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On the Dudes' side, representing the incomparable, fashionably purple Oroku Saki (aka SHREDDER) is none other than Danimal Cannon. Ubiquitously omnipresent across multiple bands while active in his own right as a formidable solo artist, Mr. Behrens' agenda for this meeting has but a single action item on it: to rock your face. He writes:

"This song rose from a bit of a friendly rivalry (in the spirit of OCR vs The Bad Dudes) between myself and bLiNd. He didn't want the Super Shredder theme to be done in a generic metal style, so I purposefully incorporated some electronic elements into a mish mash of industrial metal and dance grooves. I had to throw in a mega guitar solo, this IS a song about the SHREDDER. The vocal sample was provided by the lovely Kimber Bennet."

I's grinning like the butcher's dog when I heard the aforementioned vocal sample segue into a downright stupid guitar solo that definitely lives up to the name "Shredder" - Danimal clearly had a lot of fun with this mix, from the glitched out CD-skip ending to the syncopations & shifts he worked in. While I'm sure I would have dug a straight-up metal mix, too, I'm glad Jordan convinced him to blend in some electronic bits, as it almost played out in my mind as combining the (obviously!) metal/rock mentality of Shredder w/ the super-advanced nature of his fortress, the Technodrome. Okay, fine, he actually shared it w/ Krang, but let's all be honest for a second - did ANYONE actually prefer Krang to Shredder? Of course not; that whole drama was like when Serpentor took over from Cobra Commander - I couldn't get behind that dude, he looked like a Village Person... but I digress. But, that digression is really the whole point; both Jordan & Danimal's mixes got me reminiscing about the turtle bus & April & how Splinter was, unarguably, a radical rat, etc., and them's powerful memories. Great job by both artists on embracing the TMNT lore and building larger-than-life arrangements for the fab four and their arch nemesis, respectively.

And that's just one of TEN hero-villain matchups on Heroes vs. Villains...



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on 2014-02-04 17:17:22

I accidentally started playing this at almost exactly the same time as Trenches - Burning Vigil. Didn't notice at first since this was so much louder.

The sum was kind of weird, but they synch up quite well. I realized there had to be something strange going on around 1:00 when the Burning Vigil tune comes in audibly.

Didn't think it would go well together, but then you get the middle part with the repeated SFX, and that actually kind of meshes well with it, though the Burning Vigil track is louder at that part.

But by 2:30 it's kind of fallen apart. It kind of works for a moment during the stutter part at the end.

Oh well, just a funny observation.

On the track on its own: good, though it's not quite up to Sixto's 'The Shredder'. And, about the scratch part? Umm. Yeah. I'm not sure what to make of that, even listening to this track on its own. That, and the female voice telling me to enter the Shredder. Just gives me a ???

on 2011-04-13 21:00:54

I have been looping this song for 30 plays in a row. The second half is pure awesomeness.

on 2011-02-20 19:20:32

Finally someone does a TMNT IV song that isn't 'Sewer Surfin'.

on 2011-02-14 07:30:13

Enter the Shredder... Hell Yeah!

I'll admit the CD skipping initially threw me off a little, but now I'm loving it. Awesome mix Danimal! :nicework:

on 2011-02-11 13:21:34

When I first listened to this, I wasn't a fan of the CD skipping, but the more and more I listen to this, the less it bothers me. I think the glitching went on a bit too long, but that's a minor complaint when the rest of the track is awesome. I'm actually glad that this wasn't a clear cut guitar only ReMix and that the electronic bits were done so well. The SFX blended in spectacularly and the Shredder's laugh at the end was a great way to finish it. Good ReMix by a Bad Dude.

ella guro
on 2011-02-10 15:58:27

I'm not often a fan of the genre but I thought this was really great. There's a lot of creativity and adventurousness on display that you don't often see in arrangements like this. The section at 1:35 is pretty out of character, in a really good way. I love how the glitchy percussion continues when it goes back to a more normal guitar-driven tone at around 2:00. The mix is a little random overall, maybe, but I've been guilty of that many times before so I can't complain. I thought the CD skipping was also a pretty awesome end.

on 2011-02-09 12:11:25

I may be in the minority, but the CD skipping actually put a smile on my face. For a split second, it even tricked me into stopping what I was doing and checking what was wrong with the "disc"... :-)

on 2011-02-09 03:29:00

I usually don't like lyrics, but I'm loving the 'ENTER THE SHREDDER' part. Don't ask me why.

And don't be discouraged, I liked the CD effect towards the end. The speed up, I mean. Not so much the part before that, but experimentation is always good.

on 2011-02-08 11:58:04

Fantastically entertaining! I could've done without the cd skipping at the end, but it does lend to the hardcore charm of the song. Well done!

on 2011-02-08 10:41:17

Okay, the first time I heard this piece, I practically creamed my pants.

Danimal really pushed it on this piece. I'm glad that bLiNd pushed to do a half electronic/half metal piece because, for me, Dan really nails it in the second half of the song.

Really hope to see more of this type of experimentation from him in the future!

on 2011-02-07 21:04:21

Awesome, until the CD skipping effect. :P I dunno what DC was trying to accomplish there, but it doesn't work for me, kinda ruins the song.

danimal cannon
on 2011-02-07 19:01:55

I just wanted to say that my snare drum for the entire last half of the song is the sfx from TMNT 3 when your character gets hit hard.

on 2011-02-07 16:35:58

Ridiculous track! Big, thick, fluid, crunchy guitar tones, crunchy-as-hell drums, a fast, driving rhythm and a badass guitar solo. So good. Love the change in the middle, too.

on 2011-02-07 16:33:51

Enter the Shredder... hell yeah. So many memories with this one, also from a franchise that has received seriously small amounts of love on the site. And a truly difficult piece to rip to "shreds" on the guitar, so awesome job dude. Would love to hear this one live. :)

danimal cannon
on 2011-02-07 14:52:51

This song actually appears in both TMNT4 and TMNT3, I used the TMNT 3 version as my reference, and also the "sfx breakdown" section uses samples I ripped from TMNT 3. I probably would have classified it under 3, but 4 isn't wrong. :D Thanks guys

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