and being instantly hooked - I can't remember if I heard this before playing SMB but it was very close timing. Normally I'm not a fan of dubstep but this really hit a lot of corrupted crunchy notes I loved.

11 years later I finally managed to connect the dots and apply this song to something suitable:

on 2015-12-10 14:04:21

Very clever title, like it. The mix itself may sound static repetitive a bit, but I actually enjoy it. I also don't hate dubstep, so this song is okay with me in this way as well. The usage of piano and choir really helped to vary this mix, so I'm glad AE put them here. Nice job!

on 2014-09-04 18:36:51

Like a lot of ameri-dubstep this is a bit constantly full-on with no dynamic changes, leaving the listener exhausted and not pleasantly surprised. Ergo: more dynamic contrast (in terms of both instrumentation and volume dynamics) would've been useful.

on 2013-05-16 19:22:34

Confession: I listen to this only for those electronic/guttural/reptilian voices that go "eye, eye" starting at 0:44 (and to a lesser extent, the squeaky/meat grinder-wrangling followers at 0:46-0:47 and elsewhere).

Not that the rest of the mix doesn't stand out. Positive: I like how the piano sounds both delicate and sinister. Negative: some of the volume swells and wilts, while they definitely add to the chaotic atmosphere, are a bit uncomfortable for my ears.

Still, something about those alien vocals makes me think I'm looking into the paranoid mind of Meat Boy (I mean, he DOES have a jelly-like lower right eyelid and an Alfred E. Neuman grin. What's not to take away from that?). The surrounding insanity in this mix is like a perfect complement to the vocals.

on 2013-02-24 14:21:34

this is an ReMix? i thought it was just a bonus track for the meat boy ost! sweeeeet.

on 2012-11-10 00:49:32

Yowza! Uh... yowzer! This is a relentlessly awesome flexing of production muscle. Nails the spooky vibe on center, but it's kind of hard to notice with so many amazing things going on left, right, on top of and underneath.

No matter where you look, you're going to be impressed. This mix is crazily expert. Not used to THESE levels of electronica craftsmenship around here. It makes everything else seem... underpowered.

on 2012-10-10 14:16:16

Oooh, nice change of pace! The ghastly choir and piano that slides right into evil aggresive wubs and hard hitting beats....that was one of the best intros I've heard in a while. The ReMix is like a dancing chainsaw, that's how gritty it sounds. Yep, dancing chainsaw. That's how I describe it. Damn, I do love a dirty mix every now and then, and this is one dirty mix.

Red Shadow
on 2011-05-28 21:41:34

hoooooooraaaaaay for wub wubs!

Martin Penwald
on 2011-03-08 12:08:40

This track sounds downright evil. Absolutely great.

Love the piano, too. Most of the time, it makes for a creepy atmosphere, but sometimes, when it plays something like a jingle on its very own, it lightens the mood considerably (e.g. at 3:00).

on 2011-01-22 12:58:19

I dunno. The OST is bloody epic.

on 2011-01-22 03:24:46

Great spinning with you last weekend! MAN this track owns, can't believe I just heard it for the first time B]

on 2011-01-19 00:16:00

Wow, the synthwork for this was balls to the wall. Awesomely mixed. Love it!

CC Ricers
on 2011-01-18 20:24:22

Damn, this lives up to its name because it is meaty indeed. Didn't think such an aggressive punchy sound like this would be attempted for OCR, much less direct posted. I want to drop this in a DJ set so badly.

KICK, SNARE, it's unbelivable.

on 2011-01-18 09:58:55

dizzzzam! Even on my little ear buds here at work this track is THICK! Loving it, man. Loving it.

on 2011-01-13 21:56:53

Yeah, I was gonna say this has a sound hugely reminiscent of Noisia, but it looks like others have already pointed it out for me though ;-) I will second the motion though, that this is right up there with a lot of professional-grade DB I've been hearing lately.

Unbelievably good mix :-D

Sources Arranged (2 Songs)

Primary Game:
Super Meat Boy (Team Meat , 2010, XB360)
Music by Danny Baranowsky
"Betus Blues (Ch 2 Light World)"
"Hot Damned (Ch 4 Light World)"

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