ReMix:NiGHTS into dreams... "Beyond the Dream" 5:51

By Juan Medrano

Arranging the music of 2 songs...

"Dreams Dreams", "Gate of Your Dream"

Primary Game: NiGHTS into dreams... (Sega , 1996, SAT), music by Fumie Kumatani, Naofumi Hataya, Tomoko Sasaki

Posted 2011-09-27, evaluated by djpretzel

Didn't I TELL you Sixto is back? It's my pleasure to post another of Juan's album cuts, this time from Lucid Dreaming:

"This is a track I did for Stevo's NiGHTS into Dreams project. Wanted to do something different than my usual heavier rock thing. Tried to give this a kind of dreamy feel but didn't want to rely solely on synths (trying to phase synths out of my music completely) so I tracked some clean guitars, something I don't do very often. Hope you enjoy."

Hey pal, what's wrong wit synts, eh? You gots sumtin' against synts? Don't know what that's all about, as it's a rather wide range of textures & possibilities to be "phasing out," but I do know that this mellower, cleaner, couples-skate Sixto is a smooth customer, and that this mix serenades the ear with fretless bass, sustained, clean guitar tones, subtle drums, and later a mellow & crunchy lead that builds w/ the aid of some nice, varied cymbal work. As long as Juan doesn't go all crazy and decide to phase rhythm or notes out of his music completely, my money's on his legend continuing, one way or another. This has the feel of a late 80s/early 90s rock ballad, with a certain warmth; most of Sixto's tracks don't really have much space left for vocals, but this is one arrangement where I actually think a collab with the right vocalist could have worked really well. Director Stevo writes:

"Juan is, I firmly believe, secretly every amazing guitarist ever just working under a pseudonym, rotating responsibilities with each song. His flexibility of style is vast, to say the least. Definitely channeling Satch here, as he pitched the style to me by showing me Rubina. He effortlessly pulled off the fusion between the source track and the attempted style, this song being one of the most prominent live-instrument focused tracks on the album. Now, if you'll excuse me, this song is putting me in the mood to lower my lights, turn on the fireplace, and make sweet, sweet love."

I do hope he's got company; otherwise the angels cry. Great lower-key chill rock from Juan!



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on 2016-12-06 17:44:47

Legends say that Joe Satriani actually submits music to overclocked remix under the alias Sixto Sounds. No such allegations have been proven.

on 2011-12-26 02:11:34

Damn, Sixto. Who knew you were so versatile with the guitar? This song... was the perfect choice to kick off the second disc of Lucid Dreaming.

And now for the 2nd Dream. I’ll be honest, this is the only song on the album I’ve listened to before reviewing it. But hey, it’s a good track. To quote Stevo in the Director’s Comments file, “Sixto must be Joe Satriani in disguise, because if I didn’t know any better, I’d say this was the Satch himself covering NiGHTS.” I agree with this. Clearer guitar for a bit of a solo at 2:16 or so. Also, this is Sixto’s longest track to date, which is a very good thing. He’s in top form, shredding riffs in a very ethereal manner, giving the entire song a very mystical, fantastical quality. Compared to most of Juan’s work, this is much calmer, and he pulls it off quite well. 4:47 brings in what quite possibly could be some of Sixto’s most beautiful work. He shreds and shreds and shreds until 5:30, when it slowly comes to an end. Far too soon!
on 2011-12-07 18:32:33

The song is surprising for a Sixto track - a mellow serenade takes the place of hard rock. I really get a Vai feel from some of his more recent tracks and this one is no exception. It does the job well though, although I feel like it's overcompressed - why Sixto, why?!?!?

on 2011-12-04 21:31:04

Oooh, I like. Loving the main beat coming off the drums while the guitars makes a nice sweep with the entire melody. Source usage was fantastic and I feel totally at home with the late 80's sound of it, especially around the soloing. I could definitely see good vocals being added in it that was the intention when it was made, but even without them, it's pretty cool. Great Remix.

on 2011-12-04 16:47:19

Strangely, when I first heard the track I thought due to the acoustics and room space it would be more compared to Eric Johnson, though having heard Satch's "Rubina" I guess I could see the comparison now.

It doesn't change the fact that the performance here definitely takes Sixto in a more different light - gentle, more interpretive, and yet still shows his versatility as a guitarist. I really dig the chorus effect work on the tone early on; for me it adds a lot towards the atmosphere and really reflects on this twilit tone going towards it.

You may say what you like about the source usage, but I heard Gate of Your Dream and the referenced parts of Dream Dreams just fine for most of the track, or at least up until the solo at the 4:30 mark. I say the recognisability is there, and I am sure that's a key component of Sixto's arrangement style even if it's not quite as straightforward as we'd usually expect (not a bad thing at all :D).

So, definitely one of thost more 'different' tracks from Sixto but for me it paid off by being one of the strongest tracks on Lucid Dreaming. Nice going :)

on 2011-10-16 22:52:45

Beautiful, Sixto's made this airy, romantic and cozy.

on 2011-09-27 21:30:54

I could totally hear rubina in this remix, infact when i heard it was like "wait why is rubina on thi...oh its the nights theme.."

I've enjoyed satch's work ever since my friend introduced me to the artist and seeing as this song reminds me of his slow kinda love songs.

To me its as close to orgasmic as you could get.

Thanks sixto, now I'm gonna need new pants.

Brandon Strader
on 2011-09-27 21:00:54

Ah that's cool then, my mistake -- not familiar enough with the OST to recognize the Dreams Dreams source usage in it. I'll revise my comment to say it's a pretty sweet ReMix. :-D

on 2011-09-27 20:53:33
There's about 70 seconds of variations on Gate of your Dream (out of 351 total seconds) so it's not exactly a remix, but it is a pretty sweet original song with a small homage to Gate of your Dream in there.

If "Gate of Your Dream" were the only source, I'd agree with you. I forgot to also add "Dreams Dreams":

"Gate of Your Dream" - 0:44-1:33, 3:33-3:58 = 72 seconds

"Dreams Dreams" - 1:36.5-1:46 (liberal), 1:48-1:59 (liberal), 2:10-2:22, 2:23-2:34, 2:35-2:58, 3:01-3:08.5, 3:10-3:16 (too liberal noodling until 3:30), 3:59-4:08, 4:09.5-4:20.5 (liberal), 4:29-4:35, 4:36-4:45 (liberal), 5:33.5-5:43 = 124.5 seconds

Level 99
on 2011-09-27 20:49:05
There's about 70 seconds of variations on Gate of your Dream (out of 351 total seconds) so it's not exactly a remix, but it is a pretty sweet original song with a small homage to Gate of your Dream in there.

There's way more than that, especially when including the Dreams Dreams motif sections. Definitely over 50%

Brandon Strader
on 2011-09-27 19:47:08

There's about 70 seconds of variations on Gate of your Dream (out of 351 total seconds) so it's not exactly a remix, but it is a pretty sweet original song with a small homage to Gate of your Dream in there.

on 2011-09-27 19:31:14

I'm a huge fanboy over this song, nearly splooged myself when I first heard it. Just an amazing feel to it, I think it's the most refined and sophisticated mix I've heard from Sixto.

on 2011-09-27 19:19:07

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Sources Arranged (2 Songs)

Primary Game:
NiGHTS into dreams... (Sega , 1996, SAT)
Music by Fumie Kumatani,Naofumi Hataya,Tomoko Sasaki
"Dreams Dreams"
"Gate of Your Dream"

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